Check out some the cool gear you can buy at the Paws and Effect Boutique at Zazzle to show your love for cats and support Paws and Effect! Your purchases will help to offset the hosting costs for the site, help us to keep eating good kitty food, and benefit animal rescue organizations in our local area.

purrmore_v3t.jpgPurr More, Hiss Less. Words of wisdom from the Paws and Effect gang.

Merchandise available in this design: Long-sleeved T-shirt (dark and light colors), dark V-neck T-shirt, organic cotton T-shirt, messenger bag, coffee mug, magnet, wall clock, tote bag, T-shirt (dark and light colors), spaghetti strap tank top, thong, ringer T, cap sleeve T, raglan, hooded sweatshirt, maternity shirt, teddy bear. Also available in plus sizes in dark and light colors!

Paws and Effect Guides

Paws and Effect GuidesThe Paws and Effect Guide to Introducing a New Cat is a 12-page pamphlet describing our tried-and-true method for bringing a new cat into your home. It will also help you deal with problems that may crop up during the introduction process. This is the method Mama used to introduce Thomas into our family, and it worked just wonderfully.

The Paws and Effect Guide to Solving Inappropriate Urination Problems is a 12-page pamphlet dealing with the question we are asked more frequently than any other: How can I get my cat to stop peeing everywhere? We talk about some basic issues regarding litterbox placement, what can cause stress in your cat, and give you some tips about how to resolve the issues that brought about your cat’s “little problem.” Also in this guide is a tried-and-true (and cheap!) way to clean up urine odors.

Paws and Effect guides are available for $3 each or 2 for $5, plus $1 for shipping and handling (within the US or Canada). You can send payment by PayPal (use the “Add to Cart” button below; this PayPal account will also accept MasterCard and VISA payments) For shipping outside the US or Canada, please contact us and we will send you the information.

Paws and Effect Guides

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