Cat Fun

CAT v7.0 Operating Instructions: An operating manual for a cat, written in the style of computer technical manuals. A good laugh, especially if you’re a techie type.

Catnip Camera: This gorgeous site was started by Barbarella, an acquaintance we found through LiveJournal. She’s a photographer who takes beautiful photos of her cats and others in her community. The site also has a visitors’ upload section, so people can upload their own kitty photos to share.

I Can Has Cheezburger: A site chock full of “cat macros” (pictures of cats with funny text on them).

The Infinite Cat Project: A cat, watching a cat, watching a cat, watching a cat, watching a cat……

Stressed out? Need to decompress? Check out Kitten Break, a site with cute kitty pictures to help you feel relaxed and happy.

Kitty Porn Dot Org: Fun — and funny — photos of cats in unintentionally lascivious (to human eyes) poses.

LOLcats: Another cat macro site. This one is equipped with a tool that allows you to make your own LOLcats!

Mr. Lee’s Catcam: A German man purchased a tiny digital camera, which he programmed to take photos at set intervals. He then put the camera in a protective shell and attached it to his cat’s collar. The resulting photos show what cats do when they’re out on their own.

My Cat Hates You is a photo gallery of the most sour-faced, indignant cats on the World Wide Web.

Stuff On My Cat is just what it says: A photo gallery of cats with stuff piled on top of them. We personally don’t know any cats who would allow themselves to be subject to such indignity, but then again, not all cats have as much class as we do.