An FIV Diagnosis is Not a Tragedy

Jim, a black cat with white whiskers and bib, sitting on a couch

The words “feline immunodeficiency virus” can strike fear into cat owners’ hearts. They imagine a future of illness and suffering leading to a painful death. FIV-positive cats are automatically put down at kill shelters, and even no-kill rescues have trouble finding homes for these cats. But FIV is nothing to be scared of. Cats infected […]

Adopt a Special Pet, Day 3: Kimbo


As we continue our series of posts to celebrate Adopt-an-Awesomely-Special-Pet Week (known to some as Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week), let us introduce you to Kimbo, currently in the care of Save Our Strays, a rescue headquartered in Fairfield, Maine. This beautiful, loving girl is about 4 years old. She was abandoned by her […]

Adopt A Special Pet, Day 1: Jeffrey


September 19 through 25 is Adopt-a-Less-Adoptable Pet Week. We, along with bloggers throughout the pet blogosphere, are dedicating this week to helping those pets who are often overlooked by potential adopters. These “less adoptable” pets are usually older, or perhaps they have a disability or a chronic illness. Maybe they’re shy because they were abused […]

Mama’s New Mission: Be the Change for FIV-Positive Cats

Mama’s on her way home from BlogPaws West, a gathering of people who blog about pets, so we’ll make our usual weekly advice post tomorrow. But we did want to convey a message from Mama about some of the things she learned. Once again, she was amazed at the nationwide — and actually, worldwide — […]

Can my FIV-positive cat be saved?

Dear Most Esteemed and Knowledgeable Kitties: I am disabled and a Vietnam veteran and my cat, my best and only friend, has FIV and stomatitis. One vet says he can be helped and one vet says to put him to sleep. Can anyone help me keep my friend with me? ~J Siouxsie: First of all, […]