Revitamal #AntiAgingPets Formula Has Siouxsie Purring

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It’s never easy to watch a beloved furry friend get older: as they start to experience the aches and pains of arthritis and possibly begin to suffer from age-related chronic illness, we realize that the time we have left with them is going to be shorter than we might like.

Siouxsie on top of the cat tree with a bottle of Revitamal

On top of the tree, on top of the world. Photo © JaneA Kelley/Paws and Effect

I’m not one for freaking out about my cats (or me) getting older, and I’m not on an endless search for the latest anti-aging “magic bullet.” Time passes, and aging and death are fundamental parts of reality. But what I do want for my elder kitties is that they can have the best possible quality of life until it’s time for them to cross the Rainbow Bridge.

I was recently given the opportunity to try a product called Revitamal, which promises to restore older pets’ vitality and help them thrive well into their senior years. I decided that Siouxsie, at the wise and esteemed age of 18, would be my test subject.

The science behind Revitamal’s formula has to do with powerful antioxidants, including Omega-3 fatty acids, that are supposed to rebuild cell membranes, protect against free radicals, and restore cellular energy metabolism. Having spent lots of time with people who are die-hard believers in “doctors” commonly featured on the QuackWatch website, I’ve heard a lot of this stuff before, so I really wasn’t buying it.

Siouxsie suffers from pretty severe arthritis, which is being managed by a medical cannabis supplement that has decreased her pain significantly, and like most cats her age, she’s in the early stages of renal disease. But even with the cannabis supplement (which has changed her life), she still seemed a little achy at times.

Revitamal logoI’ve been giving the Revitamal to Siouxsie for about three weeks now, and although it hasn’t got her back to her spring-loaded kittenhood, it does seem to have had a positive effect on her general pain level. Last week I even saw her climbing to the top shelf of our cat tree for the first time in almost a year.

Revitamal is easy to administer: It’s a liquid that you can simply put on your cat’s food once a day. I add the recommended dose to Siouxsie’s evening meal and she eats it with gusto, so clearly the taste doesn’t bother her! Canned or raw food works better for this form of dosing, of course.

Siouxsie is going to the vet for blood work in a couple of weeks, and I’ll definitely be curious to see if her lab values have changed at all.

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Belladonna hunts the Revitamal

No, Bella, you don’t need any Revitamal. If anything, you need some Calmdownamal! Photo © JaneA Kelley/Paws and Effect

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  • Rita

    I would be going nuts to win this product! Would love to see the positive results that you have seen in ur senior kitty – please keep us posted if her lab values have actually improved. Thanks so much for this great giveaway!

  • Kerry Vistisen

    With six kitties, I would have to think hard about who would need it most.

  • Linda Cork

    We started Parcel’s brain-tumor journey thinking she had arthritis, which it turns out she did, although that turned out to be the least of her problems at the time. But she and her two sisters turn 13 next month, and I am sure they could use a little boost like this. :)

  • Marcus Gitterle

    Thank you Siouxsie for trying Revitamal! You might be happy to know that the positive effects continue to improve over time, and that far from being a simple “antioxidant” supplement, Revitamal is based on breakthrough, peer-reviewed science, and it is the most powerful formula ever created for treating the effects of aging. It’s the subject of four patent applications. Research related to Revitamal shows that younger animals can potentially live significantly longer, healthier lives by taking it, and we routinely see extraordinary benefits even in very old dogs, cats, and other pets. At 18 years young, we will expect some more great reports about Siouxsie after she has had more time for benefits to manifest!
    The Revitamal Team!

  • Sue

    This sounds fantastic! With three senior cats and one almost a senior, this would be a godsend!

  • Bridget Garza

    I have two older animals that could benefit from this for sure, and a few others I’d like to try it on.

    The website mentions the dosing instructions on the bottle, but I can’t find them anywhere. Can you share them so for those of us who don’t win know how much to buy?

  • brenda

    I have a tripawd that I have been looking for something to try that would help with the pain she has in her pelvis (she was most likely hit by a car, her leg had to be amputated as she hadn’t been using it do to nerve damage and the remaining back leg is partially dislocated and healed that way. She was probably on her own for around 5 months after the damage occurred because of the level of healing that had taken place). This looks like a great product to try.

  • M. K. Clinton

    I am so glad that Revitamal is helping your 18 year old cat. How cool that she climbed higher on her tree. I hope that it adds more fun and pain free years to her life. ♥

  • HollyAnne Dustin

    I would love to try this with my 15 year old, he has some significant arthritis. My 7 year old that has some congenital issues would probably benefit as well. I hope we’re the winners.

  • Krissie

    I have three very old cats that could benefit from this. I would love to see how much of a difference this made in my cats overall well-being.

    • Krissie

      I forgot to leave my e-mail.
      Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  • kayleen jones

    I have a 14 year old kitty that I am heart broken to watch deteriorate. It makes me upset that there are so many arthritis and pain management drugs for dogs, but nothing for cats. There are pain meds, but they make them basically zombies; who wants to live like that? I hope this product really is a miracle, and I would love to try it for free; before I spend money on just another snake oil that preys on animal lover’s soft hearts.

  • Dee

    At the Shawnee Om Shanti Cat Sanctuary, over half of our cats are now over the age of 10 years and 25% are over the age of 15. I already add supplements like probiotics to their food to try to help them age gracefully. However, I would love to give Revitamal a try. Anything I can do to maintain the health and happiness of our cats is worth a try.

  • Sandy

    I would love to win Revitamal. I have 3 older kitties and a dog who I believe would really benefit from this. :-)

  • Julianne Ture

    My old girls would love to try Revitamal!

  • Shirley

    There is nothing more that I would like than to try this on two of my three rescued furbabies. The first one is a 3.5 lb pom mix (Tiny) that is 14 and in the beginning stages of kidney failure. The 2nd one is an 8 lb shih tzu (Ginger) who is 12 and has stomach problems and has begun to have seizures. My furbabies mean the world to me and I will do anything possible to give them a better quality of life for the time they have left.

  • Joanna

    Would love to try for my babies..


  • Fur Everywhere

    I would love to win a bottle of this for my senior kitty Jewel who has severe arthritis.

  • Barbara

    This seems like a product that would be helpful to my three senior cats. I want them to be feeling their best, and enjoying life as much s possible.

  • Joanne

    Would love to have this for our declining 17 yr old Gus

  • AnitaB

    My sixteen year old Little Bit died a year ago from a car accident. He was a gorgeous longish-haired gray and white boy with a beautiful face and thick arms and legs filled with arthritis. He always moved slowly but the last couple years he often dragged one of his legs. I tried a couple supplements (one actually seemed to work pretty well after a while) but then he began throwing up so I think the natural ingredients bothered his stomach. I wonder if this would do that as well. I tried keeping Bitsy in the house but he would just cry and cry and would pee beside you just to make you let him out. He lived his life the way he wanted and I think he was in a lot more pain than we knew. I just wish I could have continued the supplement without his stomach getting irritated.

  • Kim Hueser

    I have an older, shall we just call it big-boned, tabby girl named Pritzi Marie Presley who is on Cosequin and some natural supplements for her arthritis pain. This would be awesome to try and alleviate some of her pain/symptoms. Thanks for the opportunity!!
    Kim Hueser –

  • Vicky Newell

    Gosh, now that I’m getting to be “of a certain age”, I reallyreallyreally understand how my equally mature pusses feel when the arthritis strikes — and I’m not trying to jump higher than I can stretch to reach! Whatever it takes to make the Fluffies feel spruce is a good thing!

  • Lexie R.

    Sammy is going on 15 is slowing down, would love to try Revitamal to get his pep back in his step!

  • Martha

    A friend passed away unexpectedly and I am caring for her 19 year old Chunky. Her vet gave me an elixir for pain and arthritis and it really did seem to make a difference in his comfort level. So I have been more open to looking at these products. wondered if you knew the price of this product as doubled in a year..wondered how long one bottle lasts for you?