Check out this great new book!

Our friend and advice-giving colleague Sparkle the Designer Cat has recently published a most excellent book called Dear Sparkle: Advice from One Cat to Another. This isn’t your usual human-written cat book. It’s written by cats and for cats–although humans of exceptional intelligence and wisdom may be able to understand the insights within. With wit [...]

Does my cat resent me for leaving him alone when I went to work?

Dear Most Esteemed and Knowledgeable Kitties: I just adopted a 7-month-old tuxedo cat (obviously named Tux) two days ago. The first two days were great; we bonded by playing and cuddling. Today I had to work and he was home alone for six hours. When I came home, he was hiding–for the first time in [...]

How can I make sure my FIV-positive cat lives a long, healthy life?

Dear Most Esteemed and Knowledgeable Kitties: We just brought home a foster cat named Sunshine. He’s an unbelievable lovebug who wants to be close to us at all times — he just won’t stop purring and nudging for love! Sadly, Sunshine is FIV-positive, which is why we’re hesitant to follow through with adoption. We recently [...]