Dahlia Tells All: The Barn Cat


Well! Now that I’ve recovered from the horrors of last week’s so-called gift, I guess it’s time to get back to writing my autobiography. Barking Man never did thank me for saving his baby goats’ lives, although Screaming Woman did send some yummy, delicious chicken home with Mama, and that pretty much made up for […]

Dahlia Tells All: You Don’t Have to Thank Me

Dahlia Tells All

I was pretty worried when I accidentally almost revealed the secret of my opposable thumbs by opening the refrigerator and spreading out a buffet for Siouxsie, Thomas and myself. But fortunately, some amazing things started happening on the farm and Mama got too distracted to think about how I might have gotten into the fridge. […]

Dahlia Tells All: Starved!

Im in ur fridge steelin ur noms

Mama had hoped Miss Katrina’s behavior would improve after she got her little talking-to, but alas, that didn’t happen. Sure, Katrina tried to be on her best behavior, but then, well, she just couldn’t help herself and she’d start hissing and spitting and cussing! Well, Mama realized that Katrina was just one of those cats […]

Dahlia Tells All: The Guest From Hell

Miz Katrina

After Siouxsie and I settled our little dispute, things got much calmer in our little apartment. With our newfound understanding, it seemed as though our lives were forever changed for the better. But when a white car arrived at the farm in the deep of winter, there was no way I could have known it […]

Dahlia Tells All: Cat Fight!

Siouxsie attacks the string

At last, it seemed that my ordeal with my spay surgery and the Cone of Shame was over. The fur on my tummy started to grow back, and as a result, those arctic winter drafts weren’t nearly as awful as they had been while I was naked. It was still pretty darn cold in our […]