Congratulations to Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary!

Our Be The Change Challenge organization, Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary, is featured in the June 2010 issue of Cat Fancy magazine! Pick up a copy today and read about how what began as an ordinary day for BCR founder Alana Miller changed the fate of blind cats across the United States. We’re delighted that this incredible rescue, the only sanctuary in the country dedicated specifically to blind and sight-impaired cats.

Please help us to raise $5,000 for Blind Cat Rescue by making a donation through the widget on our website or by going directly to our Be The Change Challenge page on FirstGiving.

Congratulations to Alana and all the wonderful people at Blind Cat Rescue!

  • Charlene Dean

    I just came from this wonderful heartwarming site! How could you NOT donate when you see these beautiful kitties!
    These rescuers are angels with wings for what they do! I will also donate to help with the challenge, & I will pass this on! This rescue needs all the help they can get as they are truly special!