Dahlia Tells All: Worst. Day. Ever.

LOLcat--caption reads "Me? In there. Yeah...good luck with that."

Finally! Mama’s found some time in her busy, busy schedule for me! Honestly, you’d think I wasn’t the most important living being on the whole planet, the way she ignores me. Anyway, I’ve spent a lot of time over the last several weeks thinking about the story I’d tell you the next time Mama gave […]

Dahlia Tells All: Thomas gets The Treatment

Thomas and Siouxsie with a speech bubble reading "There, there, it's OK now."

Now that I’ve recovered from the trauma of that awful storm and Mama’s managed to carve some time out of her busy, busy schedule (humph!),  I can finally get back to telling my story! I’d heard Mama talk about getting The Treatment before. The first images I saw in her head whenever she said the […]

Dahlia Tells All: Midnight Apocalypse!

Dahlia sleeps after getting a dose of Rescue Remedy.

Last night I was snoozing quietly, getting ready to dictate the next chapter of my memoir, when a horrible thing happened: The sky split open! Literally! The darkness tore apart and some unseen machinery of doom sent sparks and daggers of blinding light in a thousand different directions. And the horrific roars and shrieks and […]

Dahlia Tells All: My First Brush With Fame

Dahlia at the office

My goodness! It’s about time Mama finally managed to carve some time out of her busy, busy schedule to help me satisfy my fans’ longing for the next chapter in my magnum opus! It’s so hard to find good help these days. Anyway … you know what I just realized? I never told you about […]

Dahlia Tells All: The Nice Fingernails Lady

Adrianna and Thomas

After a couple of weeks of betrayals and barn cats, I want to write about something that made me so very happy that just thinking about it puts me right into turbo-purr mode. And that’s the day I met the Nice Fingernails Lady! I don’t remember exactly when I first met her, but I do […]