I’ve Got A Secret …

World's Best Cat Litter mystery formula I’m delighted to announce that I’ve been chosen as a World’s Best Cat Litter Cat-vocate — a person who’s been given the opportunity to work with World’s Best Cat Litter to help cats around the world to have a better life. Now, I hope you know after all these years that I would never work with a brand that sells products I wouldn’t use myself, and it makes me proud to be able to work with this company.

As a Cat-vocate, not only do I get to help cats, I get to share cool World’s Best news, too. And here’s a flash: World’s Best is coming out with a new formula, and the Paws and Effect Gang has an exclusive chance to test and review it… and then we’ll be giving away samples to our readers.

I can’t tell you more than that right now, so you’re just going to have to wait and see what’s up.

What do you think the news is? Share your guesses in the comments.

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  1. anita moncrief says

    I like the original – & my girls do not like anything scented!! After trying (for my sake) to convert them to the scented stuff, I finally gave it up & we use unscented now. As for cleaning the litter box, this cat litter is the best I’ve ever worked with!!

  2. Marty says

    Of love to try it, but with 11 rescues, litter is spendy. I use unscented because I hate the perrfumed litter which my cats hate also, and a few won’t use it. Coupons would be great then I might be able to try it. Other than scented or cedar type I can’t imagine what they’ve come up with?

  3. says

    Congratulations, Janea! I wish my girls would accept this litter, because I like everything about it, and the company – except the fact that Allegra and Ruby refuse to use it!

  4. Elizabeth Bly says

    Congratulations on being chosen to represent The Worlds Best Cat Litter, I’m happy for you.

    This litter is good for my two free roam house bunnies too.

  5. Ruth says

    I am still looking for the best litter!

    I have my rescues, and fosters, so I can have more than a few kittehs in the house. Some don’t mind scented, some wont come near it. So far all the babies I have had spayed and neutered have used the paper based ones, but abandoned it as soon as they could.

    Any suggestions for a busy rescue house?

  6. Colleen says

    I use World’s Best in my litter maid. Lot less dust and lasts longer, but clumping is an issue for the auto litter box…hoping they are coming out with a better clumping formula for litter maids!

  7. Cindy says

    Can’t wait to try this! I’ve used the green and red packs (multiple cat) and they are really great and organic! Will try this.

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