Meet Vinny, a Handsome and Gentle Fellow

Sugar Kitty WednesdayHi everybody. Today on Sugar Kitty Wednesday, I’d like you to meet my pal Vinny. Well, actually I’ve never met Vinny, but I’d sure like him to be my pal ’cause he sounds just like my kind of cat!

Anyway, Vinny is Diabetic Cats in Need‘s October kitty of the month, which means they’re doing extra things to get him noticed because they’d love him to have a commitment for a forever home by the end of the month. I know that doesn’t leave much time, but even last-minute is better than no minute, right?

Vinny came into DCIN’s care just over a year ago when his former “human” surrendered him to a shelter for inappropriate urination. What that “person” didn’t tell the shelter people was that Vinny had been diagnosed with diabetes 20 months before but had never received any kind of treatment! *hisssssss* 

Vinny is living in a foster home in the Chicagoland area, where he’s getting all the love and care he needs until his forever family comes along.

Vinny, a diabetic cat available for adoption


Bella: Hi, Vinny. How’s it going?

Vinny: Hi, Bella. I’m happy to say it’s going very well indeed. You’re really cute!

Bella: *blush* Oh, Vinny, you’re cute too. Ahem … anyway, I guess we should get started on the interview. Let’s talk about your ideal home. If you could find a forever home made to order for you, what would it be like?

Vinny: Well … it would have lots of fleece blankets like the one I’m sitting on in the photo you’re sharing. It would have people who rub my tummy and like the love nibbles I sometimes give. Even the vet likes my belly rub requests and love nibbles!

Bella: How about other cat?

Vinny: I like other cats, as long as they’re not pushy. Cats that get in my face make me scared. I’m a lover, not a fighter. There’s one bully in my current home, but I love to snuggle and sleep with the other kitties because they’re nice.

Bella: What about dogs?

Vinny: Don’t think I’ve ever met a dog before.

Bella: And how’s your diabetes?

Vinny: Right now I don’t have to take any shots. But a while back I had a tummy problem that made my blood sugar go higher, so I did have to go back on insulin for a little while. I’m fine now. Just give me low-carb, grain-free food and a lap to snuggle, and I’m yours for life!

Bella: Oh, Vinny, I think you’re so sweet — and not just because you’re a sugar kitty, either! I just know someone’s going to come along who will love you right to pieces!

If you want to learn more about Vinny and see more pictures of him, check out this post at Diabetic Cats in Need or e-mail If you’ve totally fallen in love with him and you think you’d like to adopt him, please fill out an adoption application.

JaneA and Wilma

Mama and Wilma, on Mama’s final volunteer shift at HART.

I’m sorry to say that I have some sad news about one of my sugar kitty friends. Wilma, one of my buddies from HART of Maine, became very sick last week. It turned out that she had cancer, which progressed very rapidly. On October 25, just after noon, her friends at HART and a caring veterinarian helped her cross the Rainbow Bridge.

Wilma came to HART in January of 2011, and unfortunately she never did find her forever home. What she did find, though, was a group of dedicated and passionate people who loved her and did their very best to keep her healthy and happy. Farewell, Wilma; I know Dahlia and Kissy will be waiting for you on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. Please join me in extending sincere condolences and compassion to my friends at HART, especially Margaret, our “diabetic den mother,” who taught Mama everything she knows about caring for sugar kitties.

  • Sarah Lynnae

    I wish Vinny the best of luck in finding a forever home!

    And I am very sorry to learn of the loss of Wilma. My heart goes out to all those who cared for and loved her.

    • Belladonna Moonshadow Kelley

      Thank you so much, Sarah. Mama’s eyes leaked when she found out about Wilma. Thanks to Margaret, our diabetic den mom, Mama got to say goodbye to Wilma over the phone. The next day while Wilma was crossing the bridge all the way on the other side of the country, Mama was listening to a song about an angel by some other lady named Sarah and her eyes leaked and leaked and leaked. She soaked my fur, but that’s OK. I confess I dried my own leaky eyes on her clothing, too. *sniffle*

  • Jobi and Fisher

    Vinney is so very handsome! and we are very sorry to hear about Wilman. Purrs and hugs to all who gave her the best love and care.

    • Belladonna Moonshadow Kelley

      The people at HART are really wonderful. If it hadn’t been for them and their friends at Diabetic Cats in Need, I might have been Put To Sleep and never have met my wonderful forever family!

  • Random Felines

    Paws crossed for Vinny!! (and hisses to that person who surrendered him)

    Purrs to the volunteers and staff at HART – and our thanks for loving Wilma no matter what.

    • Belladonna Moonshadow Kelley

      Everybody who ever met Wilma loved her. It’s too bad her forever family never found her, but I know she’ll be back — and this time she’ll be the most spoiled and healthy little princess ever!

  • vagabond

    Such a handsome fella! Watch yourself there, Miss Bella! Very sorry about Wilma…

  • Timmy Tomcat

    Well I am glad to meet Vinny and will help get the word out about him needing a forever home

  • Bagheera

    Humans should not be afraid of us diabetic cats. It is not much work and the kind humans at DCIN will teach them everything they need to learn.

    Do not be afraid of us sugar cats! We just need a good human who we can share our love with.