How I Got My Diabetic Cat “Off the Juice”

Happy Remissioniversary! Bella's been insulin-free for two years now, and we're celebrating!

Learn about the how, when, where and who of managing feline diabetes. Today at Paws and Effect HQ, we’re celebrating Bella’s two-year “remissioniversary!” Bella came to us with insulin-dependent diabetes, and just a couple of weeks later she was in remission. If you have a diabetic cat, I hope you’ll take heart from our story and […]

An Open Letter to Belladonna’s First Family

Bella and Thomas snuggling

Hi everyone. The cats have generously allowed me to take over this week’s column to write a letter of my own. To help BlogPaws celebrate Adopt a Shelter Pet Month, I want to talk to the people who adopted Belladonna before I did. First of all, thank you for adopting a cat from your local […]

I Think My Cat Is Going Blind. What Should I Do?

Longhaired dilute calico cat, CC-BY Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue via Flickr

Dear Most Esteemed and Knowledgeable Kitties: A while ago it was brought to my attention that my cat Lily, a dilute calico, may be having difficulty seeing. After a while I decided to up the amount of taurine in her diet and that seemed to improve her mood at least — she’s always been a […]

My Blind Cat Needs to Feel Safe, And I Need Sleep!

Blind Maine Coon Cat named Klara

Dear Most Esteemed and Knowledgeable Kitties: Two weeks ago my wife and I adopted a very sweet mostly blind kitty named Sally from a local shelter. I’ve been reading up on caring for blind cats, both before and after we brought her home. She’s getting slowly acclimated to our apartment and will even jump up […]

How Should I Introduce a Blind and Deaf Kitten?

Aerostotle, a blind kitten

Dear Most Esteemed and Knowledgeable Kitties: I’m thinking about adpting a sweet little blind and deaf kitten named Huey. The poor thing needs a home terribly, but I have two dogs and a cat already. What’s the best way to introduce the little guy to my family? ~ Sarah Siouxsie: Sarah, it’s wonderful that you […]