Meet Vinny, a Handsome and Gentle Fellow

Vinny, a diabetic cat available for adoption

Hi everybody. Today on Sugar Kitty Wednesday, I’d like you to meet my pal Vinny. Well, actually I’ve never met Vinny, but I’d sure like him to be my pal ’cause he sounds just like my kind of cat! Anyway, Vinny is Diabetic Cats in Need‘s October kitty of the month, which means they’re doing […]

Sandy is a Sweet, Shy Girl Looking for a Quiet Home

Sandy the cat. Photo COPYRIGHT by Ashley McLeod, used by permission of the artist. Please respect the artist's rights.

Hi everybody. Wow, it’s been a crazy time here at Paws and Effect HQ, what with getting settled in and Mama finding a new place to hunt green papers and everything else. But I’m back with a new Sugar Kitty Wednesday post. Before I introduce you to this week’s kitty, I’ve got some great news! […]

Chloe Wants a Lap of Her Own. Could It Be Yours?

Chloe sits on a bed

Hi everybody. Sugar Kitty Wednesday is back! My commitment to help diabetic cats like me never wavered, but I gave Mama a break from helping me because our big move was really tough for her — aren’t I a nice, sweet kitty for doing that? Anyway, this week I’d like you to meet Chloe. She’s […]

Chubby Needs a New Home, Stat!

Chubby the cat

Hi everybody. It’s Sugar Kitty Wednesday time again, and now that I’ve interviewed all my friends at HART of Maine, it’s time to move on to the bigger world — so now I’m going to start helping Diabetic Cats in Need get the word out about super-sweet kitties all across the United States and Canada […]

So Much Good News for My Sugar Kitty Friends!

Pacific the cat

I bet you all were wondering why I didn’t have a Sugar Kitty Wednesday post for you last week. At first I did too — I thought maybe Mama was just being lazy, and I was going to get mad at her. But then she told me what really happened, and it’s better than you […]