Meet the Blind Cat Rescue Kitties: Angel and Maggie

Thank you, everyone, for your donations to the Paws and Effect Be The Change Challenge to support Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary! Today we’re going to introduce you to two more of the cats you’re helping.

Angel and Maggie, two of the cats at Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary

Angel (top) and Maggie

Angel was apparently born blind. She was saved by a small rescue in Florida, and from there she found a home. Unfortunately, her new owner was evicted from his apartment because he had seven more cats than his lease allowed — including Angel and Maggie, whose story is below. On the bright side, he did return Angel and Maggie to the rescue, and from there they came to Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary. Angel is a very sweet, quiet, gentle soul who loves to be held and petted.

Maggie has had a rough life. Her first owner died and the daughter dumped her at the Humane Society, where she came down with a very bad upper respiratory and eye infection. They did not treat her until she became very ill but then used the wrong kind of medicine in her eyes, which caused her eyes to burst. They were going to put her down at this point. A Humane Society volunteer — who operated the rescue that saved Angel — stopped them from killing Maggie by agreeing to take her home once the society paid to have her eyes removed.

Maggie had a very hard time adjusting when she got to BCR. She does not like other cats, does not like dogs, and would swat first and ask questions later. Who could blame her? In one year she lost her lifetime home, got stuck in a shelter, lost her sight, lost her second home, and then had to adjust to a third home. She’s doing much better now, though; she loves to be petted and is quite the talker.


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    It is so sad to reed stories like this. When my wife and I got our first cat ( her name is also Maggie)we saw a old black at the Humane Society and we asked about her and the staff told she was deaf and blind. I could not think why any one would want her. After a few days went buy I went back to the shelter and asked if I could adopt her and we loved her as much as the kittens we got before her, she adjusted very well and lived another 9 months. My heart broke when we found her in her bed passed away.

  2. says

    I had a deaf cat. You could vacuum around him and he didn’t even wake up.

    But blind must be much worse. It must take quite some adjusting to, especially a cat that begins life with sight then loses it.


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