Why did my cat die suddenly, with no symptoms of illness?

We know this is a sad topic to address, but we also know it’s an inevitable part of life with animal friends. Our lives are shorter than yours, and we want to acknowledge that and give support to grieving humans. This topic has been on our minds too, since our beloved dog Aki is getting ready to leave her body. She’s a very old dog and she’s becoming increasingly disabled, so all of us know her time is coming soon.

Dear Most Esteemed and Knowledgeable Kitties:

Sunday morning, my husband went into the laundry room and saw our 13-year-old cat sleeping. He called her and then felt her … and she was gone. She had no known problems. She had only been to the vet once in her life (for a removal of an infected nail) and had lived indoors all her life. Her eating habits were normal. She had not vomited. There was just clear liquid under her body. Her kitty litter habits were normal. She was such a cute little baby. She was a runt so she always looked like a kitten. When we were in our office she would come in and talk to us. She would many times sit down in front of us to watch what was happening on TV and she would come in and tell us when it was bedtime. One of the cutest things that she did was when we had a group of 20 over for a meeting a week ago, she came and sat down in front of everyone and looked up and was intently listening to my husband speak. I knew she would not live forever, but why would she die suddenly with no symptoms of illness? She was sweet and we miss her.


Siouxsie: The death of an animal friend is never easy, Faye. But it’s even harder when it comes as a complete shock. Our condolences are with you and your husband.

Thomas: There’s no real way to know why your cat just went to sleep one night and never woke up. There are possibilities, of course, but unless you’re willing to have a veterinarian do a necropsy to find a cause of death, you will probably need to live with that uncertainty.

Dahlia: Well cared-for indoor cats have an average lifespan of 16 to 18 years. But, as with humans, cats can die exceptionally young or live many years longer than the average. A lot of it has to do with genetics: Some cats are just “coded” for shorter lifespans and one day they just go to sleep and don’t wake up.

Siouxsie: I’m 13 years old myself, and I feel as though I’ve got many more years to go.

Thomas: The most common reason for cats to die suddenly is heart disease. Cats can develop a condition called cardiomyopathy. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy causes the muscles in part of the heart to thicken and not work as well. Dilated cardiomyopathy causes the heart to get big and flabby — once again, causing the heart to work poorly. Restrictive cardiomyopathy causes the heart to pump “stiffly” and not as effectively.

Dahlia: Cardiomyopathy generally presents few symptoms, although a veterinary exam would have detected a heart murmur or changes in heart rhythm. As cardiomyopathy progresses, you would notice symptoms like unwillingness to exercise, lack of appetite, possible vomiting, and a buildup of fluid in the lungs that causes difficulty in breathing.

Siouxsie: One of the common side effects of cardiomyopathy is the formation of blood clots in the arteries. These clots can break loose and travel to the lungs or the brain with disastrous consequences. Clots can also lodge in the arteries that feed the rear legs, causing paralysis or limping along with dark, cold paw pads. It’s possible that your cat may have “thrown a clot” and had a stroke or some other terminal episode.

Thomas: Heartworm infections can cause sudden death by blocking blood vessels in the lungs, causing a “pulmonary embolism.” Although heartworms are thought to be parasites that only afflict dogs, this is just not true. Heartworms don’t live as long in cats as they do in dogs, and because the worm load is so low the parasites would be hard to detect in a regular heartworm screening. But cats–even indoor-only cats–can and do get heartworm.

Dahlia: Signs of heartworm disease include occasional coughing and vomiting, decreased activity level and sometimes development of a picky appetite.

Siouxsie: Hypertension can cause cats to have strokes because small blood vessels bleed into the brain. Depending on the location of the bleed, the stroke can cause a range of symptoms from disorientation to trouble walking or eating to death (if the stroke occurs in the part of the brain that controls the heartbeat and breathing).

Thomas: Generally speaking, hypertension goes hand in hand with other elderly-cat diseases such as hyperthyroidism or chronic renal failure. These diseases have pretty obvious symptoms, though, and it would have been hard not to notice something wrong if your kitty had CRF or hyperthyroidism.

Dahlia: Most of these conditions would have been noticed during a veterinary exam. This is one reason why it’s particularly important to take your cat for annual checkups, particularly once they reach their senior years (generally considered 8 or older).

Siouxsie: We’re not saying this to guilt-trip you, Faye. As you said, your cat looked healthy right until the end. We’re saying it for the benefit of our other readers who care for senior cats and maybe don’t see the annual checkup as an important thing for a cat that looks healthy. But if you do adopt another cat in the future, we hope you’ll consider taking him or her for regular checkups.

Thomas: There’s no way to make the grieving process easier for you. But from your description, it sounds like she didn’t suffer. If it’s any comfort, we think your cat had a very good life. You and your husband gave her shelter and lots of love, and please know that her soul is wherever cats’ souls go, purring at you with love and adoration.

Dahlia: We’re sorry we can’t give you any real answers, because you just never know. But you do have our sympathy and we’re sending you lots of purrs to heal that empty place in your heart.

  • randee vitali

    today i found my 3 yr old cat dead in the litter box. when i lifted him up there was vomit and blood in the litter around his mouth(checked for injuries-none found)prior to this he was a normal crazy healthy cat…what could have killed him?

  • Heather

    First off, I am SO sorry to hear this! My mother-in-law’s cat died suddenly last night and it sounds as if her circumstances were similar to your cat’s. Milou was a 10-year-old spayed female indoor cat with no outward signs of illness; the only clue we had that something was amiss was that her appetite had been diminished for 2 days and she had started to hide in a room where she rarely, if ever, went. I found her this morning, and my husband picked her up to shroud her in a blanket. He cleaned up a huge puddle of blood that she had vomited, and we’ve been trying to figure out the reason for this ever since. I sympathize with your loss. Best of luck finding out an answer!

  • tan

    did a family member that was close to the cat die, or leave or did the cat lose a cat companion… i heard of a cat dying cause its owner died and it was heart broken..

  • Diana

    I can understand exactly how you are feeling as I have had a similar experience with my beloved persian Chloe. I bathed her and when I was trying to calm her down after wards as she had become very stressed she died while I was brushing her. I am totally torn apart to lose my beloved pet of 7 years. I am also feeling the guilt of not having taken her to the vet for annual checkups and even regret washing her had I known I would not have put her thro this stress. This only happened on Friday and my house is now lonely and empty without her presence as she was always there to greet me at the door.

  • Cole

    Not sure why my cat Moses died last night either. He had lost a lot of weight since getting another cat but I thought he was ok after a few months. I should have known something was wrong with him by his depressed attitude the last few weeks and always hiding out, but I never thought once he was going to die at 6 years old. Sorry for not taking you to the Vet Moe, I didn’t know you were that bad. Love you my friend
    R.I.P Moses 11-15-08

  • Diane

    I haven’t seen my cat since 7:30am yesterday. She is about 14 or 15…we adopted her as an adult cat over 13 years ago.

    She was fine. Eating, playing, sleeping. I fed her at 7:30 am. She seemed fine. And then she seems to have vanished into thin air. I live in a small apartment and I’ve pulled everything out of all the closets, moved all the furniture, shaken out the box springs on the bed….I can’t find her.

    Do you think the food was poisoned? She has never done this before. I wish I could find her to take her to the vet. Say prayers for us! I’m going to look again.

  • Diane

    I found her! We saw the vet yesterday and she seems fine. Whew! That was scary!

  • Jeff

    My cat died suddenly this past weekend. She was a 6 yr healthy indoor cat who never was sick. I went downstairs and she meowed for food. I only gave her enough to cover the bottom of the bowl and went upstairs to fix something. I walked up 2 flights of stairs and remembered I forgot a drill. Immediately went back downstairs to get the drill and the cat was dead. There was vomit with food (not unusual but did not happen all the time only once in awhile) and the cat was lying 3 feet away on it’s side dead with some vomit on her lips. There was a puddle of urine but that is not uncommonm with death. Could she have died chocking on the hairball. Cat was healthy and active all day and never showed any signs of illness. I’ve had cats my whole life and have seen hundreds of hairballs but never heard of a cat dying from one. Would appreciate any replies.

  • stephanie

    My 14 soon to be 15 (in 4 months) beloved cat Thelma died last night. I found her on the bathroom floor gasping for air. Up to that point, she has been an indoor, healthy cat. Never got sick. Ate well, moved her bowels well and slept alot. I immediatley brought her to the nearest vet hospital. An xray showed scarring and a bilateral pleural effusion in her lungs. I came to the decision to euthanize her. I watched her as she took her last breath. It was very painful and sad and I will be sobbing for a while. Her sister, Louise, also my 14 year old cat is missing her too. I am dreading the day when I will find her in her last few hours too.

    I will never get another cat. I’m 38 years old soon to be 39 and can’t imagine going thru the dying process with a cat ever again. Way too painful.
    I will cherish the memories I have. My cats have been my children and my friends for many years. They have travelled the globe with me and I have taken care of them in the best way I know how.

    Take care my lovely Thelma. Love mom.

  • Jeff

    Sorry to hear of your lose Stephanie.
    Never say never. Time heals and maybe you will be ready to have another cat someday.

  • Kayla

    My cat of 10 years died last night we found her in the laundry room, the night before she was fine and everything, but when we found her she was laying there but still with her eyes open, do you think she was in any pain at all? I just don’t understand wha tshe could’ve died from..

  • Katie

    My 8 month old kitten died yesterday. I came home from class and I found him in the kitchen. He had vomited a large amount about 2 weeks ago but it was only once and I thought he might have just over eaten or something. I wish I had of taken him to the vet then, I didn’t realize he was really that sick. The only other sign of illness he had was that he had taken to hiding under the sofa all the time but I thought maybe he just found a new cozy warm spot for the winter. I just don’t understand how he could have died so suddenly and I just wish I knew what he died from. I thought he was healthy, just yesterday morning he was in my lap purring like nothing was wrong at all. Words cannot express how awful I feel. He was my first pet since I moved out of my parents and I could not get him to adulthood. I miss my little Buddy!

  • bmc12811

    My 4 year old cat died suddenly. She was fine, ate, drink, used the bathroom, meowed, played, etc. When i came home that night from work she was dead on my floor leaving the litter box. Her eyes were still open, no vomit or blood? Nothing? I didn’t have the money to find out from the vet? I am so confused. :( My heart is completly broken. completely..

  • Seana

    Dear bmc12811…The very same thing happened to my sweet Gus, five years old, on January 19th. No reason for it, he was just fine when we left the house, 2 hours later we return to find him lying on the entrance floor, still warm. My dog keeps looking for him :( From the research I’ve done, the most likely cause is stroke, or heart failure…please take some consolation knowing it was quick. My heart is also broken – its important to let yourself grieve, let yourself remember all of the wonderful reasons you loved her. Eventually we will smile when we think of them, instead of cry. A friend also told me, when its the right time, your cat will help you find a new kitty to love (preferably from a shelter)and this new cat will share some of your old cat’s traits…this thought has given me some comfort, I hope it does you too. Hugs to everyone who is hurting….

  • suzanne

    My 11-year old cat, Fred, died Saturday night. Similar story to all of the above…healthy, vomited during the day, but nothing unusual…figured it was a hairball.
    I work from home so I was with him all day…went to a movie and when we came home he was making horrible howls that let us know he was in pain. We euthanized him. It was a difficult decision, but looking back, I am glad we put him out of his pain. It was all so sudden. I am still in shock.

  • Michelle

    My six year old cat, Roxy, died yesterday. She had been with me all day- working in the office in the morning and then outside in the afternoon. We played and she seemed her normal, affectionate self.

    At 2pm, I finished a phone conersation with a friend. At 4pm my husband and I were rushing Roxy to the vet.

    I played with her after the phone call and remember seeing her in my compost area, where I was working. When I returned to the compost area, she was lying on her side, unresponsive. There were no signs of struggle, no physical evidence that she had fallen or come into contact with any other animal. The vet couldn’t detect any broken bones.

    For the last three months or so, she walked off and on with a slight limp and occasionally held up one paw when she sat, as if favoring it.

    I noticed above, that a blood clot in a leg could cause an animal to limp. Would a minor, inconsistent limp be a sign of a blood clot? Could she have had a heart attack at such a young age?

    I am extremely sad. She was part of our family.

  • Brian

    My 13 year old cat, Judah, was found dead yesterday morninig. Here recently he had been hiding and did not eat. My father recently got a puppy and we thought he was hiding due to territorial issues. He seemed very fragile. The puppy died later ( we think it got ill. Wasn’t old at all. Very young ) and I cleaned out the area for him and left him alone for a few days so he would know his space was back. My dad said he was starting to eat like normal again, but a few days later he rold me he could not find my cat.
    For some reason the first thought I had was “check the litter box”. I went over to it and went to remove the lid and found it heavy. I smiled because I expected to see my cat acting silly in the litter box. ( He does cute things like that ) but what I got was nothing like it. He apparently knew he was dying for he was perfectly fit in the litter box. He was always well-trained apparently even till death. I repeated “buddy?” over and over. I knew he was gone. I accepted it, but his face leaves an imprint. His mouth was open and it seemed like he was hissing at something. Just frozen, hissing at something. The rest of his body seemed relax and his nose was greyish blue. The time I left him to get comfortable in his environment again, he must have passed away then. I wanted him to live forever, but he was a big part in my life and I will always have his memories so in a way he does still live on through me. He was a great cat and I loved him dearly. My only wish was to be with him one last time before he passed away. The last real thing I did for him was treat him to some milk.

  • bmc12811

    Thank you so much for your nice message. I have also been told that at the right time my cat will show me a new love. My heart is still broken, but it is getting easier, i just wish i knew what happened, or if i could have done something to prevent it? She was my best little friend in the whole world. My heart goes out to you as well. I am so sorry that happened to you b/c i know how hard it is!! Keep me updated!! :)

  • bmc12811

    I am also sorry for everyone elses loss. I wish i could understand too :( Its so hard, but it helps that there are good people out there to talk about it with. Thank you.

  • Izzy

    I woke up this morning and found cat, Ginger, under the coffee table a little bit. She was about 11 years old and a tortoise hair…so pretty. She was just lying there as if happily stretched out if it was a sunny day. But, today was not sunny and my blinds were closed. Something seemed wrong in my gut. I walked over to her and she didn’t move. I tried to wake Ginger up but she didn’t move. Her eyes were open an fully dilated. Her body was warm and limp. I couldn’t and cannot believe my cat is gone. Ginger was healthy with no signs of any illness. She was overweight but the vet had done a blood test a couple years ago and she was completely heathly. No thyroid problems or anything. She was the best cat…she would sleep next to me in my arm with her head on my shoulder. I am so sad and just cannot believe she is gone. There was no sign of her hurting and I believe she went peacefully. What kills me is what if I had woken up just a few hours earlier maybe I could have saved her. We will miss you Ginger, love you so much.

  • Sueg

    My Cat Tom died 3 weeks ago today. The 1St Feb 2009. Very heartbroken was very sudden he had no signs of illness. Did vomit sometimes but because been very hot thought from that and also hairballs. Found him gasping for breath and very stressed. Raced him to vet but died on arrival. I miss you my baby boy. LOVE FROM YOUR MUM, NEVER FORGET YOU.

  • David

    My 3 year old cat Oscar died suddenly over night. I put him to bed in the laundry as i have done every night and this morning when i went to let him out he was lying in his basket dead. In the recent past there were 2 incidences where he showed discomfort in being able to lie down and walk. Both occasions occured in the evening and by the morning he was back to his usual self. I thought he may have sprained a muscle as he was never a very atheletic cat. I dont know if these events were related to his death but having read all the comments I can only conclude that he suffered heart failure. I am deeply saddened at losing him, he was such a loving cat, I will miss you buddy :(

  • Richard

    God bless all of you who have lost your beloved family member. I know that is how every one of you regard your treasured cat. I am a 60 year old man who recently also lost my best friend Radar to some strange death. It has been over a week ago and I am still not able to control my greif. I am in tears right now while reading all of your stories. I now don’t feel quite so alone. Radar was a loving old gray long hair who would sit in my lap every second he had the opportunity and pet my face with his paw. He had been outdoor cat and lost one eye and part of his scalp to a coyote several years ago. Made it through surgeries and devastaing pain. Now died while I was at work for unknown reasons. I had to bury him at night in a snow storm and I never even realised I was freezing and soaking wet. I sat in the snow at his gravesight for quite some time until I couldnt cry any more. I still go there in the morning before work and when I get home and wish I could see him one more time. Cant understand how so much pain can come from the loss of a beat up old cat. I share in all of your distress.

  • Amy

    My Gizmo died three weeks ago. He was born in May. We found a stray cat took her in. She had her kittens in the basement. Gizmo was part of that litter. He was only 9 months old. I let him out in the morning to lay. He liked to play in the yard. He managed to cross 2 roads and went on the highway. During this time I had to take my dad to the hospital on the way back I saw a cat on the exit ramp and new it was Gizmo. I did go back and get him and bury him. He was my buddy though followed me everywhere. I feel so guilty for leaving him out to play. Hope he forgives me.

  • Bridget

    Today I lost my beloved Jazmen, she was 11 years old. I found her under the coffee table with vomit on the chin. I thought she had just gotten sick and was on my way to clean her up. Whwn I sat her down i saw that she was having problems breathing, I then grabbed a towel and rushed to the car to get to the vet. It was too late she had died before I could get out of the driveway. I’m so heartbroken. I feel like if I had just gotten to her sooner I could have saved her. I’m so sorry Jaz, I just pray that you didn’t suffer. You were apart of the family and we you will missed!

  • Heather Housley

    My cat Rico died the night before last. I already suffer from slight depression and I am so sad. I promised him when I got him at seven weeks old that I would not let anything hurt him. He was an orange tabby and he was just a year old. His birthday was just earlier this month; March 9. I miss him so much already. He would run to the door when I got off of my school bus and wait for me to come inside. He was an inside cat but he always tried to sneak out when we opened the door. My whole family still shoots their hand downwards when they open the door to catch a cat that isn’t coming. He also loved ice. He could be sleeping in the other end of the house and you would rattle the ice tray and here he would come, running for a simple piece of ice. I’m crying right now, writing this. I thought of myself as his mother. I feel like none of my friends really understand and I’ve had multiple people tell me that it is “just a cat”. I feel so horrible. Me, my mom, and my sister heard a noise like something falling then a strange noise and I had been watching a scary movie earlier so I was afraid to go and look and then we heard a cry and we all thought it was my grandma so we ran out. I turned the corner and there was my best friend, Rico, laying on his side on the floor. It seems as though he fell off the shelf his food is on. But it is only 2-3 feet high so surely he would land on his feet. His eyes and mouth were fully open and his pupils were fully dialated. My younger sister screamed and I started screaming and praying and I ran into my room and threw myself down onto my bed. I ran away from my baby when he needed me most! I’ll feel horrible for that forever. It was almost one in the morning and I called 911. The operater told me it was my cat, not my dad and asked what I wanted him to do. All I could say was HELP HIM PLEASE! My grandma and mom both tried breathing into his mouth but he was already limp. It was too late and we would never make it to the 24 hour emergency vet. I picked him up and cradled him like a baby sobbing and apologizing and praying. I didn’t know what to do. I still don’t. I feel so lost without Rico around. Every night he would sleep above my head. Every morning he would head-butt me in the face as if to say, Wake up mommy, you have to go to school. Now I’ll never hear him purr at me or meow, wanting to go outside. I miss him so freaking much it hurts. I feel like I have this hole inside of me. I don’t know what to do. I feel guilty. I should have taken him to the vet more. I shouldn’t have ran when he needed me there for him. God, I love him so much and miss him like crazy already.

    R.I.P. Rico Snickelfritz Housley. I love you baby and always will. I miss you. Love, mommy.

  • http://google Melissa Lynn

    My daughter lost her precious cat, Tach 5 days ago. He was so special. We all loved him dearly. The timing of this loss was bad. My daughter was getting ready to leave for Tennessee when Tach died; it was literally a half hour before her father arrived to pick her up. She adored him, and he adored her. She is grieving, but I think she is still in shock. She had him for 2 years. How do I help her through this? She is not herself. We both heard him yell out, and we were in the bedroom when he died. I have never actually saw an animal die. He seemed like he didn’t want to leave us, but that our presence brought him comfort. He tried to get up and dry-heaved, and then he laid back down and I stroked his head and back. I am so hurt and sad myself. We love you Tach!

  • Heather Housley

    I feel for you and your dauhter Melissa. I can say that my mom and family help me through losing my cat Rico by giving me time to get through it. By telling me that it was okay to cry. Today is the first day I went back to school since it happened and I cried so hard when I got home because he waited for me after school. Just be kind to her and give her love and support.

  • Mary

    I came upon this website looking for the same answers as all of you have done today and I think I have found my answer. Today we lost our little cat Essence. She died this morning suddenly with many of the same systems as above, except no vomiting. As far as I know she had no medical issues. She was an indoor cat we had her for nearly 11 years. I too am feeling very sad and depressed over this. We lost our dog in August of 08 now this. Right now I feel as Stephanie above feels that I do not want another cat or dog! This is too painful. I deal with the loss of my daughter from 2001 everyday and these were her pets as well. Now they are all gone. The only comfort is knowing that all 3 are in Heaven together. Rest in peace my beautiful babies. Thank you all for your advice and encouragement on this site. You can feel the love here. God bless all of you.

  • Sueg

    It has been 2 months since My Baby Boy Tom died now . I had him for 5 and a half years. He was 6 when he died 1st Feb. I have a new kitten now but she don’t replace my boy or help my grief she has her own little personality, she annoys my other cat who didn’t eat since Tom died until i got new kitten. Is so hard , i was assured by vet there was nothing i could do not to blame myself, that when i got tom he was on death row so i gave him a loving home for 5 and a half years, he was mistreated as a kitten had cigarette burns on his ears.I will always think ofg you and love you my special boy. Mum is crying now over you. With lOve your Mum and Millie. xxx

  • Jessica

    My 8yr old cat also passed away just yesterday morning unexpectedly.No signs what so ever.It is very upsetting especially the way she was on the sofa it looked like she died in her sleep with one eye open.We will always have to live with the fact that we didn’t know why she passed away and the image of her just stiff on our sofa that she loved to sleep on at night.

  • Jessica

    He only had some vomiting now and then and not such a great appetite.

  • Sueg

    My Tom, was thje same Jessica, i still lay awake at night thinking maybe there weas a sign that i missed, but i was assured by the vet there was nothing that i could of done.I still sometimes wonder though what killed him, i like you will never know Jessca. Your baby will always be in you heart, mine is.xxx

  • lisa colletti

    It seems odd. We all have these cats dying young having blood in their mouth, panting, trouble breathing and having to vomitright before passing away. My Peaches was 2 years old. I detected an ammonia smell about him as I picked him up. I found him after he had passed away. He had trouble breathing on Sunday and was panting and lingering over his water bowl. He seemd to have trouble breathing and then died with kidney failure a puddle of water underneath of him. I wonder if he was poisoned somehow? by the neighobors, or is our cat food supply STILL tainted with Melamine in some way? or if there is a disease thatwe do not know about yet??

    So many questions. I wish I had done a necropsy to find out. I have been told that it isimportant to refrigerate the body until the necropsy can be done at the vets. I wish I had done that b/c I need to know what made him so sick. Someone has told me it might be genetic HCM (cardiomyopathy cause by genetic problem/inbreeding) others, heartworms, others, poison of some kind. I will keep searching for clues.

  • lisa colletti

    I have since read that secondary poisoning if people are leaving out rat or m ouse poison, if the cat catches and eats the mouse it can die from hemorrhaging which would explain bleeding from the mouth


  • Simon

    My cat of 10yrs died suddenly this morning with no signs of illness either. He went out and came back with the dog. Watched my wife start laundry played in the hamper then layed down and that was it. Went to the vet regularly and never had anything serious. He was an american shorthair I think that looked a lot like a russian blue. Got him at the pound as a kitten. It’s a sad day in Alaska today for us. R.I.P. Kiwi

  • John

    My heart goes out to all of you. I will soon be 59 years old and I am coming to grips with my own motality. But I now firmly beleive that we are going to be with our pet friends again in the kingdom to follow.

  • Kat

    My 9 year old cat suddently died like you all stated…no warning, no lingering illness… She just starting gasping for air and my dad called the vet and was going to get her in the pet carrier to take her for medical care as quickly as possible, only it was too late. He told me that she had jumped on my bed when this occured and by the time he went to take her she stopped breathing. He didn’t know what happened, maybe poison?

    I’m absolutely crushed as she was my only remaining cat after my other one disappeared less than a year ago. She was so affectionate and frisky–not as outdoorsy as the other one and hated other cats, but very much a cat who liked people and tolerated the dog quite well. I can’t imagine another cat replacing her. I guess time heals all wounds, but I’ll always be left wondering…should I have taken her to the vet at least every year without fail? especially as she was nearing 10 years old…? Perhaps if she had recently gotten a checkup, she would be alive now? Trying not to think of that as it’s devastating enough as it is.

    RIP my dear Daska…. forgive me for not tending to you as I should have. I cry for you so much now and will never forget you.

  • Heather Housley

    I had been on this site before and wrote about my loving Rico. I’m not sleeping as well since it’s happened. It may seem early but I’ve gotten another cat. We got a white darling girl named Asia but we had to take her back because she didn’t get along with my sisters cat or our dog, Chloe. I felt horrible taking her into my home then having to take her back but I didn’t see how we could have made it work. I could get another cat from ARF but there were none there tht caught my eye until a few weeks later we went in and there was this HUGE oranged long haired cat. He is around TWENTY POUNDS. His name is Charlie and he was brought in that day by his previous owner. He is six years old and I believe they had him since he was a kitten. He came from a couple, they had to give him up because they had just had a baby and he got very jealous and aggressive I believe. He tolerates our other pets. I finally came to the conclusion that it helps somewhat to have a cat around but neither him, nor Asia do anything that Rico did. Except I walked into my room the other day and Charlie was playing in his water bowl which Rico did. God, I miss Rico so freaking much it’s unreal.

    Baby, I love you and miss you. My life is not the same without you. I have to hope that I’ll see you again one day and believe me, I’m ready for that.
    Love you, Mommy!

  • Sueg

    My heart goes out to you, i know what it feels like i got my kitten 2 days after Tom died didn’t replace him but she has a lot of the character that he did, i stiil call him when i come home out of habit. I miss you my baby boy, and i aleays will. Love your Mum.xx

  • Michelle

    My beloved Sadie died on Monday. I had her for 7 years. She showed no signs or symptoms of being ill. I just woke up one morning to find her dead in my spare room. I have no clue why she died, she just left me. I feel so horrible because I had a crazy work schedule the 2 days before Monday and I did not get to see her much before that. I did not see her AT ALL on Sunday due to my work schedule and Monday came around and I had this feeling that I needed to get up now! I got up, did a few things and then went into the spare room and there she was, laying on my floor. She was still warm, I had just missed her. There was no vomit, no blood, no fluids anywhere. I lost my baby and have no clue why. If she would have shown signs of being sick I would have brought her to the vets. I will admit I never took her unless she needed to go, I did not realize you needed to take them to the vet once a year. From now on I am going to. I never imagined losing her would be this painful. She was supposed to be with me for my first baby, buying a house, etc. I miss her so much.

  • Ben

    My beautiful Ferdy died today. He was three a fit and healthy cat and I just dont understand. The vet conducted a post mortam but couldnt come up with a cause of death. What is the most likey scenario?
    He was active, friendly, and his stomach was full at the time of death. My poor baby layed down obviously feeling not well and died with his eyes open.
    Its come from absolutely nowhere and knocked me for six I just dont understand he was my mate and companion

  • Ben

    He was just three years old with no syptoms had bene to the vet once in his life for not drinking enough water but he had the food he wanted, in and out when he wanted, water and everything and I come home and his dead :(:(:(:(:(:(

  • Ben

    RIP to my cat Ferdy there is no person or animal who has ever been there when I needed a smile, when I felt down, when the silence around me was deafening. I will remember your loving ways and the window seals you jumped on to alert me you wanted to come in

  • Kara

    My sweet Girl died today while I was at work. She was 11 and so spoiled. My husband found her on the porch and thought she was asleep. I am so saddened. My house is so quiet. I can’t stop crying. I wish I could have known so I could have said goodbye. She slept on my side all night. I miss her deeply.

  • Jenn

    My little June cat died today. She just got sick last night all of a sudden. I stayed with her all night and she just got worse. By morning you could tell she was in pain. I didn’t want her to hurt anymore so we had her put to sleep. We think she had kidney failure. She never let on anything was wrong. She just started peeing everywhere yesterday. We just thought she was mad at us because she has always gone on the bed or floor if she was mad. I wasn’t ready to say goodbye yet. It was too soon. I love you June cat and I hope to see you again someday. You’ll always be my Mrs. Fluffy bottom as well as my best girl. I will never forget you.

  • Laurie

    My cat died last night out of no where. I found him curled up under my bed with one eye slightly open. He had shown no signs of illness. He was not acting unusually. He was only five years old. There was no blood or vomit or anything around him. I have no idea what happened and it only makes the loss worse. I’ll will miss him terribly.

  • jenna

    My 16 year old cat Bleu died last week while taking his uusual nap on the front walkway he was alive 1/2 hour before. Was his usual self that day. no sign of illness. he had a little kitty timers thats it.I am so sad but grateful that he went so peacefully. He would have panic attacts when he went to the vet, I had rescue remedy on hand and a vet ph. # that comes to the house. I didnt need to do any of that. I thought he would live to be 20 because he was so active .Vets can not always pick up heart murmurs and not every thing shows up in blood work. That little guy was a beautiful litle soul he really touched my heart.

  • Andrew

    My young cat, Theoden, passed away today in the yard. I’m at a total loss because he was a young, vibrant cat and there were no signs of him being sick. He was lying in one of his regular positions in the backyard near a favorite spot eyes open. There did not appear to be any external wounds or trauma damage. His location and appearance suggest not an accident, but maybe a heart or other condition I was unaware of that others here have mentioned.

    I found Theo at a local rescue foundation this January and I am guessing that he was around two years old. I’ve been researching and reading to try and make sense of a sudden passing and am hoping whatever the cause that for Theoden it was painless. He loved to play outside in the grass and cared very much for his “sister” cat Chompers.

    Condolences to everybody else who might read this and is in a similar position with a beloved cat.

    Theoden – You are loved and missed — June 23, 2009

  • Barbara

    Thanks for all the sad storys about your dead pets. We all feel the same hurtful pain. My 3 year old cat died yesterday. She was a inside/outside type.I called the vet sence there was no sign of injury and he said most likely she died from a snake bite.I can’t believe she’s gone.

  • Lindsie

    My 15 yr. old cat is gone. I’m grieving, yet she’s just disappeared, so I keep thinking she’ll show back up. I’ve had her so long, and recently she’d lost weight, but I put off taking her to the vet for lack of money. I feel so guilty, we got our tax return, and I still never fit that in, a vet bill. Now she’s been gone since June 17, and I can’t imagine what’s happened. If she had a thyroid problem, or something else for 5 months even, and left untreated, would that have killed her? I feel so guilty, and having 3 children hardly gives me time to grieve, I love you Siva, please come home…. I feel so sad…. you’ve been such a companion…

  • MJ

    My cat Lucky died last Friday. I came home from work after only being gone for 4 hours, and found him laying on his side next to the litter box. He was only one-year-old. His eyes were half-way open. There was no blood, nothing, but he was still and his nose wasn’t its usual pink, so I knew. His body was still warm. When I first got home, I sat down and had lunch before I went upstairs to see him because I thought he was just napping on my bed. He usually slept during the day. I feel horrible, thinking if only I had gone up right away I could have found him and maybe rushed him to the Vet. I don’t know if they could have helped him. I’ll never know. RIP Lucky. You will never be forgotten.

  • http://www.myspace.com/euby Anthony

    first off i am so sorry about all of your losses. i just found my cat a few hrs ago dead laying on my basement couch with some blood comming from his nose. i was shocked. we adopted her as a stray a few years ago, he only has one eye and no front claws so we decied to have him an indoor cat. Well i went downstairs today and i seen him sleeping where he usually does on the couch, but when i went to scratch and pet him, he didnt respond..thats when i noticed the blood. so i waited a few min. to see if i could see him breathing, and then i knew…he had passed..i just had to burry him an hour or so ago…soo soo sad…we currently have 3 cats now, two outside ones and one indoors now…from which all were once strays. i am a sucker for animals..i love them…i just wanted to say im sorry for everyone here and tell a story about what happened to my cat today….good luck everyone


  • hannah

    its posible that she died of age and that it was some thing normal.she also may have had hidden problems it might sound crazy but it is posible

  • Donna

    I think my Seamus has gone off to die. He was not well last night. I could see that by the way he was so slow and unfocused. I hoped he would feel better in the morning. I awoke to the sound of him coughing up and raced to bring him outside. When I picked him up he was unusually willing to be held. I put him down on the patio and he just sat there. I stayed with him to see if he wanted to go back in. Eventually he pulled himself up and stepped down from the patio and walked away down the path and under the gate to the front yard. I went in the house and around to the front door to watch him. He had gotten himself to the top of the stairs leading to the street. He sat there breathing heavily , it seemed to me, until he turned slightly( I want to think he was going to see if I was there, to say good bye?) and stepped down and out of my sight. I’ve not seen him since. That was 9 hours ago. Seamus is never gone that long. He is 14 and I can’t shake the thought that I should not have let him go, I should have called him back, I know he would have come if I called him! I had heard that cats often go off to die. I wish I had kept him in. I’m not sure if I would have felt any less pain but this way I’m left with the uncertainty of not knowing.

  • Allisha Jackson

    Hello, Im sorry to hear of everyone’s lost. I myself lost my best friend last nite, Shadow, He was the best cat in the world, we played together, yelled at eat other, and loved one another. I found him last night in my yard, Eyes open wide, mouth open and he had saliva running out the side of his mouth, He was healthy and I have no clue as to what happen to him, He was streched out, like he was ready to roll over and get his belly rubbed..as he loved so much..I’m comepletly clueless and heartbroken, I couldn’t afford to get him examined so I buried him this morning. Does anyone have a clue as to what could have happen to my Beloved Shadow.

    thank you.

  • Pauline Crowling

    I found my beautiful Misty stiff and dead this morning on her favorite chair. She was only 8 years old and she had no symptoms. The vet said this was rare and did a necropsy. Her heart was fine. Her lungs were filled with fluid, but her tongue was pink so he did not think she died from lack of oxygen. He thought the most likely cause was a stroke. He said I could not have predicted it nor stopped it. Maybe something like that happened to some of the other cats. Please do not think it was your fault. My heart goes out to everyone, but reading your messages has been a great help to me.

  • bernie

    I have been so comforted by the comments on here. I am devastated because my lovely cat ‘Mouse’ died unexpectedly on thursday night. He was just 5 yrs old and in good health. I knew something had happened when he wasn’t there to greet me as usual that morning.
    My husband found him lying on the roof of a shed next door where he usually went for a sleep. Just looked liked he had lay down and died. My eyes are swollen from crying and I miss him so much. Such a loving cat it has knocked me for six. Thankyou to all who have left comments here, I don’t feel so alone in my grief. God bless you all, I just hope the pain goes away with time. XX

  • James

    I am sorry to hear of everyone’s losses. We lost our beloved Bender this morning. He was 1 year old almost to the day, full of energy and life, and the most lovable cat in the world. He had no signs of illness or pain last night, and he was normal when he was waking us up at 5:30 this morning. At 10:30 this morning I went into the basement, (he was indoor only cat), I saw him laying in the middle of the floor. I thought he was sleeping, but I called him a few times and he didnt respond, and when I went to get him I knew he was gone. Still warm, but a little stiff, I completely lost it. My wife and I are tremendously heartbroken, this is such a shock ; ;.

    He had no signs of illness, he never ate a lot, but was still eating the same as he always has. We are having a necropsy performed, and I hope it is neither of our faults.

    Reading everyone’s stories is making me tear up, but it is nice to know we are not alone.
    Will miss you forever BENDER <3

  • Debbie

    My condolences go out to everyone who has posted on this website. Two days ago, I woke up and found my baby Stitch lying on our hallway floor. Stitch was my orange tabby cat with six toes on each foot, a belly the size of a lemon, and a heart as big as the ocean. He was only five or six months old and showed no signs of illness or injury. He did eat a lot, but the vet said that was a good sign since he was the runt in his litter. He slept with me every night and we had gone to bed the night before snuggling as usual. I do remember hearing noises in the middle of the night, but I thought it was just the cats playing. (I have a total of three cats, and the other two will usually play at night.) I feel so guilty that I should have gotten up to check on them. Stitch had no signs of injuries, but he did have a bit of vomit and blood by his mouth. It really looks like he just lied down and passed on. I miss him so much, it hurts. He was so small and was just a baby. I think its more painful to not understand why this happened. If anyone receives any answers as to why this happens to cats, please post it. I know it will not bring any of our beloved ones back, but it may offer some closure.

    We love you, Stitch. You will always be my baby. I will see you someday in Heaven.

  • Nick manelick

    I just wanted to say I’m deeply saddened that my cat Umberlee died tonight. I had to take him and my other cat to a friends house along with myself to stay for three days because our apt building was being fumigated for termites. My friend and I were so worried about the other cat because she was hiding under the bed the entire time we stayed there. I slept in the same room with them and on the third day I had to go to work and was going to take them home with me when I got finished. Near the end if my shift my friend called me hysterically crying sobbing Umberlee is dead. I left work immediately and sure enough he was just lying on top of the bed. No vomit, no blood. We never imagined thus could have happened! I’m stunned. Well he lived a nine year life from a farmhouse to a penthouse in Hollywood! Lucky cat. :) I’m trying to make light of it all but the tunnel is awfully dark. I will miss him coming to me like a dog when I whistled and him “singing” along with me when I was inside the shower. Goodbye orange buddy. Miss you Ums already…

  • Allisha Jackson

    Just wanted to say thank you again, for the kind words from everyone, and I’m sorry for everyone lost, only cat lovers understand the true pain we are sharing. My prayers are with everyone.

  • Michelle

    On August 17th we lost our beloved cat Boo Boo. Our story is similar to all the others posted here. He was fine all day. He spent most of his day basking in the sun on the patio in his favorite chair. As usual he would intermittenly come inside for a drink and say a quick hello before returning back to his patio. Shortly before bed time he came back inside and jumped on the couch with me. I started to make room for him but then he had a change of heart and jumped back down to go back out on the patio. I figured I would give him a few more minutes outside and then I would call him in for bed time. Only about 10 minutes had passed and when I went to get him I saw him laying on his side, motionless, eyes wide open. I thought he looked so cute and was just leisurley watching something outside but when I called him he did not move. I started screaming and my husband ran in and picked him up. He immediatley began CPR (amazing since I am the one who is a medical professional and did not even think to do anything) but it was too late. There is some peace in knowing he was a happy cat doing what he loved up until the last moments of his life and that both my husband and I were home when it happend (I travel for work so it was unusaul that I was home on this particular day). We got his ashes back yesterday and he has taken his place on our mantle. We are heartbroken as we miss him terribly. He was such a big part of our lives. The house is so quiet without him. I still can’t believe it happend and sometimes
    we forget for a second and go to call out for him. My condolences to everyone else here who has lost their fur baby. Take comfort in the fact that there are others here who can understand the pain of your loss.

  • holanne171

    On Sept 11 MY daughter said that something was wrong with our cat Sissy. He was very lathargic. He was a very fat and active playful scardey cat. I went to work at 8:00 and asked my husband to check on him when he got home at 3:00. Our sweet sissy gone. He was always healthy kitty. I feel so bad for not taking him to vet.

  • Faith

    Oct 20th we took our 7 month old cat into the vet. She was very sick without a reason. She died that night at the Vet’s office. We still don’t know why. Her sister just got sick today, we took her into a different Vet and she is currently on and IV and taking antibiotics.

    We have NO reason for this. Both temps were high, vomiting, dehydrated, and very very non responsive (for the first one) the second cat that is still alive..not so much..but still drpressed acting.

    Any thought?? Reasons??

  • Cat Jackson

    On Friday 11th September 2009 I aarived home from work feeling something wasn’t quite right as I went to open the dining room door, my instinct was right and as much as I wanted the black, still, body drawing my attention to be all in my imagination of one whole nightmare of a year; the whole reality was just too much, nothing was going to make this situation vanish! Danny, born 21 November 2007 (by RSPCA books), a black short-haired wonderfully kind, easily frightened, beautiful boy, with stunning amber eyes, (blue when he was little), playful, energetic, and moderately to very well behaved, absorbed my attention from the moment I saw him in the rescue centre. It broke my heart to be told that day of meeting I had to wait to take him home. I like to talk of him in the present because I find it hard to accept the truth – I couldn’t bring myself to have him cut up to examine for probable cause, the only symptom he ever had was the very occasional pant, that lasted 1 maybe 2 seconds, but I would suggest any owner seeks a vets immediate opinion, because although there may be absolutely nothing they can do, or even definitely diagnose, if you could ever prepare yourself, it might save you part of the shock and trauma I’m experiencing. Danny, my son, my best friend, my companion, through everything this year I told him numerous times I wouldn’t know what to do without him, as blow by blow things were tumbling round me. Danny kept my spirits high, he made me smile and laugh when I was down, he came to me when I cried, he lay watch whilst I showered, slept, worked, read (to him often), he followed me wherever I went (he was 98% indoor cat), he played with water from taps, with balloons under tables, even carried things around in his mouth including socks, but like they were the most fragile item in the world, he eat well, liked to have his own toothbrush and brush his teeth, the more he grew up the more affectionate he became, and less naughty. Quite honestly I can say I had never ever felt a love like I have for Danny, I knew this since I met him, and although my worst fear was to ever lose him (having chosen him to be an indoor cat, to be microchipped and vaccinated, neutered etc), it still never quite prepared me for the worst nightmare ever. My main hope is by the way that I found him, he didn’t appear to have struggled, or be in shock, distorted, or to have swallowed anything, and like his character he left without any mess (no blood, spital, urine or faeces)! I would have preferred to spend all day with him than gone to work, I was often late because I would rather spend time with him, his miaow, more a little squeak. Favourite games also included hide n seek, tag, catching flies or any insects, playing with bubbles, and football with triangle crisp packs!! Every morning and evening I miss his greeting, our playful rituals, and bedtime reading and fuss, as well as so many others… I miss and love my Danny so much, why did such a perfect, healthy looking character have to go so soon? Such a short life, not even 2, I hope he didn’t suffer, I’m sorry I didn’t know something was wrong, I so wish to repeat the 19 months I had with you again and again for the rest of my life, I hope I made you feel as special as you made me feel, everyday tears run down my cheeks both in happiness remembering the good times, but also in the pain of what I feel missing inside, the sheer emptiness from your love, I’m at a loss, maybe it’s what I deserve, I will think of you always, I don’t like to think of you gone… loving you…

  • Natalie

    We are so sad this morning. Our eight year old cat Gene Kelly was found passed this morning. We are heartbroken. We noticed nothing different in his eating patterns or playfulness.
    We will always wonder what happened. He looked like he went to sleep.

  • Jennifer

    My daughter’s cat Midnight suddenly passed away. She was only about 1 years old. She was an indoor cat. Before she died, she came down with what it appeared as “Cat flu” and we nursed her back to health and she seemed fine. We recently had gotten another kitten and she never really warmed up to him a few weeks before she came down with the cat flu. She seemed a bit depressed about it but we figured it would pass. One day, my husband came home and he called me in a panic saying “Midnight’s laying on the ground and barely breathing.” I was in shock and in tears for my daughter who loved her pal. When I called him back, he said her tried giving her mouth to mouth but she died anyway. We were so devastated expecially my daughter who is 10. Anyway, we got her a new kitten the next day to ease her suffering. It’s been only about a week but we’re still in shock and sad. Why did she just die? She was only 1 years old. My daugher who wants to be a vet someday keeps asking what happened to Midnight. She took such good care of her cat. We only hope and pray her new kitten lives a long life. Please say a prayer for my daughter’s kitten “Salem” (he’s black) like Midnight was. Thanks guys.

  • Marcia

    My Bernie, 4 years old, died suddenly last Friday morning. He was fine the night before, he ate, played, talked to me, everything was as usual and then I awoke and found him dead on the bathroom floor. He had no signs of trauma, at least externally, no blood, hardly any urine, no vomit, no nothing. A necropsy was done and the vet said his kidneys were severely discolored (unlike anything she had seen before) and his bladder was extremely small. Toxicology results are pending.

    I suspect the food I was feeding led to his death, Purina Cat Chow Indoor Formula. I have replaced it with Iams Proactive Health for my other cats. Once I receive the toxicology results I will know more. I will say this, that before Bernie’s death, when he and the other cats ate the Purina, I was constantly finding vomit, hairball/food lumps. I just thought they were caused by hairballs. Since I switched to Iams, no more vomit, no more hairballs, and it has only been 5 days since he passed.

    I will post Bernie’s toxicology results when received so that if the food is the cause and others on this forum are feeding it they would know the dangers. Bernie’s death, if due to Purina, will not be in vain, he was a good boy, my son and he did not do anything to deserve an early death.

    Rest in Peace Bernie, I love you and miss you.

  • Stacie

    It really really helps to see all of your stories…I’ve been kind of freaked out since my cat Lucrezia died suddenly this afternoon.
    10 minutes before it happened she was sitting in the window making chittering sounds at the birds outside, then she went and played in a paper grocery bag that she’d knocked off of the table, and then came over and flopped down on the carpet next to my desk. I thought at first she was just rolling around on her back as she sometimes does…then I noticed her front legs shoot out straight and rigid, and then relax as she calmly gasped a couple times. I reached down to pet her, getting a feeling that something was very wrong…I stroked her twice as she took too last shallow breaths and then lay still with her eyes open. I reached for her and tried to pick her up only to find her completely limp and unresponsive. The whole episode happened in less than a minute…no time to help her at all.
    She was just 6 years old…the vet had seen her a couple months ago and had mentioned detecting a slight heart murmur but said it was nothing to worry about. Other than that her only weird thing was a penchant for sneezing…which the vet put down to allergies saying that her lungs sounded fine.
    She was an amazing cat…found in a rescue shelter when she was 9 months old…the other cat, which I adopted at the same time seems fine. I’m sure it was probably some sort of myocardial infarction or stroke…and thankfully it was quick. But I’m sure going to miss her sassy little self a lot.

  • kath

    my cat caylee passed away 5 days ago. I am so heartbroken and distraught that I can’t eat or drink. She was an amazing cat. I’m wondering how I will overcome this. She was killed on the road and I feel so guilty for not bringing her in. She loved playing outside but I should have made her stay indoors always. I will miss her always.

  • Nanci McCune

    On November 14, my beloved, six year old red Manx cat, Norman, died in front of me. He looked fine, laid down for a nap on the couch and died. I was hysterical. He got me through a serious illness and was a humorous, funny guy. I told my husband to burn the couch…we did. Today my best friend called to say that she found her two year old Maine Coon dead. How odd to have them go so close together. Our cat died of cardiomyopathy, but we don’t know what caused her cat’s death. He bled from his mouth. It’s just so sad to lose a pet, but when they are SO young it’s even worse because we don’t expect it. Nanc

  • Annie

    3 days ago I lost my 11 year old Jade. I cannot understand how a healthy active cat can just go to sleep and not wake up. I have been crying for days, wanting to wake up from this nightmare and trying to understand why God took her from me too soon. I will never forget how she looked exactly the same but entirely different. I cannot stop feeling her limp body as I cradled her in my arms. I keep looking at the spot where we buried her trying to convince myself that shes really in the ground and not running around somewhere in my house. I’m convinced I see her out of the corner of my eye everytime I enter a room. My heart is completely broken. I just need to know why and regret burying her without having a vet find out what happened. I try to remind myself that she died peacefully with no pain or illness; I try to be grateful that I didnt have to make the decision to put her to sleep but I feel so angry and sad and I cannot stop crying. We buried her right outside my bedroom window where I can see her in the morning and say goodnight before I go to sleep but I just cannot convince myself that shes really gone. My whole body hurts with the loss of this animal who gave me everything she had, loved me unconditionally and never asked for anything in return except a warm lap to doze in. I cannot accept that shes gone. I really cannot understand why.

  • Wyndi

    My son found seven year old Lucky, one of our three cats, “asleep” on the bed. Lucky was last seen alive around 11:00 p.m., December 23rd. We found him dead around 8:00 a.m. December 24th. Lucky had his yearly vet visit two weeks ago and passed with a clean bill of health. A healthy, young, sweet boy with no symptoms indicating an illness appears to have gone to sleep and never woke up. I miss him very much.

  • Sally

    I had a black kitten, a stray. It followed my dad home about a month ago. It had very bad mange so brought it to the vet. Everything cleared up and it was doing just fine. Would sleep with me at night. Then this morning when I came back to the house my mum told me that it had made a mess on the floor and was hiding under the sofa. I cleaned up everything and soert ofmoved the sofa. It was already dead with sort of foam around the mouth. My mum said it just went outside the gate for a couple of minutes while she was sweeping the porch, Tt came right back in and its body was sort of jerking. It made the mess and went under the sofa. 10 mnutes later, I was back. I just cant understand how it died so fast. Just a while ago it was playing so happily with my other cats. I had it for only a month but it was such an affectionate cat and I am really upset.

  • Patrick

    my cat died a few days ago, 12 years old. I don’t know how, he moaned so sadly then died. It chilled my blood hearing him, when I got to him he was lifeless.
    I miss this cat so badly. When he was younger he was a lion in the house, bold and dominant. He slowed down a bit, but no obvious evidence he was so close to death.
    I miss his warm body on mine, I miss rubbing my chin on his head, smelling his scent. His loud purr would calm me down like nothing else on earth. His eyes looking into mine. Him talking to me in his own cat tones.
    It never dawned on me how much I would miss him. I am hurting now, he was my best friend in the world, and always will be.

  • Chris

    I feel for each and every one of you. My almost 9 year old seemingly healthy cat passed on Sunday morning. He seemed find when we went to sleep, playing, eating as usual. I woke to find him on the floor in the morning. I’ve read other’s posts and it has comforted me knowing that how I am feeling, the loss etc. is not uncommon.
    Thank you.

  • Jenna

    My Cat 3 yrs old died last night.
    I Had 2 friends over and my grandpa wanted me to go look at her.
    I walked in there and she was laying there.
    I tried nudging her softly, no movement.
    We tried lifting her head, no movement.
    Her whole body was limp.
    We didn’t see any liquid or blood around.
    Prior to her passing away, she had been running through my room and through the front of the house, then before going to bed we find her dead.
    So what could have happened?

  • Trickster

    My cat died a few days ago but I feel incredibly guilty. He was a family cat and we had him for 17.5 years but I mostly took care of him- so I knew when he was hungry, wanted food etc..

    I left the family home a year ago. I couldn’t take my cat with me because I house share and they didn’t allow pets. I did go back home occasionally to see him. I knew he wasn’t the same and one morning my mum told me that he just didn’t look himself. She thought that he wasn’t going to make it so she started to dig a hole in the garden and she said that he sat in the hole. She then got a blanket and he lay there whilst she stroked him and then she went to work.

    If only I was there, I still think he would’ve been alive and he died later on that eve

    I’m so upset but feel stupid as well because he was only a cat but I think that whatever it was that killed him- I think it was because I went away and left him :(

  • Kathy

    I have been reading everyones heartbreaking story’s and it is so hard, ….Mt husband and I just lost our baby Roo, Roo was 13.8months, and he was the best cat ever…my hubby’s best friend, and my baby…….Roo ate pennies when he was 2years old, he was so sick , he loved pennies to play with, we found the problem and he had surgery…..made a full recovery…but later in life had constipation issues… we kept that in check with Lactolose, ….we lost his litter mate Rusy , Sept of 08, since then Roo (was an indoor cat) became very loud , vocal , and wanted to spend all his time outside…….we always went with him , he never roamed alone, this past summer was the best , so active, he ruled the house , meowing at us to go out or for food,……..fall, then winter ,late october he slowed down, and by the first snowfall well, he was just ticked off to see that……..We hunkered down for the winter , but Roo reaally slowed, loss of appitite, not plying withtoys as much, just generally not interested, then after x-mas, a bout of constipation, we thought depression, as well, ……we had him at the vet on the 4th of January,they did blood work, enema, sent him home to rest , nothing wrong with his blood work, he was eating and he seemed lkie he was coming around, ….but three weeks later , thinking hes back with constipation………no….he had lost 2 pounds in three weeks, more blood work , x-rays urinalisyis….thyroid…..nothing , but a slight elevation of protien in his urine, liver, his body was eating itself they said, so he came home , we had to force feed, they gave clavamox antibiotic, we gave him three doses…….yesterday morning we woke , he had thrown up, coffe brown, with blood, phoned vet she gave him sulcrate to coat his tummy,he had agood day
    Lying in the sun in the window…….then last night , he just let out this awfull meow, we took him straight to the vet , and he was already almost gone, his heart had been strong as well , then down to nothing , he just went……like he knew, he hid as well ……….we are so sad and heartbroken too, we don’t know what to think he got a clen bill of health , then gone….we miss you our baby Roo, Mommy and Daddy Love you so, xoxoxoxoxo

  • kristy

    we lost our cat of 7 years last night. my heart is broken and i feel like it’s my fault he’s gone. my husband and i have been seperated for awhile now…frankie (our cat) came to live with me and my son about a week ago. frankie had never been away from the house that he grew up in until this point. he was acting a little strange when we got him to his new home, meowing loudly – almost like a growl, he vomited once and just his behavior was off. he would mope around the house. i honestly just thought he was homesick and never really thought anything else was wrong. i was going to take him back to my husbands today to see if he was really just homesick….he never made it back :( he was only here with us for 5 days before he passed away, i saw him drink water and eat his food in that time….when i looked in his litter box i noticed he hadn’t urinated at all in that time, just pooped. i should have taken his loud meowing as a cry for help. does anyone know what could have caused his death? it’s eating away at me!
    his symptoms –
    loud growling like meows.
    moping around
    vomited once
    had not urinated in at least 4-5 days before passing away. (yet he drank fluids)
    sleeping a lot.

    R.I.P fwankwin! Meow love mew :(

  • nicole

    Today our cat of about 7 years old died. I woke up this morning let out my dogs, came in the house and went in the kitchen. I noticed urine on the floor, and thought it was from the dog. When i walked around the other side of the table felix was in the coroner and there was blood on the floor coming from his mouth. I picked him up he cried loud so i put him down he was grasping for air and within in 2 minutes he died. All this happenend in under 10 minutes. I am in shock he didnt seem sick or anything and was fine the night before. I have a nother cat and hope nothing happens to him. I will always wonder what happened to felix because it happened so quick i didnt get a chance to get him to the vet.

    LOVE YOU Felix (aka felia baby)

  • cori

    Our cat Lucy died tonight. She was 12 years old. I heard some loud moans and she just stopped breathing. A few months ago she went missing for 3 weeks. It took us days to coach her in when we found her in the bushes behind our house. I am feeling so so guilty for not paying enough attention to her (now a mom of a 3 year old and a 9 month old). I also keep wondering if I could have saved her by taking her to the vet. Uggggggggggg

  • Mike

    I lost my cat of 11 years yesterday and have been crying ever since. He woke me up to feed him, i did so, .. and then 10 mins later heard a thunk and he was gone.. i wanted to do CPR but didnt know how,.. he was my best friend and im so saddened by this..

    He had no issues and was the best cat.. i just dont understand what happened when i would of taken him to the vet right then, but heard nothing.

    He comforted me thru many thing and saved me from others, but in the end i couldn’t save him.

    i held him for 3 hours and then took him, since it was 5am… my heart is broken.

  • Mike

    i miss you MoJo Aka MoMo.. ill always remember you.

  • gem

    My cat crackers died I found him this morning he was violently sick last night and making a howling noise he came for a cuddle and some water then went to his bed in the kitchen I woke this mornin to find him laid out next to his water bowl he was only 1 year old I’m devestated and can’t understand why he died my other cat precious is lookin for him I’m heartbroken and want my crackers back he was only a baby xx

  • Michelle

    My cat Stitch died suddenly yesterday. He was only seven years old. He was sleeping on the couch and all of a sudden he jumped up, made a horrible meow almost hollering sound (I don’t know how to explain it), ran to the door, and just fell over. So, we went over to check him and he was dead. :( I don’t know what could have caused it. He was perfectly healthy before and he never had any health problems.

  • http://www.yahoo.com heather brooks

    my cat mooch has always had 3 kittens and today she had 4 kittens!!!!!!!!!! i was very shoked to cuz 1 looked dead and then it was alive and now it has of the life sucked out of it =( .. and when my friend and me saw blood in its mouth then i dont know .if you have any clue what had happend to it then plz write your answer (type it )cat lover xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  • Mary

    My 3 yr old male indoor , cat Nero died 2 days ago. He was acting very normal, sleeping in the living room with me while I watched tv, then he walked into the bedroom to greet my husband. A few seconds later I heard a blood curdling sound, almost like 2 cats fighting. We live in an urban environment so I thought it was coming from outside. My husband walked out of the bathroom to find Nero lying dead on the ground, eyes wide open. I feel deep regret I did not go over immediately when I heard the sound… I would have like to comfort him during his last few breaths. I didn’t want him to die feeling alone. The vet said he died of a blood clot due to heart failure. He was only in pain for a few seconds (hence the loud cry), but that noise will never get out of my head now. Nero, I will always miss and love you. I hope you can forgive me for not running to you to say goodbye and comfort you during your last few moments on earth. Please wait for me in the afterlife.

  • Ann

    We lost our cat George Bailey (aka Georgie, Georgie Porgy) last night. When we got up this morning, he was laying on the floor in front of the couch already dead.

    He had shown no sign of being sick or any behavior out of the ordinary. It must have been his heart we guess and thankfully he went quickly, but it’s just shocking to find someone like that. Just so sudden.

    George was about 18 and even though he was longhaired, he never had a mat in his life and kept himself scrupulously clean. His eyes were clear and bright, even though he had a bad eye infection when we found him and the only issue he ever had was bad teeth. Many were pulled years ago and he only had a few left, but that never stopped him from eating, even his dry w/d, which he loved. Even though he was older and had lost a bit of muscle mass, he was still a sturdy big guy.

    Clarence Oddbody, his brother, saved his life. We were driving down the road one year around Thanksgiving and saw this kitten in the middle of the road. I figured it was wild and would run off as we got closer, but it sat there. So, I got out of the car and called to it and from the south side of the road from the weeds out jumped Georgie with his eyes all yucky and so bad that he could hardly see. I picked up each one and they just clung to me. We took them home and gave them food and they both ate like pigs. We took George in to see our vet and he gave us oral antibiotics for him and drops for his eyes and they eventually cleared up. He had no problems until his teeth issues years later.

    He was a lover and would jump up on you and put his arms around your neck and lick and lick on you until you had to put him down. He was a very cute cat and very sweet.

    When my husband came to bed last night George was still asleep on the couch in a pile of cats where he had been sleeping since I had gone to bed to read. You just never know. I knew he was getting up in age, but he was not one that I expected to go before some of the others.

    Now, Clarence is looking for him all through the house. They always slept together and they would be wrapped arm in arm and washing each other all the time. I know it will be hard on Clarence. They were best buds and they loved each other very much.

    We’ll miss our little Georgie. There’s a huge space in our lives that he used to fill.

  • Fenway

    I watched in a blink of an eye, my beautiful year old little man pass way, for no reason. My Fenway was more like a puppy than a cat. he would follow me every where, even try to hide in my purse, so he could go to work with me. Fenway would wait by the door till I came home, and everytime I went to the store, he would look in the bags trying to find a new toy. By the way he always found it ;) At night time he would come and cuddle, he would wrap his paws around my an and kiss my nose.
    The pain in my heart is so overwhelming, I just keep saying to myself, why???

    Thank you for letting try to place my feelings into words,

  • Basia

    We lost our Neko two years ago this November. He had Leukemia and the vet said he could live a few months to 12 years. We took the chance on the 12 years. He had an attack when he was about 1 years old. For another year after that he was fine. He loved us and our other cats. He and my husband adored each other..they were best buds. One morning I was getting ready to leave for work and Neko was not eating and he was breathing heavy and his eyes looked oblong. I told Ed he better take him to the vet later. I never saw Neko again as the vet said there was a tumor on his lung and he couldn’t do anything about it. The vet put Neko to sleep. My husband said it was the hardest thing he ever had to do in his life. We miss him so much. We have his ashes in an urn in our living room cabinet with his picture on it to remind us of him every day. He lives in our hearts and home forever.

  • christina

    I just lost my oscar a few hours ago. One month shy of his 13th b-day. Healthy, indoor cat. I was in my sons room folding clothes, and oscar came out of the spare bedroom. I said Hi Oscar, he meowed at me and proceeded to our bedroom. Then I heard him howling..I went rushing in there, he was laying on the floor howling unable to move, about 3 minutes later he died. I thought it was a seizure but he wasn’t convulsing on the floor. I am heartbroken. My other cat shadow we had to put down 4 months ago because he stopped eating, he was hiding and wanted to be left alone, vet did blood work and found out he had FIP. We tried everything for him. Medicine worked for a week, then shadow just gave up. so I just buried one cat a few months ago, now I have to do it again. I will miss you Oscar and Shadow. Both lives cut short.

  • Matthew

    I just lost my Baxter yesterday after getting him at 8 weeks old and him passing at 11 years old. He was perfectly healthly and an indoor cat his whole life. His last visit to the vet he was good but a little on the chunky side :) He was the best cat and I can’t believe how much I am hurting after losing him. I got him as soon as I moved out of my parents after graduation and has been with me my whole adult life. Baxter was found in the master bedroom floor and had passed away some time during the day while at work. The past day or two he had not eaten much and I had planned on taking him to the vet for another check up but didn’t get a chance to before he died. I am glad I was able to read other stores and know that I am not alone and that hopefully this hurt will go away eventually.

  • Teri

    I recently lost a 5 year old silver persian during dental procedure..autopsy showed he had an enlarged heart we never knew about.. always healthy ..always active.. always in for yearly checkups.. and week before blood test.. etc.. for yearly examine.. never had a heart murmur.. >>> He was a litter mate..
    Female was done first and lost a tooth and Vet called to say she was recovering..Vet called me shortly after crying telling me she he had cardiac arrest and she couldn’t revive.. tried CPR, etc.
    Had sonogram done the litter mate to be sure her heart was okay after that as precaution. She checked out fine. Odd thing is Coco was never sick … always had check ups.. and did teeth, Revolution, etc.. and the best food and cat litter.. Totally shocked and trying to cope with it

  • suziequex

    I just lost my beloved Blackie on Canada Day. She was about 11yrs old. I recently got a kitten and I am worried that having her in the house may have killed Blackie. She had been hiding in a closet for a couple days but still coming out to warm herself in the window or get up to have something to eat. She even ate the morning of July 1st. We found her later that night in a box. Her eyes were half open as well as her mouth. We took her to the vets the next day and they said that if we wanted to know what she died of they would have to do a necropsy and it could cost up to $1500. Unfortunately I don’t have that kind of money. The vet weighed her and said she had only lost about 1/2lb since her last visit and they think she may have had a problem with her heart. I am so upset over this and again wonder if my new kitten had stressed her to the point of a heart attack. My husband said maybe this was just her time. I want to believe that but it’s so hard. We have decided to have Blackie cremated and her ashed placed in an urn. That way she can still be with me always.

    Thank you everyone for letting me read your stories. The pain will eventually go away but that too takes time.

  • Kathy

    I found my 11 year old cat under my bed dead after working 29 hours. She was laying like if she was a sleep. When I touched her she was stiff her tongue was blueish black color there was know vomit or loose stools, I did notice a clear bubble coming from her nose. But when she didn’t come and greet me. I started to cry I knew there was something wrong. She was fine when I left for work on July 2, 2010. She was eating well and drinking going to bathroom. Every year I took her to the vet. She weigh 11 pounds for the last 6 years. I called my friend and he took me to the vet and the doctor weigh her and she still was 11 pounds. The doctor said that she did’nt know what happen to her. And that it would cost about 1500.00 dollars to do a necropsy. I could not afford that and I asked her if I could just cremate her and place her ashes in an urn. That way she can still be with me always. I miss her so much.

  • Ophelia

    Thank you to everyone who posted their comments, I was feeling so alone thinking it was something really uncommon. I lost my orange cat chow chow yesterday, he was only 4 years old. He just left with no sign of sickness.

    I was living by myself working long hours, and I would look forward to going home to him every single day. He slept right by my side every night, and there is nothing else in the world that would put me to bed like he does. He was my baby, I loved him so so much.

    Mommy will always love you, you will always be part of my life.

  • Mary

    Wow – this site is quite a find. My beautiful gray tiger Angel died yesterday. She was only 5. She took two sharp intake breaths and stopped breathing. She had cerebellar hypoplasia and I’m going to assume that her already compromised brain just conked out. Many cats with this disorder live to ripe old ages but many do not.

    I am very grateful to have had her awesome company for those five years. I will really miss her chirping and talking to me as well as the way she used to snuggle and be a lap cat. And purr? I’ve never heard a cat purr so loud. You could hear her all over the house, it was the most amazing purr. I don’t know how this hole in my life is ever going to be filled and I know you are all asking yourselves the same question. Thanks for reaching out, you’ve made it easier to bear knowing that I’m not alone in this grief. We will all meet our best pals in the next world, I am sure of it.

  • Reagan

    My Butters Kitty died on June 14th. So sad. The day before, we went to graduation party and asked my grandpa to take care of our cats and dog. When we came home the next day, he was lying in the backyard. I was so sad, I cried for hours, going through a whole box of tissuses.

    My grandpa had said that around 4:30 he let him out. Then, at 6:30, he was lying there. My dad looked him over and saw nothing wrong. To see him lying there, life-less, just broke my heart.

    Butters took half of my heart with him. The hole will never be filled. I wish I will see him when I die. That would be something good to look forward to.

    I’m grateful that I had his company for about a 6 months. (By the way, he was about 1 year old.)

    May everyone’s pets and mine rest in peace. We will also miss and love them.

  • Jillian

    I am so sorry for everyones losses. My husband found my best friend in the world, my cat Roxy, this morning in front of my neighbor’s home. She was absolutely fine yesterday and was only 5 years old. I do not know what happened to her and also cannot afford to have an autopsy done and will be burying her today. I will miss you forever, I love you Roxy and hope you are in His arms.

  • shash khan

    my 3yr old cat..kitkat died last sunday morning. My son and i found him laying taking his last breaths. He was healty, eating, playing…just doesnt register that he is gone. He was so spoilt. he thought he owned me…his fav thing t do was, laying on his back with all his 4 paws up in the air….all the time…..i miss him so very much…he was my friend, my constant companian…my he rest in peace……..

  • Puff’s mommy

    On Saturday, 9/11/10 I buried my ‘old man’, a/k/a Mr. Scruffles.
    He went in his sleep, as his 2 predecessors of 18 and 19 yrs. did, peacefully and I expected it. He was a frazzled stray tom that I brought home over 10 years ago and don’t really know his exact age but the vet estimated somewhere between 17 and 20.

    I knew the other 4 kitties were heartbroken, just by their actions, as he lay there waiting for me to prepare his resting place out back by the garden pond. Everyone got along so well, we were one big happy family! BUT…………

    My shock is that today, 9/16, Puffin, the biggest of them all (30+ lbs) did his normal routine, playing, eating, etc., and went on his normal trip to the upstairs bedroom for his daily snooze.
    I returned from P.T. and smelled ‘something’, which was not normal even with 5 cats, so I went upstairs to see if someone had an accident and there he was, lying on top of my laundry I had set out to wash. His eyes wide open and his teeth were gripping a pair of my blue jeans, as if he had a terrible pain to deal with. He was already stiffening and when I picked him up he had bubbles coming out his nose. (not blood, though).
    I’m leaning towards CHF only because I had a dog many years ago, have the same thing happen to her and that was the diagnosis at the time.

    My Big baby is/was 11 years old, a very large cat by nature coming in at almost 3 feet long. As I said, he was running around this morning just fine and in just a few hours, he was gone.

    I am devastated having lost 2 loves in only 5 days. They are all indoor cats with a screened patio I built just for them to be ‘outside’, but safe. Usual exams every 12-16 months (he was due to go next month) nothing out of the ordinary ever, to report! However, within the last few weeks, he did have an insatiable appetite and would go from dish to dish and finish up what the others left behind. AND he started to snore when he was in a very deep sleep just the last couple days. (I figured we would deal with it in a couple weeks when we go to the vets).

    Aside from that, he was just fine, no weight loss, no lethargy, ran like the dickens just last night when I was brushing him (as usual), it was a game we played and I would have to chase him until he gave in and finally let me brush.

    Anyone have any suggestions to help calm my nerves? I am a wreck…. Thank you for listening. :-(
    Sorry for being so long winded…

  • lisa

    My cat Clover just passed this morning, at the yung age of two. When I fell asleep she was sleeping inbetween my legs, as usual.Then when I woke she was laying against my head. i went to pet her and thats when I realized she was gone. She was the best cat I have ever had and I miss her terribly. I wish I could cuddle with her one last time.

  • Denise

    We just lost our 12 year old male cat named Oreo this morning he was fine when he left the garage,inside due to heavy rains last night.He ate and was his old self just moving around slow but happy.Then about 10:30 AM I went out to give them snacks I have two new and young cats 2 years brother & sister when I notice Oreo foaming at the mouth I called my Mom & Dad to come out,Dad said he looks as though he may have had a snake bite he was foaming heavy with blood mix in and shaking all over for about a half hour,he was breathing real hard at the same time.Then he started to scream loud like he was in bad pain we called animal control. He wouldn’t to commit to what was wrong and suggested he be put down and took him Oreo away a very sad day indeed.Does anyone know if they have any idea what may have happen???

  • carrie

    We lost our baby, Scout, 3-4 days ago. I found him out in the back lawn and it was obvious he was gone, although instincts kicked in and I never really processed things very well. My sig. other and I have been together 14 years and own 2 separate homes. Between the two of us we have accumulated 3+ cats and 3 dogs. Scout was our+ since we had so many already. All of our baby’s have been tragic stories where we have stepped in and all of them are above the age of 8. Ages 9-14 basically. Scout was our new baby (first by choice) and took time to “properly” introduce to the others. He was amazing! He was the most beautiful, long-haired, black, lil guy we have ever known. It has been extremely hard for us b/c we love all animals so much and he was so young. None of our other babies have passed yet. It seems so un-natural that our 7-month-old would die suddenly. Our older cat in that shared house came to bed with us the night he died and we thought it was strange since she hadn’t slept with us since we brought him home and that was his special territory…
    I do have to say that finding your baby and being able to bury him/her yourself is very helpful in the mourning process. However, I wish I knew why he died still. We have an awesome video of him and some young deer playing in the yard. They did this often as they were growing up together and we live in a very park-like setting… It looks like those deer found him before I did and they left a circular pattern in the grass around him. I tried to google similar things and found nothing.
    Anyway, very sucky! My heart is broken and my boyfriend is worse than me, they were the best of friends. Wish we could find the answer to these terrible things.
    I burried my lil boy on instinct and had a crazy moment where I though he might just be hypothermic and need CPR and he would be fine…uggg. I can’t tell my sig other any of this b/c it would kill him. We try to cuddle with our other babies but we are both so angry about Scout I think they can tell. What do we do!?

  • Ray

    We lost our baby kitten at 4 months, I can’t stop thinking of it. He was so happy, loved, and spoiled! I remember him coming downstairs and then he threw up a little bit. I try to comfort him and he went in the kitchen and fell down, then went on his side and had a seizure and a loud cry. I was in tears and I was so shocked! My vet said he probably had a clot. He then died in my arms. I miss him everyday…I love him! I know I will see him again!

  • Tara

    Today my baby kitten not any older than 2 months old was sleeping on my bed I went to pick her up to set on me and she let out a cry and peed on me for no reason. I should have paid closer attention and realized something was wrong but I went along doing my daily routine. At about 6:00pm I came home and noticed that my 3 year old was holding my cat so I went to go pick her up and she was lifeless moving a little but not very much. She was crying and trying to move. I called up the vet right away and went there as soon as I could. While I was waiting for the vet to get there I looked at my cat and she let out one more cry and I think that is when she passed. The vet finally got there and checked for her heart beat but she was already gone. This was very hard on me and my children after only having her for a week but before getting her we had two cats within 2 years that had ran away and never came back. I love kittens especially the cuddly type but am starting to get a bad feeling about owning a cat because something bad always happens, I’m beginning to think I have bad luck and I don’t deserve a cat anymore.

  • Jill

    I came home after being gone for the weekend and found my 8 year old cat dead with blood coming from her mouth. It was apparant she had been dead for a while as she was very stiff. What could have caused her death? She was overweight, but had no health issues other than that. She was an indoor cat. I left a bowl of food for her and her companion. I have done this numerous times. Could she have over-eaten and died from that? I feel so guilty and am scared to leave my other cat alone.

  • Mindy

    I lost my beloved Lucy critter just 5 days ago on 12/5/2010. I am still beyond shocked at what happened seeing as thought she was a healthy 7yr old. Would’ve been 8 on January 11th!

    Her last vet visit in August went well, just that we needed to get her to lose weight because she was borderline diabetic! But other than that…the vet said she was perfectly healthy.

    All day Sunday she was fine, but around 5:45pm she made this god awful meow, unlike anything I’d ever heard before so I yelled at her like “Lucy what’s wrong?”. She just looked at me & it was like she tried to meow again but she couldn’t.She couldn’t even move, like she was paralyzed. But then she started shaking like she was having a seizure so I started screaming at her to stay with me & at my Mom to call our vet ER, I picked her up & ran downstairs & her body just went limp in my arms, I laid her on the living room floor & rubbed her trying to get her to respond to me, she let out that awful meow again & just stared at me like “Mama help me”…I picked her up & tried rubbing her belly/doing CPR to get a response.Then she hacked like she had a hairball or something. & that was it. I watched the life just slip away from her little eyes. She was gone. :*( I’ve never felt so helpless in all of my life.

    I’m thinking she had a heart attack seeing as though she went so quickly. It was 10 mins tops. I had a necropsy done but I’m still waiting on the results & had her cremated, but still waiting for her ashes to be brought home where she belongs. I really miss my baby girl! My room is so lonely without her here.

    I’ve still got her baby Lacy who is just so lost without her Mama, she’s whining looking everywhere for her. Just breaks my heart all over again.

    I’m very sorry for the loss of everyone here’s pets. Some folks just don’t understand how our pets become our children! I guess there is just peace in knowing that all of our furry babies are waiting for us at Rainbow Bridge(search for the poem if you haven’t heard it before).

    God Bless all of you!

  • Carol

    I lost my beautiful Baxter two days ago. He was only 5 years old and the sweetest kitty who loved life, loved everyone and loved to play with his family and cat friends.He evidently went to sleep that night and never woke up. I am having difficulty understanding why. He was in perfect health that day, played a little bit, ate dinner. What happened? He had just a little drop of blood coming from his nose.

    I loved him so much and am hurting inside. Did I miss something?

  • Sabrina

    My Febe Lynn just passed away 2 days ago. She had became very ill on friday night. We took her to the vet and they said she may have diabeties. I was thinking OK she’ll be alright. Saturday they called and said her body temp had dropped. Then they called me 2 hours after that and said it had dropped again. We went in to put her down. I didn’t want my poor baby in pain any more. She came into the room and was looking great! She was waking around and purring and licking on us like crazy!! We decided we had a chance and she was getting better. We took her home sunday. The vet said she was a miracle. Monday morning I was at work and my fiance’ called and said he thought she was about to pass. I came home and looked at her and was just telling him she is just weak. Let her rest.. Febe and I cuddled for hours and hours. Around 8:00 she let out a loud cry and started to pant. I called my fiance’ who rushed home. The whole time I was holding her, but she wasn’t giving up.When my fiance’ arrived we loved on her telling her she can go now. about 30 minutes later she passed. We buried her at my moms house.

    She was so funny. She would jump up on doors and was such a begger. We would put dishes in the sink and as soon as we walked away we would hear her in there licking them.. I’d yell FEBE LYNN GET DOWN!!! and she would just look at me like I was stupid. She was so smart. In the mornings my fiance’ would take a shower and she would jump up on the sink and wait for him to get out that way he would brush her. I just can’t comprehend why god would take her away from us. We loved her so much.. I love you my lil monkey. You will never be forgoten.

  • carien

    My dearest boy Bradley died during the hours of 10pm and 7:30am on the evening of the 10th of January and 11th. He was in his 3rd month of Quarantine and started with heavy breathing on the 6th of January improving everyday,he was eating and drinking with no fever. The vet assured me he is getting better but today I am shattered as my boy is gone forever. What happened he was never sick or diagonosed with any heart or any other problems. I am completely destroyed I don’t understand he was only 8, with a life expentancy of 19. I have no comfort I have to return to the centre everyday to visit my other cat who still has 4 months to go in quarantine. I want my boy out of there but I can’t and I can’t cope with the death of my Brad. I am so sorry for everyone’s loss it is the worst thing in the world.

  • Tink

    I’ve been reading the posts here while i’ve been trying to find answers of my own. My 18 year old kitty Billy was certainly a lot more talkative in the last few weeks than usual and active, being the character he’s always been. Lately he’d taken tojumping on the kitchen counters and sleeping a lot more. On Sunday I noticed him on a blankie by my bed as I was goign to bed and I picked him up and he let out an awful, pitiful little croak of a meow. I put him down immediately, made sure he was comfortable, and watched him. This came out of blue- except for the fact that well, he was 18. Tried to keep him dehydrated, thinking perhaps he ate something he shouldnt’ have, but he became weaker and started to prefer to sleep on the landing between the upper and lower floor. Made sure he had water and fed him blendered food with a syringe. My plan yesterday was to take him to the vets today. He seemed to rally after I had fed him two syringe full of food and some water but I kinda suspected it was the last rallying cry. This morning I came downstairs and found him under a table, sprawled out on his side. He didn’t make a sound when I picked him up. I cuddled him on the couch, his food ready but realised I could not feed him. He seemed to look blankly at me, his eyes having gone black and glazed over. I talkd to him, thanked him for being my best friend, and he mewled once while I talked to him, mouth opened twice for two big gulps of air and a shudder, and like that he fell into a deep, peaceful, forever sleep. Curled, up, one paw outstretched like usual. I’m so sad, and was just looking to say what it could of been. I have one more cat, she’s four and fat and anti-social for the most part but as Billy wa mewling yesterday whiel I was feeding him, she came out to mewl at me, either in sadness or protest at what I was doing I don’t know. I lost a 17 year old dog last year… I just hope whatever Billy had isn’t contagious. I was thinking it’s probably Kidney disease or diabetes, but I don’t know.

  • KittyKatKris

    My sweet beautiful Emmy died January 22, 2011. One of the worst days of my life. I first noticed she was really ill when she climbed into a dark space in the kitchen, and made a moaning sound. She wouldn’t come out and I got really worried. When I was finally able to get her out, I knew something was really wrong. She was in so much pain and she didn’t want me to hold her. When I took her to the vet, I was told she had jaundice and they ran all sorts of tests on her, which also showed she had fluid in her stomach (peritonitis). They kept her there for 2 days, pumping her full of fluids and antibiotics and painkillers and I took her home at night (for one, I couldn’t afford to keep her there over nite). The 2nd nite she was in so much pain, she wouldn’t leave the cat carrier, she was purring to comfort herself but I knew she was miserable, her legs buckled when she tried to use the litter box, and she growled when I tried to hold her to give her medication, food, and water…this, the sweetest cat, growling! I knew she was in agony! She would have let me skin her alive rather than growl or show her claws at anyone, but that was how much she was suffering. I knew this was is, I told her how much I loved her, how she had been the most wonderful cat I knew, how lucky I was to have known her, what a blessing she had been in my life, how much I would miss her, that I would never forget her, and how very, very sorry I was that I didn’t know what was wrong and that I couldn’t fix her and that I was going to take her life from her and to please forgive me and please please please to let that be the right thing.
    The next morning she was no better. I gave her more pain medication but it didn’t help. I took her to the vet and he said he thought I was doing the right thing. I had told her goodbye again that morning, and how sorry I was, and to please forgive me. I also took her outside again on the balcony so she could feel the sun and wind in her fur. She loved to be outside. I was in the room petting her when the doctor gave her the anaesthetic and then the final injection. I saw the life go out of her. A piece of me died that day. The vet asked if he could do a necropsy because he wanted to know for sure what was wrong with her. He said her small intestine had perforated and that liquid had leaked into her abdominal cavity and it had filled and there was all sorts of debris in there. He said her small intestines were thickened and that there was a 99.9% chance that she had had cancer. He said she had been “a very sick kitty” and that we had “absolutely done the right thing” by letting her go and not letting her suffer. I want to believe that. It will be very hard to forgive myself for not noticing sooner that she was sick…she had been vomitting, not spending time in the living room, more in the bathroom, but acting just as sweet and gentle and loveable as ever. Sweet, beautiful Emmy, I will love you forever, please forgive me.

  • jen

    our little brrrrrup as she used to meow, passed away today in a horrific scene.
    she had jumped off a chair (low) looked like was was running or scrambling and laid on her back sezuring. i tried cpr on her but 10 mins passed and i knew
    she wouldnt make it.. whne i picked her after she had stopped seizuring she was purring in my arms and i looked at her and she looked at me and opened her mouth and let out air and she was gone.. y did this happen? life is so unfair and to make matters worse, my 3 kids witnessed it all..
    RIP SHADOW… we love you and i will be you everynite..

  • Cindy

    From reading everyone stories..my heart goes out to all….I had a stray..she came around with her 1st litter…then was gone a few moths….she comes back preg. again…had her babies on the side of my house…then she moved them to the back of my house….i made a little place on mt front porch for them all the sleep in and i feed and gave them water…it started getting cold..winter was coming…i took the mom and one cat from her 1st litter and mom’s new litter all 3 kittens…had them a few months…then they all died of kidney failure…spend 1500.00 on vet bills…and vet still cant tell me what happen to them..why they died…they were so young and beautiful….i miss them so much…could anyone tell me what ya think could of killed them…thanx so much.

  • KittyKatKris

    Dear Sweet Emmy,
    It’s 6 weeks later, and I still miss you something awful! Sometimes when I think of you, I call out your name, but there is no answer…your sister, Jade, is here, and when she walks down the hall, black as night, sometimes I think it’s you, and my heart leaps, but then I realize you are still gone. I’m so sorry you died, I wish you were still here with me, I really expected for you to live so much longer and for us to grow old together, I loved you so much. I still love you so much. Good bye sweet Kitty.

  • Donald

    I have appreciated reading your stories so much. They have helped my grief. I am not alone and the mystery is not just mine. It is ours.

  • Amelia

    I am away at University…and my mother called to tell me that our cat, Pookah, passed away this morning. We are very confused like many of you are with your stories, on why we lose pets with no symptoms of illness. Our cat, Pookah, was thirteen years old and always had his yearly check-ups and was not overweight. He was healthy. He has been eating fine and had shown no unusual behaviour. But somehow this morning my mother got up, saw him as usual and he was fine and about an hour later he had left us in his sleep.
    He was the best cat you could ever ask for. He would follow me everywhere, wait for me on my bed at night or curl up by the computer while I worked on homework. He would meow on command and purr almost constantly. Why such a perfect cat had to leave us so early? I guess we’ll never know.
    My thoughts go out to all of you who are at a loss as to why you’ve lost your cat. It’s definitely a difficult thing to go through.

  • Dana

    All of your comments have helped me deal with the grief of losing my Luca boy on March 17th. He was always energetic, playful, a little crazy but so loving. I came home after work and class on St. Patrick’s day to find him laying in his favorite spot, looking a little weird; when he didn’t respond when I called him I reached out to touch him, only to find that he was already stiff and gone. I’ve been heartbroken without him; he would have been 2 in April and his death was so unexpected I’m having a hard time dealing with it; everything reminds me of him. Even my dog, who he liked to groom, and my sister’s cat, who he liked to chase, have been acting differently since he’s been gone. No one can ever fill the hole he left in my heart, but I hope he knows how very much he was loved. My heart goes out to everyone who’s ever had to deal with the loss of a beloved friend.

  • Amie

    My 7 month old kitten passed away the day before yesturday and i am so very confused of why!!!
    I got her and her sister from a healthy home at weaning age and they were always fine.
    The surviving sister is the one I was worried about for she got ill a month ago with heavy breathing and lethargy as well as weight lose…but Princess remined healthy…I was sure that Blacky would die….But she didnt.
    The day Princess died she was 100% fine! She was being her usual spunky self, picking on Princess and jumping at me as I walked by…At 730 am I woke to Albert getting our 2 boys ready for school and heard a few bangs and loud boom in our pantry. As I looked in, I seen Princess with her mouth wide open, floppy around, no signs of trauma. I did see a tube of super glue next to her and figured she must of bit into it, but it was intact.
    I picked her up and she acted as if there was something in her mouth…she kept opening her mouth very wide and flopping as if she was trying to get away from something. I set her on the ground and she ran off. I found her under the couch and picked her up again, I knew she was dying. I held her and noticed her mouth began to bleed, it wasnt bleeding up until a few seconds before her death….the entire time she didnt make a sound…not a peep!!!! ..then she passed away.
    Albert said she was totally fine when he took the garbage out an hour prior to her dying…WHAT HAPPENED????
    I dont understand!!! She was soooo healthy and full of life!
    My son is devasted!
    I thought maybe she broke her neck since I heard the loud booming sounds in the pantry…they love to climb up to the top shelf to sleep. Was she sleeping and fell down????
    I just dont understand it!!!!
    Please help

  • http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1856391490062&set=t.1249107504&type=1&theater Ann Huber

    Clarence Oddbody

    I lost one of my best friends Friday – our beloved 18-year-old cat Clarence Oddbody – named after the angel in “It’s a Wonderful Life” because he saved his brother George Bailey (see above April 22, 2010 at 3:58 pm).

    We lost George on April 22, 2010. Clarence saved Georgie’s life when they were just kittens. We were driving down the road one year at Thanksgiving and saw this kitten in the middle of the road. I figured it was wild and would run off as we got closer, but it just sat there. So, I got out of the car and called to it and from the weeds on the side of the road out jumped Georgie with his eyes all yucky and so bad he could hardly see. I picked up each one and they just clung to me. We took them home, gave them food and they both ate like pigs. We took George to our vet and after antibiotic drops his eyes eventually cleared up.

    After George died, Clarence looked for him all through the house. They always slept together and would be wrapped arm in arm and washing each other all the time. I knew it would be hard on Clarence. They were best buds and loved each other very much.

    In May of last year – a couple of weeks after losing George – Clarence began having sinus and breathing problems. Unfortunately, over time, even all the antibiotics and the best tender loving care in the world couldn’t keep him from joining George.

    We loved Clarence more than everything and will miss him terribly. There’s a huge space in our lives that both Clarence and George used to fill.

    Life sucks…

    RIP Georgie & Clarence

  • Sparkle

    I am so glad i found this site. It is the 4th anniversary of my little Persian’s death and I still can’t believe he’s gone. Peep was the sweetest cat ever. He was a small silver Persian with beautiful deep green eyes. He used to sit in my bedroom window and watch the bus pass by. Passengers have asked me what happened to him as they no longer see his sweet little face in the window.

    Peep passed unexpectedly at age 13. I had just put him in his carrier to take him to the vet’s office to be bathed and groomed. He started meowing loudly which should have alerted me that something was wrong. I dropped him off at the vet’s and said my goodbyes never knowing this was the last time I would see him. An hour later while I was at the manicurist the groomer phoned me to tell me that when she reached into the carrier to get Peep his little tongue was blue and he appeared to be having a seizure. She called the vet (her husband) but it was too late. He apparently suffered a massive heart attack and was gone. The groomer was so shaken up by this incident and I don’t blame her.

    Anyway I went back to the vet’s office to pay for the cremation. The groomer asked me if i wanted to see my baby one last time but I just couldn’t bring myself to see him dead so I left the office sad and guiltridden.

    Was there something I missed? I thought that 13 was young for a cat and since Peep was an indoor cat i didn’t have take him to the vet as often as I did my senior dogs. Maybe if I had something would have showed up sooner. Like someone else said, if you have a senior cat, even if he appears healthy, please have that annual checkup.

    I miss my little Peep. He was such a sweet little boy. It doesn’t help that I also lost my cocker baby of 16 years and the house is so empty and quiet.

    Mommy misses all of her fur babies but RIP angels!

  • ozkeee

    My heart goes out to you all – truely. It’s so unexplainable, the grief that we feel when we lose our ‘buddies’ it’s immense – ‘mind blowing’.

    I have just read the entire thread here and I’m reduced to tears! I feel for each and every one of you…Huggzzz to you all

    We lost our buddie ‘Oz’ 2 weeks ago – tragic circumstances – I’ll never know what happened to him and really dont want to torment myself, reliving events. He was only 8 months old and as most mention, the sweetest most intelligent ,loving cat I know (I say this because he’s still here :-)) I feel him, hear him & know he’s with me… Frantically searching for answers, I can only keep in my heart forever, the memories we shared.

    I read someones’ ‘buddy’ developed loud snoring/breathing patterns during events…Being hogged to the laptop for answers to my own circumstance, I discovered this may be linked to heartworm…others to heart conditions , blood clots, all confusing my thoughts even more…but do you know what? I let it go – dont beat yourself – truely, if you knew what the outcome would be, would you not have done everything within your ability to change this? Guilt, wondering, heartache & comfort are all part of our grieving process. Believe in your heart that fate would take your buddy, no matter what – age, condition, lifestyle. Please don’t assume that I am asking you to feel helpless and worse – I am just trying to comfort your neverending questions, WHY? as I am to myself….

    Cats, or any pet we encounter in our life, become part of our cherished family, almost like children and in fact, YES, like children…grieve how you want & need to grieve, take as much time as is necessary> Sometimes, when we step back, we see a clearer picture. For me, my special cherished thoughts are forever.

    I have room in my heart for more ‘buddies’ but I go there with the understanding that they will be taken away from me before my time (time that I hope to have left here in this world – who knows)..live, love & learn, but always remember, we will be reunited.

    Love you ozzy. Thank you for changing our lives xxx goodnight & godbless xxxx

  • Karen Redmond

    Blessings to all of you who have lost a beloved pet, whether they shared your life for a day or a decade. In November 2009, we lost our 16 year old cat Tifanie. She was a silver-shaded persian and she was so precious like a little princess, but she was also ill before she passed, so it was expected but still devastating. I still cry sometimes when I think about her.

    Six months later, we decided to bring a new little furball into our lives – Tinkerbell. She had the most beautiful face – black with long white whiskers and eyebrows and orange eyes. We said that she looked like “Toothless” from How to Train Your Dragon. We got her as a kitten from the Humane Society 15 months ago. To our dismay and distress, she passed away suddenly today.

    I was working late and my daughter sent me a text saying that our cat (Tinkerbell) wasn’t moving. I thought it was a bad joke at first but I then started to worry. I called home and my daughter was crying saying that Tinkerbell was dead.

    She was literally running and jumping up on her cat tower one moment and then lying lifeless the next. Something outside startled her, because my husband said that her tail was all bristly and then she just slumped. By the time he got her down from the cat tower, she was gone.

    I assume that she had some kind of heart attack or aneurysm or something, but I’m just really surprised because of her age and activity level. We miss her so much already. She was always in the midst of everything and would follow me from room to room. We would play “hide-n-seek” with her, we would hide and she would sneak up on us. She would even “attack” when you would walk by. I think I will miss that the most. She would just come out of nowhere and jump up on your legs and then run away.

    A few minutes ago when my daughter said, “poor kitten”, I reminded her that WE are the poor ones, the ones grieving. Tinkerbell is in her glory right now, having the time of her life.

    We love you Tinkerbear, now you have no boundaries.

  • oskeee

    Sorry to hear that Karen. Thoughts to you & your family xxx Big Hugz xxx

  • Sarah

    We lost our beloved Shadow on May 21, 2011, only a week ago she was 17 years old. We had her that long. She died in much the same manner. She lost her sight in March very suddenly and the vet could not give use a cause. After that she became used to being blind, we were her eyes. Now that I look back on the last 2 months I believe she was saying good bye in her own kitty way. Letting us hold her more, brush her more and spending more time with us than usual. I think it was her way of preparing us for her passing. The day before she passed she did all these things and kept pacing the house like she was making sure everything was in its place. She had a stroke at 2pm and the vet advised giving her a small amount of baby asprin. Its seemed to help and she was resting around 5:30 she spasumed and threw up clear fluid and took her last breath. She died in my arms. She was a treasured member of our family for all of her 17 years and we will always love her. She is will always be in our hearts.. We give you our condolences to all who know this pain of loss.

  • http://netzero Susan Hurst

    I lost my Anna-bali today. I cry and I cry for each one of you who have lost their babies. She was sleeping between my legs while I was asleep. When I awoke I found her gone. No signs, no symptoms. My dear, sweet, girl, my momma, my nurse, my all. Bless all of you. Anna Banana, have fun on the other side of that Rainbow Bridge with all of your friends. I love you.

  • Grievingme

    It is already four days since beloved cat Sunny left this world. It was so sudden and unexplainable! After dealing with deaths of three family members within a few months and moving my mother to a nursing home, the death of Sunny was the last straw… I was in shook, in disbelief, crying my eyes out, calling his name, mourning his death like I’ve never mourned the deaths of family members.
    Last year somehow Sunny managed to escape from Vet Clinic and it took him four long months to find his way home which was a miles away. I was asking myself how could this happen that the cat who survived being alone on the streets full of danger, could pass away so sudden?! Frantically searching for the answers I came across this blog and read the entire thread. I felt the pain of all of you who lost their beloved pets, and my heart was aching even more.
    But after I read a post of Ozkeee, I knew, I found the answer – “Believe in your heart that fate would take your buddy, no matter what – age, condition, lifestyle. ” These were the words I was looking for, it was the answer to my endless Why. And yes, I should ” let it go – dont beat yourself – truely, if you knew what the outcome would be, would you not have done everything within your ability to change this?” So true, we all would.
    Sunny, you are so special to us , we will never forget you and will cherish the time we spent together,love you…. sobs again…

  • Grievingme

    I hope these words will help you go through the pain as they help me

    “We who choose to surround ourselves
    with lives even more temporary than our
    own, live within a fragile circle;
    easily and often breached.
    Unable to accept its awful gaps,
    we would still live no other way.
    We cherish memory as the only
    certain immortality, never fully
    understanding the necessary plan.”
    — Irving Townsend

  • Sue Beaulieu

    Yesterday, my best friend, my companion, my playpal, my best listener passed away. He, like so many of the other stories here, went without warning. Just 10 minutes earlier, he came out to get a piece of ham when he heard me making a sandwich. While I was eating my sandwich, he went upstairs and I heard what sounded like him running in place on our hardwood floors. Then he was growling. I went to the bottom of the stairs and kept calling his name. I was scared to go up because it was a growl like he did when he not like whoever was there and I felt a strong presence. When I went up within a minute, he was laying on the floor – gone. My little fluffy tuxedo kitty, my sweet “Zorro” was gone. I tried CPR and rocked him in my arms, crying like I have never cried before. A huge loss. A big hole in my heart. He followed me everywhere, comforted me, played with me and just gave me tons of love. My grief cannot be soothed…….He was only 9. I thought I would have him for at least another 5 years. I am glad I found this site. My heart goes out to all the other people who are suffering the loss of their pets. I pray I will see my buddies again some day when my time has come. Please keep my little boy safe until I can take care and hold him again………

  • Cory Marshall

    My adopted cat, Sneakertoes, passed away just yesterday. I can’t stop crying and I beg for him to come back every day. I was doing my usual clean the cat’s building day, when I noticed him lying there. I called him, pet him, but he wasn’t breathing. My heart sunk and my eyes were watery. We had him burried out behind our house, I plan on visiting him everyday.
    Rip Sneakertoes, you will be missed :(.

  • Dace

    I am also really glad to have found this site. My cat Toby died today without warning. He was just lying on the couch and let out a loud, long moan. His eyes were wide open and his tail started to puff like he was scared. After comforting him through some obvious pain, he was breathing very slowly for a few minutes before he was gone. He was 9 or 10 years old but in good health. I did not see any symptoms leading to this, and I find myself feeling very guilty for not having seen a problem and getting him help. I helps to see other people who obviously love and care for their pets in similar situations. Maybe their is nothing I could have done, but he will be missed by everyone in our family. Now to figure out how to tell my 3yo…

  • http://michaelsspace.webs.com michael

    alright ive got 2 female cats that just had kittens the first ones are now 3 months old the second ones would be 3 weeks old but a week after the second kittens were born they all started dieing randomly and now the 3 month old kittens are dieing 2 and there are no symptoms they all seem healthy and play around but they just tense up,flop around on the floor crying and die an hour later any ideas on what it might be????

  • kim

    Our beloved 11 year old cat Frankie just passed away in the middle of the night tonight. He sleeps in bed with us every night. Tonight he rolled over, put his paw on my husband’s back and let out a howl and then gasped for breath. We threw on clothes to take him to the emergency vet and he died after just a few more gasps for air. Frankie had been full of energy, cuddling and run around, acting completely well. We are waiting for the light to break to bury him. We love you Frankie! September 2, 2011

  • Beth

    We had 2 cats and a very old dog. Last Wednesday, my husband came home to find the youngest cat, Jack (2 yrs old) dead on our bedroom floor. He had just been to the vet the week before and he was fine. He was fine in the morning before I left for work. I just expected our dog to have died first because she is so old. Jack was so young and healthy and silly and I am just at a loss for words to explain what happened. We buried him in the garden and put a garden angel over him, then planted a new flowering plant in front. I just miss him so much, he loved to snuggle with us and torment the other two animals. He was all “boy” and mischievous, but such a baby too. I just don’t understand it, the cats are indoor cats, have semi annual check ups, I just expected they would live for a very long time. Two years – he was still a baby. I know I’ll feel better in a few more days, but for a while, I miss him terribly and just can’t stop crying. It hurts and I will never forget him.

  • JoAnne

    Last night, our wonderful 5-year-old black-and-white cat, Missy, seemed a bit out of sorts, lying on the cold tile in our bathroom. I told my husband that something seemed to be up, so I’d call to make an appointment for Missy to see the vet, today.

    By the time I put her in the pet carrier for our appointment, she was barely moving. We brought her to the vet and within 1 1/2 hours, she was dead. We have absolutely no idea why her body shut down more each few minutes. Neither did the vet.

    We’re sad, crying, and trying to figure out what could have happened. Two days ago, she was fine, eating, jumping up on counters, playing, drinking from the bathroom faucets, as always, and playing with one of her toys.

    How do you make sense of this? How does a cat go from being perfect two days ago to dead, today? We had two previous cats; one lived to 15 and the other to 17. So when they were close to death, we knew, and did everything we could to make sure they had the best care possible, and ultimately, to ensure that they didn’t suffer any more.

    But this was just so unexpected. Our hearts are broken. It’s horribly sad to have to take comfort from reading similar stories. But somehow, knowing that others have had similar experiences at least makes me feel that it perhaps her death was not due to something we did or didn’t do.

    Of course, we know that in time the sadness will become less overwhelming. Right now, it’s crushing. And it’s exacerbated by lack of understanding. We loved Missy so much, and always will.

  • vinoy pg

    my cat also died suddenly. She show a tired n sleepy activeity last night. Then morning she was died.i found the reason on internet .she died cause of heart dieses. She not showed any symptoms of rabies. We miss her so much.. We remember u for ever…..

  • vinoy pg

    To our lovely cat s died. She have 2 little kitties.we take care of those two. We miss her so much.

  • Kahfree

    My cat Hobbit, who I have had since he was 6 weeks old, passed away today in front of me on my bed. He was 7.5 years old. He was a grey and white male with green eyes. I named him Hobbit because he was born with big feet, or they looked big. In fact, Hobbit was featured in an issue of “Cat Fancy” magazine, so he was a little famous. :) (At least I like to think so)

    While lying on the bed today watching the Chargers/Patriots game my cat was more than his usual affectionate to me. He lay on my chest and kept licking my face. I taught him to “kiss” me for treats when he was young, and today he was extra kissy. I kissed him several times back on the nose, face, etc, like I always did. He then took his usual position on the bed next to me and fell asleep.

    I noticed him move and turned my head to see what I thought was his stretching, but realized he was convulsing. I jumped off the bed, screamed to my daughter and son-in-law and when they came in, Hobbit let out a scream and then was gone, that quick. I am devastated and not sure how I will sleep tonight without him. He ALWAYS slept at night with me next to me right where the pillow goes. I always covered him with a blanket, he loved that.

    The Vet said he looked very healthy, and she saw no physical trauma. Without an autopsy or whatever they do, I will never know. He is being cremated but not before they do a clay paw print for me. I am at a loss. I have had cats for years and never had one die suddenly. Hobbit was not just a cat or a pet, but he was my friend, my go to friend when I needed to chat. He loved me unconditional and never cared if I am old, young, skinny, fat, ugly or beautiful. To Hobbit, I was his best friend and mommy. I love you and miss you Hobbit. Its been 8 hours since you passed. I am so sorry…

    Love Mommy


    Our six year old perfectly healthy cat Peaches simply passed away in her sleep last night while sleeping snuggled closely up against my ten year old. She was playing, running and healthy when she ran up to bed to sleep with my daughter but when she woke up and went to kiss her good morning, our precious baby was simply gone. She had no trauma on her face but was still in a sleeping peacefully position and facial expression. What could have happened to a healthy cat who was just as active and healthy at ten o’clock and die in her sleep. we are beyond heartbroken with no answers. My heart goes out to everyone else who has lost a pet suddenly. we will never know why and I am tormented by having no final goodbye. rest in peace our angel Peaches

  • http://Pawsandeffect. Ivan Rodriguez

    I lost my cat that I picked up from the streets of Hot Kissimmee,Florida. Very warm,caring cat. Gave me love and respect to the house. I came home 9/23/2011 to find my baby on the floor in a sleeping mode with some saliva coming out from her mouth and some urine from her back . I can’t understand what happened because she was well taken care of when I had her. Visit the Vets and everything was fine.To end my story I miss her every day and I will see her in heaven. Thank you for reading my story.

  • Randy Carnell

    My 6 year old siamese passed away suddenly yesterday. I came home from work and found him and he looked like he had just went to sleep. I’m a 52 year old man and this is the only child I’ve ever really had. The hurt is almost unbearable. I couldn’t even go to work today. He was so special and very smart. I’m just having a hard time understanding why God could let this happen to such an innocent and loving creature. I immediately called my Mom who only lives about 5 miles from me. She and my Dad are retired and have cats too. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know whether to bury him or to take him to the vet to get answers. I went ahead and with the help of my father we buried him. I just wanted to try to remember the good times and not draw out the inevitable. I’ve read lots of these stories and they do seem to help some. I just hope that time will help to heal me. This cat was healthy and full of life. He showed no signs of any illness or disease and he went to his vet regularly. I’m just having a hard time with this. I live alone and now my home feels so empty. I’m praying that cats do go to heaven and I pray that he’s happy now and he knows how much I loved him and look forward to our reunion. Thanks for reading and God Bless..

  • Scott

    My heart goes out to all of you who have experienced this.

    I lost my cat of 16 years ‘Baby” suddenly Saturday night. I am 34 and we had her since I was in high school when she could fit in the palm of my hand as a kitten. She was my buddy and loved to be held. It has been 5 days and I am still a wreck.

    I just had her to the vet for an annual check up last month and they gave her a very clean bill of health saying she was doing wonderful for a 16 year old. She slept with my wife and I in our bed Friday night and acted completely normal Saturday morning.

    Saturday evening my wife and I were sitting in the living watching college football and we heard a thump….thump coming down the steps from upstairs. Then Baby appears and just akwardly takes one step towards us…stumbles into the lamp on her right and falls over on her left side. She appeared to struggle to breath for a few seconds. I dropped to my knees and and tried to get her up on her feet but she wouldn’t respond. I layed her back down and continued to pet her and try to comfort her. I then heard a muffled low groan from her. She laid there with a glossy look in her eyes. I picked her up and she felt lifeless. We raced to the Emergency vet which took about 5 to 8 minutes tops. They took her back and tried eveything to revive her with no success. They said she had no heart beat and was dead on arrival. The ER vet said it was more than likely cardiac disease of some sort or she threw a blood clot.

    They brought her out for me to hold her one final time. Her eyes were closed and she just looked so peaceful like she was just napping. We held and kissed her and sobbed. We arranged for her be cremated. We have been crying ever since and I have a terrible pain in my stomach that will not stop.

    How could this happen? Does anyone have any ideas?

    We love you Baby, we always will, we miss you and will never, ever forget you. Rest peacefully…..

  • Randy Carnell

    It just doesn’t seem fair. Why does God allow this to happen? I just can’t get over Boo Boo’s passing. I thought I was getting better but I guess I just had a bad day. All I need to be re-assured of is the fact that animals do go to heaven just like we do. I just wish I knew this for sure. I think I could then start to heal because I’d have something to look forward to and we’d be happy again.

  • oskeee

    Hi all posting to the site. Sorry to hear of your losses. I hope you’re all coping as best you can. More hugs <<>>

    It’s now been quite a few months since my last post and I can surely tell you, that although some time has passed, I still think about Ozkee every day & probably always will. Thoughts & memories -happy ones, sad ones, frustrated ones, guilty ones, quite a mixture! I’m still ‘coping with the situation’ I guess, and my life has to go on…….

    To Scott – Blood clot or cardiac arrest as your ER vet suggested could have been the cause and seems more likely than other possible conclusions. We could go on forever guessing, unless you had decided on some sort of autopsy – even then, a final cause may not have been found & that wouldn’t have brought your angel back. It’s the ‘not knowing’ that’s the hardest part to deal with. I and everyone here understands how you feel <> to you and your family.

    To Randy – If we, as humans, have the right to believe that there is a heaven and its a place where we go after we leave this world, then don’t we also have the right to believe that any pet will have the same sanctuary? – So are we not all subjected to the same fate after death, human or animal? Either way, we’ll never know while we still breathe. Re-united is a certainty!

    I now have 3 new cats (long story!) all are babies at 6 months. My god, I keep my eye on them like a hawk! it’s difficult , I admit, especially at the beginning. Even now, I’m somewhat ‘over ‘protective’. but one thing is for certain, I DO NOT compare my new fur babies to my Ozkee, although one of the boys shows identical traits – I just love them for who they are – that being the most loving, unjudgemental little threesome I know……… xxx

  • Prissy

    My cat Roxy, not even a year old, died sudddenly today 10/10/11. I can’t understand it. She was playing with my husband and baby in our backyard earlier and jumping all around the playground. Happy as usual. We went to go get some icecream and saw her as we left – nothing unordinary. We came back and noticed she was laying in the driveway motionless. She had a small pool of drool, but that’s it. She was the healthiest, happiest cat that we know. Nothing at all wrong. She was the best cat and I always told people how much i loved her and how special she was. I don’t understand what could have happened. Her appetite was normal, her activities were normal. My poor husband is hurting- he loves our cat. I know we don’t understand why these things happen – but in this world – disease, environmental issues, or whatever, can contribute to our loved pets leaving before we think they should. I’m thankful to have had her around for her brief life. She brought me alot of laughter and joy while she was around and I thank God for that.

  • Frank D

    Two days ago on monday morning my cat sneakers died, she seemed fine. We recently went through a flea crisis but I handled it with frontline and kept her clean. I held her and give her kisses than put her down. I was drinking my coffee and playing with my phone while she was on top of the computer out of nowhere she started moving her legs and arms rapidly as if running having a seizure or something of the sort , I thought something spooked her or she got her paw into a computer cable or something but that was not the case she continued to run in place until she fell of the desk and on the floor, she stopped moving and released urine, I don’t know what happened to her, she went to the vet last year and was in perfect health and she would have gone back this year if I sensed anything wrong or soon enough for an annual check up. I quickly while she was alive checked her throught for an obstruction and tried hymlick, her toungue rolled out of her mouth and her eyes soon went back, she was gone, my best friend sneakers the cat died only at 5 years old. I don’t get it at all, an autopsy could not be done at the vet hospital where I took her because they had no record. She did have a heart murmur but I was always told that was not a serious thing. She never had seizures before or a stroke or anything, the days surrounding the incident she seemed pretty normal and okay. I really loved her and I wept my eyes out by her side, she meant alot to me and it has affected my eating and sleep. I went to the shelter and spoke to people and they think it was a heart attack, stroke or a seizure that caused a heart attack, I don’t know what to think, she died very quickly and out of no where. The 4 1/2 years she gave me was magical and I wish I could have more. I thank the people on here for posting these stories because I felt so guilty for not having her the vet sooner for a regular check up but it seems as though this has happened to alot of people when we all thought our cats would live atleast ten years. My heart is with everyone on her and I know exactly how you feel, I am extending my hand to you even further and will say that if anyone has a similar situation and would like to talk about it, my email is frankgdifelice@aol.com or my cell is 856 689 3494, Thank you everyone you make me feel not as alone and scared as I did. I love you sneakers you were my best friend and love of my life. Without you i don’t know what I would have done the past years.

  • Alex (Apollo, God of Cats)

    My buddy Apollo died today. He was a year and a half old. He was running around and playing like normal and then out of nowhere he laid down, stretched out and began to seize… he let out two meows and went unconcious… I rushed him to the hospital as fast as I could.. By the time I got there he had stopped breathing and started turning blue… I’m inconsolable. He was my first cat of my very own. He was the best cat I’ve ever met with the most unique personality. I will be sad for a very long time and I will miss him everyday. I’m glad I found this site… Even though the circumstances for our posts are sad, I’m glad it exists. It gives me hope and helps me to feel like I’m not alone in these feelings that I have.

    Apollo will always be in my heart and my memories. He was such a good kitty.

    RIP Apollo… 10/13/2011… I love you buddy…

  • Smitten

    Cutimus Maximus my five year old Angora mix male died suddenly sometime early Sunday morning. I found him in rigormortis in his one of his favorite sleeping spots. There had been no prior indication of illness and he had been to the vet less than a month ago receiving a clean bill of health. His larger than life antics, endearing purrs and gentle giant disposition blended together to create a rare creature indeed. I am crying a river of tears that seems to have no end. Oh Max! I wish I could have stroked your beautiful silky fur one more time and looked into your sparkling eyes. To all of you who have loved with abandon a beautiful feline such as my Max, I share your agony.

  • Randy Carnell

    It’s been almost a month now since Boo Boo my special friend died. I buried him at my parents home where I can visit as often as I like. I just got back from doing just that and it still just hurts so bad. I’ve never experienced the love I felt for him and it still just seems so unfair that a creature of God’s that was so loving and giving could leave this life so soon. I am better than I was at first but I guess it’s because the initial shock is gone. I know exactly how you feel Frank. Boo was only 5 1/2 years old and a perfect picture of health. I just sincerely hope that someday we’ll be reunited. I come back to this site at times when I feel a need to hear from others that have the same feelings of hurt like I do and it does make me feel better that I’m not alone in this. God Bless each and every one of you.

  • andy

    our persian Slick passed away today,after collapsing in the kitchen.

    my g/f held him until he passed.

    my g/f has dealt with animals,she knew he was not going to last long.

    Slick was a character,a true free spirit.he loved to steal french fries.

    he will be seriously missed.

  • Gill

    I just lost my little Tigger one week ago. He was only 10 years old. My boyfriend found him lying on a shed roof 2 gardens away. He was lying on his side, no signs of any attack, no vomit, nothing suspicious, he was so stiff and his eyes were glazed over. It was so shocking, I cannot begin to describe how devastating it was as he had shown no signs of any illness before this.

    We took Tigger to the vet to see if they could tell us what happened as he was such a happy & healthy cat. The vet said it may have been a blood clot. We didn’t want to carry out a post morton, we buried him in the back garden so he could rest in peace.

    I miss him so much. My home feels so empty without him, he was always waiting behind the door when I came home from work, he was so affectionate, so happy, he loved having conversations, he was always at our side. Every morning when I wake up and he’s not there I feel so lost. I have cried for a week and I know it’s going to take a long time to get over this. I miss everything about him.

    I’m so sorry for all your losses too. x

    • http://virgin lisa

      ive just read ur view, i know it was 2 yrsb4 but im so sad, my baby girl has been our family 4 11yrs. she still looks like a kitten, grey and white, soft fur and purrs like a baby, she is a indoor/ourdoor cat, but dont go no further than the back garden, so i go out this morning and call her as usual, and she dont respond to me, thats not my baby (i knew something was wrong),,,,,she had gone to sleep on my babys sandpit, im so devasted, why, she is my baby, healthy, happy and a major part of my family,…i just dont get it,,,,,why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Leslie

    My family and are are heartbroken. Our just turned 5 year old male cat, a big white beauty named “Blanchot”, died sometime in the night and our 10 year old daughter found him lying on the rug this morning. He had a healthy appetite and was fairly active…… we have no explanation for this other than what we’ve read….. cardiomyopathy or perhaps heartworms. NO symptoms whatsoever. It is a very traumatic experience when an animal passes this way. Blanchot was a wonderful, loving companion, we will miss him terribly. These feline diseases are insidious; I keep wondering what we could have done to prevent this, but we had no way of knowing anything was wrong.

  • Leslie

    Gill… I am sorry for your loss of Tigger. It is devastating when a beloved pet passes so suddenly :-( My twin daughters have been crying all day about Blanchot. He was their cat since they were 5 years old. The girls just dragged him around like a stuffed animal and he was always so compliant and relaxed…… and he would sleep on my head at night, purring like an engine.

    We buried him today in the back garden…. where he loved to chase birds and bask in the sun.

  • Gill

    Hi Leslie, Thank you for your kind reply. I’m very sorry to hear about Blanchot, I can imagine how upset your little girls are. This is such a horrible thing to go through, it’s like losing a family member. I hope Blanchot rests in peace.

    I had no idea that a cat could just suddenly die when it seemed so healthy. It’s just devastating to experience it. It hit me and my boyfriend so hard, but it is comforting to share all our stories and realize that we are not alone.

    Rest in peace Tigger, Blanchot, BooBoo, Slick, Max and all our furry little friends out there that were taken away from us far too soon.

  • Laura

    I’m having a hard time dealing with the death of Maroo.
    He’s only been gone a few days.
    He was missing for a week, then we found him in the deepest darkest part of the crawl space, rigormortus and really hard to get out. It was horrible.

    His brother Bill must have known he was there all along.
    Bill is very lonely.
    I don’t know how to help him.
    They did everything together.

    I can’t understand how he died so young, 5 years old.

  • Lynda

    Just read all your reports and actually it does help.

    My lovely boy – my Muppet, I think he was a Norwegian Forest Cat – died unexpectedly on 9 November. My neighbours found him in the garden next door. – He always used to sunbathe there. Having read the above accounts , possibly cardiomyopathy was the cause. He had had a very severe reaction to a flea treatment he received as a kitten. In extreme cold or wet his back legs and paws would seize up. He often jumped on me in the middle of the night with freezing cold pads. and would cuddle and purr under the duvet until thawed out. He was with me for 10 years – wasn,t even my cat to begin with. Used to belong to a neighbour but then decided he preferred life here. Neighbour knew and approved.

    Miss him loads and cannot ever forget him

  • Geri Kessler

    I lost my dear buddy , Benny, this morning, unexpectedly. I loved him so….he cuddled next to me
    on a daily basis, after work while would waiting for my husband to come home from work…he cuddled next to me everynight while relaxing and watching TV. He was such a love! I was working early this morning, and my husband, called, and said to come upstairs right away. Benny lay dead.. what a shock! He had no prior sympthoms. In fact , we said how good he looked, such a gorgeus cat, and such a darling and loving companion. We will miss him dearly.

  • Jacqueline

    I lost my dearest friend today, Miyu. She was the most love able cat.
    I found her this morning laying on my living room floor…. I am not sure what happened to her, as she was fine before and healthy. Vets say that sometimes there are no symptoms of heart disease that appear during check ups and even if we caught it sooner, I wouldn’t be able to prevent it. I am so heartbroken, she was only 3 years old. Her sister Lola is grieving for her…… I’m not sure what to do… She’s being extra cuddly with me and laying in the spot my Miyu used to lay… Any tips on how to deal with a grieving cat would be appreciated… I’m so sad…

  • Carrie

    We lost our beloved orange tabby cat suddenly this morning, most likely from cardiomyopathy. Toby was as sweet as they come. He would plop down in the kitchen, stroke his face and purr to get attention. He loved us all and we adored him. When someone was sick, he would snuggle them all day. His littermate and brother, Oliver is our solace today. The vet thinks he too has a heart problem, so we are doing what we can for him. Our children will be devastated, as they have yet to learn of Toby’s death. I do not look forward to after school time. So sad.

  • Paige

    My cat George died about a year ago and it was the most sad day of mine and my sisters life.I’m only 12 and school was out and we were going to my grandmother’s house to stay while my mom and dad went to work. We knew that the cat was not well because the night before every time someone was to touch him he would meow. Anyway the morning we woke up our mom called us into the living room and told us the cat had died during the night. We both could not believe it and started to cry and cried for about three days straight. It was so sad because we had bonded so close to him and I was sad to see him go. If i could see my little George again i would be so happy just because i think he was a borrowed angel because he was taken to fast.

  • Leslie

    Our beautiful gray cat Toby died this past Saturday. He had been diagnosed with kidney disease several months ago. We knew he wasn’t well, was losing weight and wouldn’t be around much longer. But even knowing the end is near doesn’t make it any easier. We did what we could per the vets recommendations like a prescription diet. It may have helped some.
    My 14 yr old daughter found him downstairs. It looked like he had just collapsed. The vet said perhaps a clot associated with a heart murmur that was also found when he was diagnosed with the kidney disease. My hope is that his death was quick and painless for him. My daughter and I are having the toughest time dealing with his death. I think we both keep visualizing walking down the stairs and seeing him laying there. He was an indoor cat and only 7 years old, way too young in my opinion. We had told our daughter that he’d probably be here through college. I know you can’t promise things like that but you hear of so many cats living to ripe old ages. Anyway, the pain is so severe my heart actually hurts and when I think there are no more tears left to cry, there surely are more. And as this was my daughter’s cat, she is just heartbroken and devastated. I wish I could make it better for her. I sure hope time will help. We will always remember our Toby as the sweetest, lovable cat we could ask for. His favorite things were meal time and changing sheets on the beds. His brother is still with us but he looks so lost and is looking around the house for his brother. Hoping the sadness fades a little more each day…

  • Karen

    Hi there I too lost one of my cats yesterday morning ,his name was Pips & was only 6 years old .I cant believe he has gone :( he was running around with my other male cat when he dropped dead,he was so healthy & such a happy cat, my two boys & I are so sad ,we keep expecting him to appear ,the vet also suspects a heart attack .I am so worried for the other cat as for two nights now he has been meowing for what I think is for Pips they slept together & played all of the time I hope he will be okay .

  • kay

    I woke this morning to my beloved cat lying dead on the living room carpet. Yesterday afternoon she had vomited several times and I thought I’d take her to the vet on Monday if it kept up. What a shock to wake this morning. She was not at the foot of the bed where she usually is and I called out to her and nothing. I went downstairs and she was lying there eyes closed, and stiff. My friend and neighbour came over, it was a snow storm, so thank God she was so close, and she helped me lift her into a basket. I’ve had to keep her in the spare bedroom as the roads are too bad to travel. I am taking her to the vet tomorrow at 8:30 a.m. I was going to ask for an autopsy but after reading your comments it is starting to make more sense. And I’m glad I ready because I have been feeling so bad all day. So guilty. That I must have done something wrong, left some chemical cleanser out that she got into or something, but if it was her heart then I only have grief, not guilt. So, this has been a great comfort… to read all your comment. Thank you

  • Mindy

    I am glad i searched up why my cat died suddnely. Because ours just died. We had him ..Tux..and his brother Tom since they were 8 weeks old..indoor cats…got out on occasion. They were best buds and Tux who died at 3:00 today out of the blue..was my autistic sons best friend…since he doesnt have one he always says. Tux liteally would watch over our son..and hang out with him all the time.
    He was upstairs today looking out the window and then just fell down off the little tea table he was on and my son said his heart was beating fast then he let out a cry with his last breath. Just minutes before it happened the kids were petting him and he was purring….?????? We rushed fast to the vet and he also named this heart thing as the most possible cause. They tried to save him. We are just heart broken here
    We are having him cremated for our son. I am so in disbelief! He was afunny cat …always had to have his water straight from the sink..he let you know, and wanted you to stay with him until he jumped up to the sink…all for a good petting and an i love you good boy. He knew it was the standard thing.

    Love and miss him…he will not be waking us up tomorrow morning with his pathetically cute meoww at the sink. Of course wa always keep a dish of water around too. His brother tom looks sad.

  • Rose

    Reading these stories made me cry. Last night my beloved cat Sasha passed away so suddenly just like some of the cats here. He was 12 years old, but always fit and healthy. Even last night he was purring and eating, and playing with me. There was no indication of illness, and he had a complete check-up from the Vets just a couple of months ago with his annual vaccinations.

    Last night I was sitting on the couch and he walked up the stairs – suddenly I heard 1 loud cry, I ran upstairs but he was already almost gone – he just lay on his side with his eyes wide open, but I knew he could not see me. He struggled maybe 2 more breaths and then he died – it all took less than a minute.. I spoke to my Vet this morning and she said it was probably a blood clot or cardiomyopathy. He was the most affectionate, sweet-natured cat I have ever known – big, soppy ginger boy with a heart of cold – I’d had him since he was 8 weeks old. His brother and sister are pining for him, and it was so sad.

  • sonia

    my lovely cat rocky had to be put tosleep 2 weeks ago. i am devastated i had him from 6 weeks old. he was 10 years old and never been ill. he had stopped eating and i thought he had an abscess on his tooth. the vet said he had cancer and had to be put to sleep right away. i nearly fainted it was such a shock.i feel lost without him i am used to seeing his little face at the door.he was a small tabby but he had alot of courage. r.i.p. rocky you will never be forgotten.

  • Dina

    So sorry to hear about everyones loss. It is very hard lossing a beloved pet. We just lost our beautiful 4,5 year old boy this past friday. He had always been a lively, cheerful, and free spirited cat. He loved to get into trouble and steal things such as jewlery, pens, etc.
    This past friday he was cuddling with me on the couch and around 9pm went to take a nap. At around 10 pm i went to look for him and give him good night kisses before bed time and I found him on the floor fully streched out. I reached and called his name and when I touched him he was cold. I freaked out and called for my husband as i could not believe that a healthy cat can just die. He had been at the vets office this past Dec and was deemed healthy. His eating and drinking habits didnt change and he was very active. As I picked him up I noticed that he had peed himself and that his body was already stiff which indicated that he had been dead for at least 30 minutes. I still can not grasp tthat he is gone. I called the vet and they said there is no way we can know what happened uless we do a narcopsy but he did mention heart disease. I keep thinking I didnt notice something that might have saved his life. He will be sooooo missed!!!! He gave us 4,5 years of wonderful companionship and I hope that he was happy in our home. We did everything to make him feel like a prince. He will always have a piece of my heart

    RIP Billy. We love you so much


  • Frank

    Our cat Pixie just died suddenly! I’m trying to find answers. She was her usual self during the day. Cuddleing with my wife in the bed, having me chase her only to catch her then pet and love her. She was 10 years old. We heard a low moaning cry like distress, I threw my laptop down and ran to were the cry was to find Pixie near the hallway lying and kind of gasping for air. I tried to make her breath and see if she was chokeing on somthing. I just don’t understand, she never went outside. We’re so sad right now. She always went to bed with us and cuddled. We are going to miss her.

    Pixie we love you so much,
    Frank and Robin

  • Dina

    Hi Frank and Robin,

    I am sorry to hear about your Pixie. Sounds almost like what happaned to my baby boy Billy this past friday. It is painful and i am heart broken. My vet said it might have been a heart issue. I am also confused because he was not sick and he saw the vet in Dec 2011 and nothing was detected. I am confused as much as you! May your Pixie rest in peace.

  • reg

    I was babysitting my 2 year old grandaugther on wed.,i took her upstairs for a nap.She said goodnight to our 10 year old cat named hershey.Petting her while she sleeps on the living room floor.After about 20 min. my husband came home and said get down here and there was hershey laying in a pool of fluid and pee on the kitchen floor.She looked like she was gone.I put her in a box and rushed her to the vet.They told me she had a heart disease.No sick syptomes ever,except that day she wouldn’t eat her treats,and mostly laid down.I thought nothing of it,but she was probably already having a heart failure.My grandauther does not know about it yet.I’m still getting over the shock.I buried her in my garden.She was a house cat but loved looking out the windows and watching the squirrels and birds.We miss her dearly….

  • Carla W.G.

    Faye, et. al… I AM SO SORRY!! I also had a similar experience two days ago. Also in the laundry room. My cat, Pretty-paws, passed away out of the clear blue on Sunday. Literally here one minute and gone the next. I was just playing with her a few hours earlier. Like several of these posts, she was a few months shy of being five years old. She had a very healthy appetite, no vomitting, bright, shiney black coat, not a single eye booger or sniffle or wheeze, cheerful, active and seemingly as healthy as could be! I am also absolutely devistated. I got her in 2007. That same year, I was a single woman with no prospects, (I am now married,) & I was also informed by my doctor that I could not have children. Also that year, (as we had had record blizzards that previous winter,) seven of my friends & family members were expecting. Yay. That Summer at my brothers 40th birthday party, my cousin came up to me and asked me if I wanted to adopt a kitten she was trying to give away. My brain was about to say “no”, but when I opened my mouth, my heart took over and I said “…yessss…” The next day I chose a sweet little kitty who was black all over except for her chin, paws and belly. Although, she was rather independent, (didn’t like to be held,) she was a fun, sweet cat & wonderful soul. She always let me pick her up for a good hug. She and I would have long “conversaitions”, (I would talk to her & she would meow back,) and sing-a-longs, I would be singing or humming a tune and she would meow along with me. The hardest part in all this is night time, as she would always sleep right next to me. I can’t sleep & I miss her like crazy. It was such a dreadful shock. For the past two days, I couldn’t even speak without sobbing. I think I have cried all the liquid out of my body until my eyes have swollen shut and my head aches. She was truley “my baby”. I opted not to get a necropsy for her, as I could not afford it, but as a nurse, If I were to pick a pathological explanation in this, I would maybe choose a stroke related to hypertension in her case. She had been stressed over a new dog in the house. I feel pretty guilty.

  • Eve

    I lost my cat Moses – my wee sweetheart – who died at age 8 out of the blue. He was fine when he wwnet outside while I went out for a walk, but when I came back an hour later, he never returned home. I looked for him for a week. My brother found him under our mobile home – just lying there, with no blood or scratches. I truly believe he did not want me to see him die. He knew how much I loved him and how traumatised I would be to see it. My brother wrapped him in a blanket and I petted him like that without seeing his body. I got to say ‘goodnight’ and tuck him in. We buried him just where he loved to sunbathe in the garden. I speak to him every time I pass it. I am relieved to read these posts on causes of suddden cat death. Because I kept going over what I could have done or whether he’d been poisoned. Now I believe he died naturally and there were no symptoms or anything a vet could have done. he released me in the gentlest possible way anmd i thank him for it. His spirit is with me, supporting me. My advice is to keep ‘talking’ to your cat in the period soon after thay die. Let them know you are happy to remember all the good times and things they gave you. This has helped me.

  • Michelle

    I went to bed sick this evening around four but before i went to bed i went over and rubbed bella one of my two cats the next thing i know my bf is screaming for me that my beloved bella is not moving i rush to the living room shes laying there with her tongue hanging out and still warm she would have been 3 on july 2 of this year im sooo darn mad she just went to the vet last month i want to know why why why and i cant stop crying!!

  • Michelle

    I also have another cat and she keeps running through the house looking for her sister!! this doesnt make any sense i played with her all day my bf said while i was sleeping she came up and rubbed on him while he was watching tv and then she layed down two feet behind him and died!! i didnt know what to do i called 911 silly huh? i also tried to feel for her heart beat but she was gone! we took her to the newark animal hospital they put her in a coffing and we brought her back home its so late so we will bury her tomorrow but i kept rubbing her hoping some how it would bring her back!! i just am stunned she was so young!!

  • Barbara

    My 6 year old cat, Rocky, made a small sound and collapsed last night. He had been active as usual up to that moment. I tried to recusitate him to no avail, rushed him to the Vet but he was gone. Probably a heart issue or blood clot. His sister that he loved to chase is meowing and walking all around the house as if she’s looking for him. He had a great life and we will remember him fondly forever as he rests in our wooded backyard close to an older sister.

  • Mary

    Last night, my mom and I left to get Chinese food. We were gone for about an hour and came home to find our 8 1/2 year old lovebug Gabriel at the foot of her bed. His brother Nate was wailing cries for help as Gabe lay stretched on his side, breathing shallow, and his tongue was hanging out. His usually beautiful amber eyes were dilated and black like marbles–we knew he couldn’t see us. He let out a few painful cries and just collapsed. We rushed him to the vet but Gabe died suddenly within minutes. We are simply devastated–we rescued Gabe and Nate in late 2003 after they were found abandoned. Today Nate is mourning with us–they were best friends. Just hours before Gabe was doing his thing: greeting us when we came in the door, following us from room to room, purring, sleeping, looking out the patio doors and catching some sun…we had no idea what was happening. After searching several websites and reading similar stories about others who have lost their cat loves has helped my mom and I make some more sense out of this sudden passing. The vet told us about feline heart disease, and how this type of unexplainable death is most common middle aged male cats. Gabe was so beautiful–an orange tabby with a white bib and white paws. He looked like his gorgous face was just painted on! And he was so loving and friendly–he purred all day long. We will never forget all the joy he brought to our family.

  • kevin

    We have several wonderful cats and like many have loved and cared for them since they were all kittens. On Wednesday Evening we found our Misti at the front of the house laid by the road,she was 8 years old and our vet said it looked like she’d been hit by a car, we live in a quiet street so took us by surprise and laid her to rest in our garden,while still grieving we found our male 8 year old (Misti’s brother) dead by the woods at the back of our garden on Friday, laid out as if asleep and vet believes it was heart failure. Two of our beloved cats gone in two days is hard to take. They are both now laid to rest side by side……
    Sweet dreams to all our furry friends we have lost. No doubt we’ll meet again someday.

  • Sol

    My beloved cat Tilly died suddenly at 2am on Friady morning. She would have been 5 the next day. I had fallen asleep on the sofa and she and my other cat were playing their usual game of tag chase (like they do in the early hours!) and had woken me up. I shouted at them to be quiet then Tilly let out this horrific deep cat-a-wall sound I thought perhaps the game had been to rough so I got up to investiagte. She had collapsed on the floor. She made the sound again and moved her paw and then that was it. I couldnt feel her breathing or feel he heart beating. I was in bits. I didnt know what to do except cradle her. The next day I took her to my vet to be cremated. I live in a flat so cant bury her in a garden. I cant seem to get those last few images out of my head. The vet thinks she had a massive heart attack but we probably would not have known. I still feel guilty that I didnt see it coming. i just dont know how to deal with this pain. My other cat Lucy is very subdued. I think I want to get a small tree for my balcony so I can always be close to her x

  • kim

    My chinchilla persian…’fluffy” died a few hours ago…fell asleep with him next to me like usual checked on him once and he was fine went to check on him again and he was gone =/ i’m in shock i don’t know how to feel he was a pain in the bum but a very sweet cat i’m gonna miss him =/.

  • Julie

    Rest in peace, Scooter, my baby
    February 15, 2009 – March 17, 2012
    I have been reading the posts here for the past two days and they are giving me some solace, so thank you to all who have shared their stories. My much-adored, light-of-my-life baby collapsed and died in front of me this past Saturday morning, St. Patrick’s Day. He was totally normal and fine, greeting us as usual when we got up, eating some breakfast. Mid-morning, he vomited some of his food and I cleaned it up, and told him it was okay. I wasn’t too worried because I know that cats occasionally vomit without it being anything serious, and he was young and healthy. So I just took a peak at him and thought he just had an upset tummy. He jumped up on the couch and went to one of his many spots, behind the curtain on the window sill, and laid down. A short time later, I heard a little moan from him and I immediately ran over and looked at him; his breathing was not right and I ran to get the cat carrier and threw on my jeans and shoes, at the same time calling the vet and my boyfriend. Those were his last breaths. When I reached behind the curtain to get him, I knew he was gone. Needless to say, I just freaked out. I grabbed him and held him close and rocked and I put him on the floor and kissed him. I took him to the vet, even though I knew it was too late. The vet said he looks like he is part Maine Coon, and that this breed sometimes carries a gene that causes heart problems, and that he most likely had a heart attack or threw a blood clot. Nothing would have saved him. I left him to be cremated, and I will get his remains back in a little box, as I have all of my other pets. It was so hard to leave him there. His name was Scooter. He was a Maine Coon mix, likely, based on his large size, beautiful lush coat , and goofy, outgoing personality. He just had his 3rd birthday in February. I have had and lost many pets, and this loss is by far the hardest. I have even had another kitty die right in front of me before, and I was terribly shocked and sad, but that cat was also very old and I could console myself that I had given him a great life. Scooter was young and healthy. Scooter was really special. It sounds like others who posted here have had this kind of a kitty, too – just that extra awesome cat that everybody loves. Scooter was an ambassador, a clown, a love bug. He never used his claws with people; he was a gentle giant. He was the life and personality in my home and me and my other cats are lost with him gone. He had his daily routines, and we all relied on him more than we knew. Everybody who met Scooter loved him, he wouldn’t give up until he knew he had won you over forever. I want to know exactly why he died, but I could not bear to have his beautiful, perfect body cut open for a necropsy, so I will just have to accept that I will never know for certain. I keep telling myself that knowing would not bring him back anyhow. He was an indoor cat, although I would take him out to the yard with supervision on nice days. He loved this. He never tried to run off, just sniffed around and rolled in the grass. So happy. He was my joy, my baby. Everywhere I look in my house, there is a memory of Scooter. I go over and over those last moments, but I am trying to do that less and accept that I cannot change the outcome; just remember him being his adorable self. I have cried and cried, my eyes are swollen and my nose is raw. My condolences to all of you who know this loss and sadness. I know only time will soften the blow. Thank you for sharing your stories of loss; somehow it helps to know you are not alone. Scooter, thank you for being mine. I love you so very much. See you later.

  • Faby & Chris

    Hey guys, so today is more than a depressing day. I have three gorgeous girls. And gosh I can’t emphasize enough what they mean to me. My oldest is called Sabrina. I got her when i was 16years old, i lived a lone and those were tough days. With barely money for myself to eat. But i made sure she had something in her tummy first. Everytime i was sad bc the need of a job or anything, she would come over and i woukd chat with her. I knew she was listening bc she would stare at me and sit in my lap. She’s all black when I got her. And now as an adult queen she is she grew some white hair on her ears and chest. She was such a queen. Now after 13years passed and her an I going through the rough phases we went she always kept next to me. Thnk gosh both our futures grew better, with a better job and place. And then main thing happened seven years ago. She met my now husband and well she gave him a tough time, as the diva queen she was. She had that love/hate relationship with him lol, it was funny to see. She scared him for the first two years at least but then like me felt for him lol. Then she started demanding things on him lol, she didn’t like him to leave her alone and she made sure to let him know lol. Gosh I loved her divas self. The day before the most devasting day of my life, my husband was in the bathroom and she kept screaming for him to open the door but of course he couldn’t bc he was doing his business. She was persisting too. Until of course he always gave in and did what she wanted. When I was at work and he was off , he would text me pictures of them two hanging out. She was so over protecting over him. The night before she was sleeping next to him the whole time then came to play with my belly lol, I got sleepy and my husband put them all away to their full bedroom with lots of toys and her favorite tree bed. Unfortunately that morning I woke, we both went to spin class, early then I went straight to work. My husband was off and took care of chores without realizing by that time she probably passed a while ago. By the time he went to check on her and the other two babies, she didn’t get up. My heart dropped bc I was at work and my husband called and all I heard was cries, he couldn’t even explained what happend. I kept on asking until he was able to take a breathe and mumble it out. My heart dropped and I couldn’t accept it and told him she’s probably sleeping. I was in denial bc i know is not realistic but i kind off thought she would always be with me. I left work immediately and when I saw her I think my heart skipped a couple heart beats bc my chest hurt so much. She was already cold, and the other two babies had big eyes and looked scared. I think I cried for an hour literally without any stop. Holding her and rocking her to please come back. My husband was a wreck right next to me. I don’t know how many times I told her I’m sorry for not being there for her. Her tongue was out and she had a little pee and what we think looks like vomit next to her favorite bed. Looking out the view she loved. We took her to the vet and they explained the things we could do but I can’t bare thinking them using her for so many test. And knowing how much she hated being at the vet. So with the most pain in my heart we decided to cremate her which they said they would return her back to us next week. My husband and I can’t stop crying, I took off bc my eyes looked like someone beat me, so swollen. I woke up this morning hoping and praying it was all but a mean nightmare but unfortunately it wasn’t. I know God does things for a reason, and the same way he gave me my best friend 13years ago to help me through the toughest phases of my life unfortunately she had to go help others in what I call little angel queen heaven. We still trying to accept it, everything we do and she’s not there it hurts. She was like a grown person, with her attitudes and affection. U couldnt resist her. Everyone loved her. Sometimes I get mad for her leaving but she knows I couldn’t bare seeing her sick. When she got spayed with her sisters I cried bc she had to stay over. So Sabrina, thank you for all the unconditionally love u gave me and then the love u gave my or I should say our husband (since she acted and demanded on him like a wife lo) I can’t explain how much I’m going to miss u!!!
    And thank u for all u guys stories, the whole time I was blaming myself and even gave the vet a bad look bc she told me there is nothing sometimes I can do. But she and all u guys are right, unfortunately there isn’t, I hate that but this site sure helped me. I read all the stories but I’ll keep coming back to read them again bc I might need years to recover. Thank u guys!! And sorry for all of those who lost ur best friend like I did. But I know queen Sabrina is probably playing with all of them and of course putting rules already, like she did with us. Lol xoxoxoxo Sabrina!!!!!

  • Arlene

    I came across this site as I was searching for some cause of my cat’s sudden passing on March 24th. After reading the posts on here it gave me some solace knowing that others have gone through the same sort of thing.
    My cat Harley was 13 years old and I can’t even say her name without breaking into tears. She was one chatty cat and would let you know when it was time to eat, when she wanted to go outside and every evening she would meow to let me know she when she wanted to call it a day.
    Harley loved the sunshine and would lie on her back with her legs straight up catching few rays. I feed the blue jays and cardinals peanuts and she would just lie on the deck and watch them as they came for their treat not 2 feet away from her. My boys and I would laugh to see this cat just lie there. In the early years things were somewhat different as she used to chase any animal that got in her way.
    She slept with me every night and needed help to get on my bed as it is rather high and she could no longer jump up onto it. Little did I know when I put her in my bed that evening it would be for the last time. Sometime during that night I woke up when she made 2 loud snorts followed by a very loud cry. I thought she was just having a bad dream.That must have been her last breath because when I woke up that morning she was gone.
    I know Harley had a great life and was treated like a Queen. I have lots of great memories of her.
    At least she was in a peaceful place when she passed and like my son said “she died doing what she did best and that was sleeping”.
    My heart goes out to everyone who has lost a pet. And I hope my Harley Barley is lying the sunshine soaking up some sun.
    Rest in Peace My Girlfriend.

  • Jennifer McMillin

    Today I had to bury my baby Bubba. He was 7 and we were laying in my bed this afternoon and out of the blue it sounded as if he was choking. I sat straight up to see what was wrong. He was limp fast and struggling to breathe. I tried to rub his throat, remove anything from his mouth, and even tried to give him some of my own air. Unfortunatley, he passed away. I am so at a loss and can’t stop crying cause it just wasn’t expected. He was my baby. Every night when I went to bed he always had to come to me and cuddle right up and sleep with his head on my pillow and hug me. He even kept the dog in line when he chased the other cats lol I don’t know how I will ever get over this loss. Your storied helped to know I am not alone. Thank you!

  • Tara

    Yesterday was my turn. My beautiful Tigger 2, known as Tiggy. Was a rescue of mine at a year old. Sad sack hunter, despite his talons, took some work to bring him back to good health. Was inseparable from me…until my soon to be husband immigrated and moved in. Instant love. He was very, very skittish ginger….we all agreed he was very attached to whoever dumped him. But when he allowed himself to, he was the biggest mushball ever. He gave us almost exactly 7 years. His last day was completely normal. I got home, he cuddled on my lap a bit, then went to sleep on the other couch. Got up an hour later, hopped down, did a back stretch on the rug….and fell over, eyes fully dilated. No breath by the time I got to him, which was a matter of seconds. All my cats are rescues, and I’ve had to put down plenty, even had others die in my arms….but this was wrenching in a way I’ve never experienced before. I have a very big cat sized hole in my heart right now. Like several others, he had just gotten a clean bill of health 3 months ago at the recent checkup.

  • Joe

    Thank you for this webpage. My guy Snort was 4, happy and healthy as ever this morning. This afternoon he was lying on the floor with his tongue slightly out and kind of blue. He’s famous for eating plastic and things so I checked to see if he was choking but found nothing. He was still sort of warm and still limp. I rushed him to the vet nearby but he was gone. I had no idea cats just fell over when they’re happy healthy 4 year olds, but apparently that happens sometimes. Snort was kind of a jerk as a kitten but he grew into a sweet handsome cat who liked to talk to the birds outside on the birdfeeder and to snore while he slept on people’s feet. Thanks.

  • Julie

    Hi, All – So sorry for all of your losses. As I said in my previous post, somehow it helps to know that others have experienced something similar, and just to be able to share. But – I am still having the worst time dealing with my loss of my dear Scooter. It will be three weeks tomorrow, and I have cried everyday. I can’t help it. I miss my big, sweet, furry baby so very very much. Nighttime is the worst; I can’t lay in bed without thinking about him and then I just lay there crying and crying. My other cats miss him too. I have lost other very loved pets, but all had been somewhat expected or explainable, like old age or illness, and I seemed to make sense of those losses more easily and coped better. Scooter’s sudden death, so healthy and young, is so hard for me to process. I keep searching online for help. I found the following web pages that some of you might like, so I wanted to share.

  • Stefanie

    my family’s cat just died right on good friday ,,, he was not eating well and the vet said his colour his eyes and checked for lumps and all and he was not eating well ,, he was 13 almost 14 he was the best cat ever i mean he was very smart and always listened never bit or scratched ever ,, i miss him so much i hope it was not my fault i hope he had a good life he was an outdoor cat but we fed him all time and he came inside also ,,, im so sad i dont know what to do ,,, i had a bad feeling the night befor i went home ot my appartment and had a bad feeling told my father to bring him in but he could not find him all day i been crying hopeing hes in a beter place and that he did not suffer i do want him back if i could ,,, but i cant do anything about that,,,, wish i could was gonna bring him in for blood work but it was too late ,, im sad cause i think i coulda done beter maybe i didnt do enough and i pray that he did not suffer that he fell asleep and went ,,, it was in the early afternoon whe my father had found him in his bed sleep but not moving ,, we still have to to find out how he died and i really hate this ,, dont even know why im posting this i just feel like he was special in a way but ,, i feel soooo bad for him i should have brought him to my place or wish i could communicated with him to see how he felt to ask him ….. i feell like this is a nightmare , this was not just a animal to me was like family a friend he was like an angel ,, maybe that is why he died the same day jesus was crucified,, its so sad my hampster passed in nov this year its just to hard not right , he was not suppose to suffer or die

  • Daniel

    We lost our 6 year old cat, Tilly, earlier today. The fact that it was so sudden is what brought me here. She was, as far as me and my family are concerned – healthy. We had to take her to the vet around 2 months ago because she was losing some fur around her hind legs, but the vet confirmed that this was the result or some skin condition or another which had since cleared up.

    There were no signs of illness; no symptoms that would indicate that anything was wrong. She seemed perfectly fine yesterday and this morning. Earlier I walked into one of the bedrooms to see if there were cats on the bed (besides Tilly, we have Henry and Freddie). They were lying on the bed, and I noticed Tilly on the floor behind the door, somewhat scrunched into a corner under the bed.

    I assumed she was comfortable regardless. I knelt down and she was looking at me (I assumed from the look on her face that she was annoyed because I’d disturbed her). I call her name, and click my fingers. No response. Then I noticed that she appeared (I assume) to have soiled herself, and that her tail was coiled around in such a way that her body was lying on top of it. Then I noticed her tongue stuck out slightly. I reach to lift up her front paw, which flopped straight back down again.

    She was still warm, and the other cats were still lying on the bed. I don’t know whether they heard anything or not. I welled up a bit due to shock. I would have probably been worse if I was in the room when it actually happened. We buried her this evening, and no really no idea as to why she went.

  • mark

    We buried our darling wee Maisy yesterday. She was just 16 months old and full of life. She had been cuddling all afternoon and was last seen having a pre-dinner wash, then disappeared. We found her next morning stretched out as if asleep in the sun but she was gone, with no sign of any trauma, poisoning or anything. We are devastated. RIP Maisy

  • Lorraine

    I lost my beautiful baby girl Nell on Easter Saturday – she was 11 and my world. She went out at 6 am and didn’t come back – I looked for her but no sign – she was found in a neighbour’s garden about 11 in a pool of fluid – there was no sign of trauma and there had been no signs of illness. I have cried solidly since – she was my baby and she slept with me and cuddled with me every night – I can’t imagine life without her,

    I keep thinking was there something I could have done, was it my fault, what if this and that. I am so grateful I came across this site it has helped me to think that maybe it wasn’t after all – love to everyone who has lost their beloved companions, my thoughts are with you xxx

  • Lisa

    Lost my sweet boy Tigger today. He was almost 2, and the picture of health. He didn’t come up when I came home this afternoon, which is very unusual. I called and searched, and finally found him laying in the yard (under the truck). No signs of trauma or vomiting. His eyes were still open, it’s like he just layed down in the shade of the truck and died. I lost a another male cat the exact same way several years ago, who was also young and healthy. Both of them had been “fixed” so they wouldn’t run off and not come back-other males we’ve had have done that.
    He was just such a sweet affectionate cat. When I was in the yard, he was usually right there too, waiting for some petting. He made me laugh every day.
    It was such a shock. I’ll miss him so very much.
    My thoughts and prayers are with everyone here who has lost a little four legged member of their family.

  • Jackie

    It was Sunday, April 15, in the afternoon when I left for a conference. I have left my beautiful tabby, Purpose, on other occasions and made sure that I knew where she was and had left her enough food, water, and an additional litter box as I did on previous occasions. I returned on Tuesday, April 17 and opened my door. I called her name as I usually did, but didn’t see her. I then went to the basement and noticed that her food had hardly been touched, which was unusual. It felt strange. Then I looked at the kitchen doorway. I saw her lying prone on the floor. Thinking that she was asleep, I knelt down and touched her. She felt hard to the touch. I started crying knowing in that instant that she was gone. I went next door to my neighbor sobbing and she came back to my house with me. I called my boyfriend and he immediately came over. They proceeded to take Purpose off of the floor and put her in a box. We took her to the vet the next day and he said she probably had some kind of heart problem. She was cremated and her ashes were disbursed in a flower bed. I thought that would be nice for her. Purpose came with my house when I moved in after my uncle passed away about five years ago and he named her Purpose. I just loved that name. She was 11 years old when she passed away. She basically stayed in the basement til I moved in and she won my heart. Needless to say, she had full reign of the house. I will miss her running to the door to great me each day, sitting and watching tv with me each night, nuzzling me to get attention and running up and down the stairs. She was my “girlfriend” and I will miss her terribly. This site has helped me to cope with my loss and my condolences go out to all of you.

  • Lorraine

    It has helped me too Jackie – I’m so sorry to hear about Purpose – I miss my little girl like crazy – it’s been two weeks and I’d give anything to hold her again.

    My thoughts are with everyone who has lost their beloved pet xxx

  • Tony

    My cat Tarzan suddenly died today. He was 3.5 years old. I rescued him in Missouri and brought him with me to California. He saw the great plains, rocky mountains, grand canyon and ended up spending his final days with a bay front view in San Diego.
    Though he wasn’t around long, he lived a life better than most.
    RIP Tarzan

  • Amber

    Two days ago, my Scottish Fold cat, Shampoo, passed away. He’s only 6 1/2 years old. When I got home from work, he was lying next to his cat tower stiff and cold. I rushed to my Vet but it was too late. His eyes were closed, no foamy stuff in his mouth. He didn’t even soiled himself.
    My Vet couldn’t say much either. He offered a necropsy which I declined.

    I still can’t understand and don’t wanna understand why God had to take him so early whem it’s least expected.

    I can’t describe the feeling inside of me but crying all day long.

    He was my best friend, love and son.
    I still can’t believe he’s not next to me.

  • Hayley

    I lost one of my 2 cats today, little Salem… 17 years… found him under my bed where he liked to sleep, such a shock. Cried a lot, can’t even sleep hence why ive come across this site. He was fine this morning, I suppose I have a small amount of comfort knowing he was where he liked to be.

  • Kurt

    My 5 year old cat Joy died yesterday evening. I found her lying on her side under my car and though I knew she was dead I took her to the vet anyway. The vet said she probably died of a heart related disease. I will miss her so much…she was the center of my life. She was so affectionate and loving and my house seems empty without her. I hope her soul is in a good place and I will see her again when I pass. Reading others posts who have gone thru the same thing has helped me somewhat…bless you all.

  • Harry

    Our beloved family cat Rocky passed away today he was 6 1/2 years old, we all cried and are still crying so much. He was a great cat loved so much, he died so young. He brought us so much comfort and joy its going to be so hard without him. I pray we all meet again in paradise. Prayers to all who have lost something so dear to our hearts. may peace , comfort and understanding embrace us all. Love you Rocky until we meet again my friend, your memory will always be with us god bless you and god bless us all.

    • Lord John Alldis

      I have had a similar experience my ‘Ramisis’ six a year old male, after spending the evening lying on my bed went to the spare room to use his litter box (or so I thought!) I heard a massive bang thinking he had knocked something of a shelf I jumped out of bed to investigate and found my beloved cat on the floor motionless not moving or breathing unable to comprehend I lifted my Ramsis up and put him on my bed he did not move at all. In shock I had a nap drifting in and out of sleep. When I awoke he was in the same spot unable to believe what had occurred. With a heavy heart I buried him later that day. I am still grieving at the loss of my ‘Son’ there is an empty void which will never be filled he was a fit healthy friend ate well and drank his fill, what makes it hard just moments before I had been scratching his head enjoying the purring I am still shocked and stunned by the sudden death of my dear friend. I had no idea this could happen to a cat! It’s just not fair there was nothing to indicate any problems at all. It hurts big time farewell my friend see you on the other side

  • Linda

    Harry, I am so sorry for the loss of Rocky. I lost my soul mate cat, Maggie 5 weeks ago to Lymphoma. I cry everyday and I miss her so much. I really do understand what you are going through. I told Maggie everyday how much I loved her and I know she knew I did. Find comfort in your memories.


  • catsrspecial

    My beautiful well loved cat also died recently. She loved us back too. She was found dead on the floor. We were in disbelief that our baby had passed and for days bawling our eyes out. We miss her so much. She had no symptoms of illness, was perfectly healthy and a bit chubby and she loved playing with her balls and running around inside the house so she was active but she was still a young cat. Some people think it was her heart and therefore of natural causes. Our house feels so empty without her. I am sorry for your loss too.

    • Kathy

      we lost our beloved Peaches, last Monday morning she was the most adorable cat ever…… she was fine until about 11 on Sunday night…… she showed signs of being sick…. when I got her she was leaving us her mouth was half open and eyes fully dilated……she got under the bed to hide….. that is what cats do when they are sick also cats mask their illness… I told her I loved her and please do not leave mommie…
      she was ten on the fourth day of April…..she was the queen of our house we miss her so much all we can do is cry……we did get her in carrier and did not make it to the vet she left us before we got to the vet….
      had her in vets office in Dec. to get her shots….. she was an inside pet…… I miss her so much she did sleep with us and always in the room we was in…. do not know what happen so quick to our baby….. the house is sooooooooo empty……

      • Lord John Alldis

        I can really sympathize with you they leave an unfillable void my Ramsis is my closest friend, has gone it’s as if he was murdered on the psychic plane

  • Mark

    I lost my sweet little puss last week. She was only 10! It was kidney failure. I think a lot of cats die from this because they hide their symptoms so well. I am broken. She truly was my life.

  • http://none Steven Solano

    Good morning to all. No it is not a “Good” morning. I’m just being polite. You see, our beloved Misty, a Russian Blue, age ten years old–human years died yesterday morning at 4:47am in an emergency animal hospital. My spouse and I had to make the extremely painful decision to bring her back home with us and let her pass at home but with very painful terminally ill reactions, something we just could not bear to witness so we let the hospital put her to sleep. We were there with her and she said “goodbye” to us and we to her then once the injection was given to her she died in a matter of two seconds. What makes this all so painful is just three days ago she was her normal self, then she started showing signs of lethargy, not being able to urinate and or defecate and would just lay on her side breathing very heavy and gasping for air. The veterinarian did not do an necropsy or a biopsy as we were not in any state of mind to request the procedures but having to put my feelings aside I researched her terminal symptoms and it appears she died from FIP–Feline Infectious Peritonitis . However; and this is a very huge however; as Misty grew older she became a feline terrorist and would bite and or claw anyone who tried to put her in the carrying cage to get her to her annual vet appointments. We succumbed to her behavior and stop taking her to the vet four or five years ago which proved to be a death sentence for her. People, if there is anything I would want you to take from this entry is, please do not forsake your cats health and long term safety just to appease her behavior. We let her dictate when and where she would go and now she’s dead. How stupid of us as human beings to let this happen especially when it did not have to happen! My spouse and I are now forever saddened as is our other cat Kali who continues to look for Misty and can’t find her. This is so heartbreaking to watch I just want to crawl in a garbage can and die! Please! Please! Please do not forego your companions annual checkups as you will most certainly live to regret it for as long as you live.”We miss you Misty in the worst way. Our passive neglect cost you your life and now we must bear the pain knowing how stupid we were for not taking you to your annual checkups even when we knew we should have been assertive and found a way to get you into the carrying cage to get you to your annual checkups. Please forgive us for our stupidity that cost you your life.”

  • Teresa

    I am filled with sorrow. My sweet kitty Isabella died Sunday. She was 17 years and 4 months old. With the kids grown and husband traveling, she was my constant companion, funny and loving. I fed her and saw her eating happily when I left for two hours. When I returned I found her lying on the basement floor where she went to use her litter pan. Didn’t know it could hurt so badly. She truly was a gift from God. Like other people have mentioned, the house is so empty.

  • http://pawsandeffect Lisa amerritt

    My heart goes out to you all. This evening, when I returned from work, I found my beloved kitty cat, Stanley, dead on our bed. He looked as though he was having a lovely sleep. We are heartbroken, he was 2 years and 11 months, had an annual health check at the vets, infact he had just had his check up and boosters a month ago. He had grown from a tiny kitten to a lovely big boy with a shining coat and bright eyes. He purred quietly and slept at the bottom of our bed every night. He was a much loved and well cared for indoor cat who, along with his brother Ollie, was the light of our lives, our babies. We are shocked by his sudden death and can’t find any explanation for what has happened. It’s like being in a horrible dream and I can’t stop crying for my poor kitty. Now we are concerned for Ollie, surely vet health check would identify any heart disease. Should we take Ollie back to the vet in light of what has happened to Stanley? We couldn’t bear to lose him too.

    • Maria Averillo

      I am so sorry for all of your stories above :(. Lisa I sympathise with you greatly as this morning i woke to find our beautiful Torby cat ‘Honey’ dead at the bottom of the bed…..she had not appeared sick before this but did not eat a great deal ever….. I have just spent the whole day crying and can’t feel it will stop there…we buried our baby in our garden… She was only 3 years and 3 months young! X

  • mia

    I woke up today to find my beloved cat dead. He was perfectly fine last night, played with us and didn’t have any symptoms. I found him on the side on the floor with quite a lot of fur chunks around him. He looked like he was. Sleeping but I knew immediately it was not the case. He was only 5. He was the most wonderful cuddly cat who slept in bed and purred. I can’t believe he is gone. It just hurts too much. I feel the pain of all other pet lovers who lost their loved ones. It is horribl. Did anyone have this fur chunks around the cat when it died? My Mom said it happens if a body is in distress?

  • l c

    My tabby Spot was put down two weeks ago. I’m still very sad. The other 4 cats aren’t dealing well with the loss of him. He was about 10 yrs old, and was abandoned as a kitten, as I fed him for 7 yrs. I finally trapped him and socialized him but lost him b’cuz of bladder crystals. He’d become a BFF with Brutus (14 yrs old) and Torta, a kitten. Torta sleeps by herself now, as does Brute. The apt is empty. I have images and memories of him eating his food, and of Torta leaping onto his tail.