Why did my cat die suddenly, with no symptoms of illness?

We know this is a sad topic to address, but we also know it’s an inevitable part of life with animal friends. Our lives are shorter than yours, and we want to acknowledge that and give support to grieving humans. This topic has been on our minds too, since our beloved dog Aki is getting ready to leave her body. She’s a very old dog and she’s becoming increasingly disabled, so all of us know her time is coming soon.

Dear Most Esteemed and Knowledgeable Kitties:

Sunday morning, my husband went into the laundry room and saw our 13-year-old cat sleeping. He called her and then felt her … and she was gone. She had no known problems. She had only been to the vet once in her life (for a removal of an infected nail) and had lived indoors all her life. Her eating habits were normal. She had not vomited. There was just clear liquid under her body. Her kitty litter habits were normal. She was such a cute little baby. She was a runt so she always looked like a kitten. When we were in our office she would come in and talk to us. She would many times sit down in front of us to watch what was happening on TV and she would come in and tell us when it was bedtime. One of the cutest things that she did was when we had a group of 20 over for a meeting a week ago, she came and sat down in front of everyone and looked up and was intently listening to my husband speak. I knew she would not live forever, but why would she die suddenly with no symptoms of illness? She was sweet and we miss her.


Siouxsie: The death of an animal friend is never easy, Faye. But it’s even harder when it comes as a complete shock. Our condolences are with you and your husband.

Thomas: There’s no real way to know why your cat just went to sleep one night and never woke up. There are possibilities, of course, but unless you’re willing to have a veterinarian do a necropsy to find a cause of death, you will probably need to live with that uncertainty.

Dahlia: Well cared-for indoor cats have an average lifespan of 16 to 18 years. But, as with humans, cats can die exceptionally young or live many years longer than the average. A lot of it has to do with genetics: Some cats are just “coded” for shorter lifespans and one day they just go to sleep and don’t wake up.

Siouxsie: I’m 13 years old myself, and I feel as though I’ve got many more years to go.

Thomas: The most common reason for cats to die suddenly is heart disease. Cats can develop a condition called cardiomyopathy. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy causes the muscles in part of the heart to thicken and not work as well. Dilated cardiomyopathy causes the heart to get big and flabby — once again, causing the heart to work poorly. Restrictive cardiomyopathy causes the heart to pump “stiffly” and not as effectively.

Dahlia: Cardiomyopathy generally presents few symptoms, although a veterinary exam would have detected a heart murmur or changes in heart rhythm. As cardiomyopathy progresses, you would notice symptoms like unwillingness to exercise, lack of appetite, possible vomiting, and a buildup of fluid in the lungs that causes difficulty in breathing.

Siouxsie: One of the common side effects of cardiomyopathy is the formation of blood clots in the arteries. These clots can break loose and travel to the lungs or the brain with disastrous consequences. Clots can also lodge in the arteries that feed the rear legs, causing paralysis or limping along with dark, cold paw pads. It’s possible that your cat may have “thrown a clot” and had a stroke or some other terminal episode.

Thomas: Heartworm infections can cause sudden death by blocking blood vessels in the lungs, causing a “pulmonary embolism.” Although heartworms are thought to be parasites that only afflict dogs, this is just not true. Heartworms don’t live as long in cats as they do in dogs, and because the worm load is so low the parasites would be hard to detect in a regular heartworm screening. But cats–even indoor-only cats–can and do get heartworm.

Dahlia: Signs of heartworm disease include occasional coughing and vomiting, decreased activity level and sometimes development of a picky appetite.

Siouxsie: Hypertension can cause cats to have strokes because small blood vessels bleed into the brain. Depending on the location of the bleed, the stroke can cause a range of symptoms from disorientation to trouble walking or eating to death (if the stroke occurs in the part of the brain that controls the heartbeat and breathing).

Thomas: Generally speaking, hypertension goes hand in hand with other elderly-cat diseases such as hyperthyroidism or chronic renal failure. These diseases have pretty obvious symptoms, though, and it would have been hard not to notice something wrong if your kitty had CRF or hyperthyroidism.

Dahlia: Most of these conditions would have been noticed during a veterinary exam. This is one reason why it’s particularly important to take your cat for annual checkups, particularly once they reach their senior years (generally considered 8 or older).

Siouxsie: We’re not saying this to guilt-trip you, Faye. As you said, your cat looked healthy right until the end. We’re saying it for the benefit of our other readers who care for senior cats and maybe don’t see the annual checkup as an important thing for a cat that looks healthy. But if you do adopt another cat in the future, we hope you’ll consider taking him or her for regular checkups.

Thomas: There’s no way to make the grieving process easier for you. But from your description, it sounds like she didn’t suffer. If it’s any comfort, we think your cat had a very good life. You and your husband gave her shelter and lots of love, and please know that her soul is wherever cats’ souls go, purring at you with love and adoration.

Dahlia: We’re sorry we can’t give you any real answers, because you just never know. But you do have our sympathy and we’re sending you lots of purrs to heal that empty place in your heart.

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  1. randee vitali says

    today i found my 3 yr old cat dead in the litter box. when i lifted him up there was vomit and blood in the litter around his mouth(checked for injuries-none found)prior to this he was a normal crazy healthy cat…what could have killed him?

  2. Heather says

    First off, I am SO sorry to hear this! My mother-in-law’s cat died suddenly last night and it sounds as if her circumstances were similar to your cat’s. Milou was a 10-year-old spayed female indoor cat with no outward signs of illness; the only clue we had that something was amiss was that her appetite had been diminished for 2 days and she had started to hide in a room where she rarely, if ever, went. I found her this morning, and my husband picked her up to shroud her in a blanket. He cleaned up a huge puddle of blood that she had vomited, and we’ve been trying to figure out the reason for this ever since. I sympathize with your loss. Best of luck finding out an answer!

  3. tan says

    did a family member that was close to the cat die, or leave or did the cat lose a cat companion… i heard of a cat dying cause its owner died and it was heart broken..

  4. Diana says

    I can understand exactly how you are feeling as I have had a similar experience with my beloved persian Chloe. I bathed her and when I was trying to calm her down after wards as she had become very stressed she died while I was brushing her. I am totally torn apart to lose my beloved pet of 7 years. I am also feeling the guilt of not having taken her to the vet for annual checkups and even regret washing her had I known I would not have put her thro this stress. This only happened on Friday and my house is now lonely and empty without her presence as she was always there to greet me at the door.

  5. Cole says

    Not sure why my cat Moses died last night either. He had lost a lot of weight since getting another cat but I thought he was ok after a few months. I should have known something was wrong with him by his depressed attitude the last few weeks and always hiding out, but I never thought once he was going to die at 6 years old. Sorry for not taking you to the Vet Moe, I didn’t know you were that bad. Love you my friend
    R.I.P Moses 11-15-08

  6. Diane says

    I haven’t seen my cat since 7:30am yesterday. She is about 14 or 15…we adopted her as an adult cat over 13 years ago.

    She was fine. Eating, playing, sleeping. I fed her at 7:30 am. She seemed fine. And then she seems to have vanished into thin air. I live in a small apartment and I’ve pulled everything out of all the closets, moved all the furniture, shaken out the box springs on the bed….I can’t find her.

    Do you think the food was poisoned? She has never done this before. I wish I could find her to take her to the vet. Say prayers for us! I’m going to look again.

  7. Jeff says

    My cat died suddenly this past weekend. She was a 6 yr healthy indoor cat who never was sick. I went downstairs and she meowed for food. I only gave her enough to cover the bottom of the bowl and went upstairs to fix something. I walked up 2 flights of stairs and remembered I forgot a drill. Immediately went back downstairs to get the drill and the cat was dead. There was vomit with food (not unusual but did not happen all the time only once in awhile) and the cat was lying 3 feet away on it’s side dead with some vomit on her lips. There was a puddle of urine but that is not uncommonm with death. Could she have died chocking on the hairball. Cat was healthy and active all day and never showed any signs of illness. I’ve had cats my whole life and have seen hundreds of hairballs but never heard of a cat dying from one. Would appreciate any replies.

  8. stephanie says

    My 14 soon to be 15 (in 4 months) beloved cat Thelma died last night. I found her on the bathroom floor gasping for air. Up to that point, she has been an indoor, healthy cat. Never got sick. Ate well, moved her bowels well and slept alot. I immediatley brought her to the nearest vet hospital. An xray showed scarring and a bilateral pleural effusion in her lungs. I came to the decision to euthanize her. I watched her as she took her last breath. It was very painful and sad and I will be sobbing for a while. Her sister, Louise, also my 14 year old cat is missing her too. I am dreading the day when I will find her in her last few hours too.

    I will never get another cat. I’m 38 years old soon to be 39 and can’t imagine going thru the dying process with a cat ever again. Way too painful.
    I will cherish the memories I have. My cats have been my children and my friends for many years. They have travelled the globe with me and I have taken care of them in the best way I know how.

    Take care my lovely Thelma. Love mom.

  9. Jeff says

    Sorry to hear of your lose Stephanie.
    Never say never. Time heals and maybe you will be ready to have another cat someday.

  10. Kayla says

    My cat of 10 years died last night we found her in the laundry room, the night before she was fine and everything, but when we found her she was laying there but still with her eyes open, do you think she was in any pain at all? I just don’t understand wha tshe could’ve died from..

  11. Katie says

    My 8 month old kitten died yesterday. I came home from class and I found him in the kitchen. He had vomited a large amount about 2 weeks ago but it was only once and I thought he might have just over eaten or something. I wish I had of taken him to the vet then, I didn’t realize he was really that sick. The only other sign of illness he had was that he had taken to hiding under the sofa all the time but I thought maybe he just found a new cozy warm spot for the winter. I just don’t understand how he could have died so suddenly and I just wish I knew what he died from. I thought he was healthy, just yesterday morning he was in my lap purring like nothing was wrong at all. Words cannot express how awful I feel. He was my first pet since I moved out of my parents and I could not get him to adulthood. I miss my little Buddy!

  12. bmc12811 says

    My 4 year old cat died suddenly. She was fine, ate, drink, used the bathroom, meowed, played, etc. When i came home that night from work she was dead on my floor leaving the litter box. Her eyes were still open, no vomit or blood? Nothing? I didn’t have the money to find out from the vet? I am so confused. :( My heart is completly broken. completely..

  13. Seana says

    Dear bmc12811…The very same thing happened to my sweet Gus, five years old, on January 19th. No reason for it, he was just fine when we left the house, 2 hours later we return to find him lying on the entrance floor, still warm. My dog keeps looking for him :( From the research I’ve done, the most likely cause is stroke, or heart failure…please take some consolation knowing it was quick. My heart is also broken – its important to let yourself grieve, let yourself remember all of the wonderful reasons you loved her. Eventually we will smile when we think of them, instead of cry. A friend also told me, when its the right time, your cat will help you find a new kitty to love (preferably from a shelter)and this new cat will share some of your old cat’s traits…this thought has given me some comfort, I hope it does you too. Hugs to everyone who is hurting….

  14. suzanne says

    My 11-year old cat, Fred, died Saturday night. Similar story to all of the above…healthy, vomited during the day, but nothing unusual…figured it was a hairball.
    I work from home so I was with him all day…went to a movie and when we came home he was making horrible howls that let us know he was in pain. We euthanized him. It was a difficult decision, but looking back, I am glad we put him out of his pain. It was all so sudden. I am still in shock.

  15. Michelle says

    My six year old cat, Roxy, died yesterday. She had been with me all day- working in the office in the morning and then outside in the afternoon. We played and she seemed her normal, affectionate self.

    At 2pm, I finished a phone conersation with a friend. At 4pm my husband and I were rushing Roxy to the vet.

    I played with her after the phone call and remember seeing her in my compost area, where I was working. When I returned to the compost area, she was lying on her side, unresponsive. There were no signs of struggle, no physical evidence that she had fallen or come into contact with any other animal. The vet couldn’t detect any broken bones.

    For the last three months or so, she walked off and on with a slight limp and occasionally held up one paw when she sat, as if favoring it.

    I noticed above, that a blood clot in a leg could cause an animal to limp. Would a minor, inconsistent limp be a sign of a blood clot? Could she have had a heart attack at such a young age?

    I am extremely sad. She was part of our family.

  16. Brian says

    My 13 year old cat, Judah, was found dead yesterday morninig. Here recently he had been hiding and did not eat. My father recently got a puppy and we thought he was hiding due to territorial issues. He seemed very fragile. The puppy died later ( we think it got ill. Wasn’t old at all. Very young ) and I cleaned out the area for him and left him alone for a few days so he would know his space was back. My dad said he was starting to eat like normal again, but a few days later he rold me he could not find my cat.
    For some reason the first thought I had was “check the litter box”. I went over to it and went to remove the lid and found it heavy. I smiled because I expected to see my cat acting silly in the litter box. ( He does cute things like that ) but what I got was nothing like it. He apparently knew he was dying for he was perfectly fit in the litter box. He was always well-trained apparently even till death. I repeated “buddy?” over and over. I knew he was gone. I accepted it, but his face leaves an imprint. His mouth was open and it seemed like he was hissing at something. Just frozen, hissing at something. The rest of his body seemed relax and his nose was greyish blue. The time I left him to get comfortable in his environment again, he must have passed away then. I wanted him to live forever, but he was a big part in my life and I will always have his memories so in a way he does still live on through me. He was a great cat and I loved him dearly. My only wish was to be with him one last time before he passed away. The last real thing I did for him was treat him to some milk.

  17. bmc12811 says

    Thank you so much for your nice message. I have also been told that at the right time my cat will show me a new love. My heart is still broken, but it is getting easier, i just wish i knew what happened, or if i could have done something to prevent it? She was my best little friend in the whole world. My heart goes out to you as well. I am so sorry that happened to you b/c i know how hard it is!! Keep me updated!! :)

  18. bmc12811 says

    I am also sorry for everyone elses loss. I wish i could understand too :( Its so hard, but it helps that there are good people out there to talk about it with. Thank you.

  19. Izzy says

    I woke up this morning and found cat, Ginger, under the coffee table a little bit. She was about 11 years old and a tortoise hair…so pretty. She was just lying there as if happily stretched out if it was a sunny day. But, today was not sunny and my blinds were closed. Something seemed wrong in my gut. I walked over to her and she didn’t move. I tried to wake Ginger up but she didn’t move. Her eyes were open an fully dilated. Her body was warm and limp. I couldn’t and cannot believe my cat is gone. Ginger was healthy with no signs of any illness. She was overweight but the vet had done a blood test a couple years ago and she was completely heathly. No thyroid problems or anything. She was the best cat…she would sleep next to me in my arm with her head on my shoulder. I am so sad and just cannot believe she is gone. There was no sign of her hurting and I believe she went peacefully. What kills me is what if I had woken up just a few hours earlier maybe I could have saved her. We will miss you Ginger, love you so much.

  20. Sueg says

    My Cat Tom died 3 weeks ago today. The 1St Feb 2009. Very heartbroken was very sudden he had no signs of illness. Did vomit sometimes but because been very hot thought from that and also hairballs. Found him gasping for breath and very stressed. Raced him to vet but died on arrival. I miss you my baby boy. LOVE FROM YOUR MUM, NEVER FORGET YOU.

  21. David says

    My 3 year old cat Oscar died suddenly over night. I put him to bed in the laundry as i have done every night and this morning when i went to let him out he was lying in his basket dead. In the recent past there were 2 incidences where he showed discomfort in being able to lie down and walk. Both occasions occured in the evening and by the morning he was back to his usual self. I thought he may have sprained a muscle as he was never a very atheletic cat. I dont know if these events were related to his death but having read all the comments I can only conclude that he suffered heart failure. I am deeply saddened at losing him, he was such a loving cat, I will miss you buddy :(

  22. Richard says

    God bless all of you who have lost your beloved family member. I know that is how every one of you regard your treasured cat. I am a 60 year old man who recently also lost my best friend Radar to some strange death. It has been over a week ago and I am still not able to control my greif. I am in tears right now while reading all of your stories. I now don’t feel quite so alone. Radar was a loving old gray long hair who would sit in my lap every second he had the opportunity and pet my face with his paw. He had been outdoor cat and lost one eye and part of his scalp to a coyote several years ago. Made it through surgeries and devastaing pain. Now died while I was at work for unknown reasons. I had to bury him at night in a snow storm and I never even realised I was freezing and soaking wet. I sat in the snow at his gravesight for quite some time until I couldnt cry any more. I still go there in the morning before work and when I get home and wish I could see him one more time. Cant understand how so much pain can come from the loss of a beat up old cat. I share in all of your distress.

  23. Amy says

    My Gizmo died three weeks ago. He was born in May. We found a stray cat took her in. She had her kittens in the basement. Gizmo was part of that litter. He was only 9 months old. I let him out in the morning to lay. He liked to play in the yard. He managed to cross 2 roads and went on the highway. During this time I had to take my dad to the hospital on the way back I saw a cat on the exit ramp and new it was Gizmo. I did go back and get him and bury him. He was my buddy though followed me everywhere. I feel so guilty for leaving him out to play. Hope he forgives me.

  24. Bridget says

    Today I lost my beloved Jazmen, she was 11 years old. I found her under the coffee table with vomit on the chin. I thought she had just gotten sick and was on my way to clean her up. Whwn I sat her down i saw that she was having problems breathing, I then grabbed a towel and rushed to the car to get to the vet. It was too late she had died before I could get out of the driveway. I’m so heartbroken. I feel like if I had just gotten to her sooner I could have saved her. I’m so sorry Jaz, I just pray that you didn’t suffer. You were apart of the family and we you will missed!

  25. Heather Housley says

    My cat Rico died the night before last. I already suffer from slight depression and I am so sad. I promised him when I got him at seven weeks old that I would not let anything hurt him. He was an orange tabby and he was just a year old. His birthday was just earlier this month; March 9. I miss him so much already. He would run to the door when I got off of my school bus and wait for me to come inside. He was an inside cat but he always tried to sneak out when we opened the door. My whole family still shoots their hand downwards when they open the door to catch a cat that isn’t coming. He also loved ice. He could be sleeping in the other end of the house and you would rattle the ice tray and here he would come, running for a simple piece of ice. I’m crying right now, writing this. I thought of myself as his mother. I feel like none of my friends really understand and I’ve had multiple people tell me that it is “just a cat”. I feel so horrible. Me, my mom, and my sister heard a noise like something falling then a strange noise and I had been watching a scary movie earlier so I was afraid to go and look and then we heard a cry and we all thought it was my grandma so we ran out. I turned the corner and there was my best friend, Rico, laying on his side on the floor. It seems as though he fell off the shelf his food is on. But it is only 2-3 feet high so surely he would land on his feet. His eyes and mouth were fully open and his pupils were fully dialated. My younger sister screamed and I started screaming and praying and I ran into my room and threw myself down onto my bed. I ran away from my baby when he needed me most! I’ll feel horrible for that forever. It was almost one in the morning and I called 911. The operater told me it was my cat, not my dad and asked what I wanted him to do. All I could say was HELP HIM PLEASE! My grandma and mom both tried breathing into his mouth but he was already limp. It was too late and we would never make it to the 24 hour emergency vet. I picked him up and cradled him like a baby sobbing and apologizing and praying. I didn’t know what to do. I still don’t. I feel so lost without Rico around. Every night he would sleep above my head. Every morning he would head-butt me in the face as if to say, Wake up mommy, you have to go to school. Now I’ll never hear him purr at me or meow, wanting to go outside. I miss him so freaking much it hurts. I feel like I have this hole inside of me. I don’t know what to do. I feel guilty. I should have taken him to the vet more. I shouldn’t have ran when he needed me there for him. God, I love him so much and miss him like crazy already.

    R.I.P. Rico Snickelfritz Housley. I love you baby and always will. I miss you. Love, mommy.

  26. says

    My daughter lost her precious cat, Tach 5 days ago. He was so special. We all loved him dearly. The timing of this loss was bad. My daughter was getting ready to leave for Tennessee when Tach died; it was literally a half hour before her father arrived to pick her up. She adored him, and he adored her. She is grieving, but I think she is still in shock. She had him for 2 years. How do I help her through this? She is not herself. We both heard him yell out, and we were in the bedroom when he died. I have never actually saw an animal die. He seemed like he didn’t want to leave us, but that our presence brought him comfort. He tried to get up and dry-heaved, and then he laid back down and I stroked his head and back. I am so hurt and sad myself. We love you Tach!

  27. Heather Housley says

    I feel for you and your dauhter Melissa. I can say that my mom and family help me through losing my cat Rico by giving me time to get through it. By telling me that it was okay to cry. Today is the first day I went back to school since it happened and I cried so hard when I got home because he waited for me after school. Just be kind to her and give her love and support.

  28. Mary says

    I came upon this website looking for the same answers as all of you have done today and I think I have found my answer. Today we lost our little cat Essence. She died this morning suddenly with many of the same systems as above, except no vomiting. As far as I know she had no medical issues. She was an indoor cat we had her for nearly 11 years. I too am feeling very sad and depressed over this. We lost our dog in August of 08 now this. Right now I feel as Stephanie above feels that I do not want another cat or dog! This is too painful. I deal with the loss of my daughter from 2001 everyday and these were her pets as well. Now they are all gone. The only comfort is knowing that all 3 are in Heaven together. Rest in peace my beautiful babies. Thank you all for your advice and encouragement on this site. You can feel the love here. God bless all of you.

  29. Sueg says

    It has been 2 months since My Baby Boy Tom died now . I had him for 5 and a half years. He was 6 when he died 1st Feb. I have a new kitten now but she don’t replace my boy or help my grief she has her own little personality, she annoys my other cat who didn’t eat since Tom died until i got new kitten. Is so hard , i was assured by vet there was nothing i could do not to blame myself, that when i got tom he was on death row so i gave him a loving home for 5 and a half years, he was mistreated as a kitten had cigarette burns on his ears.I will always think ofg you and love you my special boy. Mum is crying now over you. With lOve your Mum and Millie. xxx

  30. Jessica says

    My 8yr old cat also passed away just yesterday morning unexpectedly.No signs what so ever.It is very upsetting especially the way she was on the sofa it looked like she died in her sleep with one eye open.We will always have to live with the fact that we didn’t know why she passed away and the image of her just stiff on our sofa that she loved to sleep on at night.

  31. Sueg says

    My Tom, was thje same Jessica, i still lay awake at night thinking maybe there weas a sign that i missed, but i was assured by the vet there was nothing that i could of done.I still sometimes wonder though what killed him, i like you will never know Jessca. Your baby will always be in you heart, mine is.xxx

  32. lisa colletti says

    It seems odd. We all have these cats dying young having blood in their mouth, panting, trouble breathing and having to vomitright before passing away. My Peaches was 2 years old. I detected an ammonia smell about him as I picked him up. I found him after he had passed away. He had trouble breathing on Sunday and was panting and lingering over his water bowl. He seemd to have trouble breathing and then died with kidney failure a puddle of water underneath of him. I wonder if he was poisoned somehow? by the neighobors, or is our cat food supply STILL tainted with Melamine in some way? or if there is a disease thatwe do not know about yet??

    So many questions. I wish I had done a necropsy to find out. I have been told that it isimportant to refrigerate the body until the necropsy can be done at the vets. I wish I had done that b/c I need to know what made him so sick. Someone has told me it might be genetic HCM (cardiomyopathy cause by genetic problem/inbreeding) others, heartworms, others, poison of some kind. I will keep searching for clues.

  33. Simon says

    My cat of 10yrs died suddenly this morning with no signs of illness either. He went out and came back with the dog. Watched my wife start laundry played in the hamper then layed down and that was it. Went to the vet regularly and never had anything serious. He was an american shorthair I think that looked a lot like a russian blue. Got him at the pound as a kitten. It’s a sad day in Alaska today for us. R.I.P. Kiwi

  34. John says

    My heart goes out to all of you. I will soon be 59 years old and I am coming to grips with my own motality. But I now firmly beleive that we are going to be with our pet friends again in the kingdom to follow.

  35. Kat says

    My 9 year old cat suddently died like you all stated…no warning, no lingering illness… She just starting gasping for air and my dad called the vet and was going to get her in the pet carrier to take her for medical care as quickly as possible, only it was too late. He told me that she had jumped on my bed when this occured and by the time he went to take her she stopped breathing. He didn’t know what happened, maybe poison?

    I’m absolutely crushed as she was my only remaining cat after my other one disappeared less than a year ago. She was so affectionate and frisky–not as outdoorsy as the other one and hated other cats, but very much a cat who liked people and tolerated the dog quite well. I can’t imagine another cat replacing her. I guess time heals all wounds, but I’ll always be left wondering…should I have taken her to the vet at least every year without fail? especially as she was nearing 10 years old…? Perhaps if she had recently gotten a checkup, she would be alive now? Trying not to think of that as it’s devastating enough as it is.

    RIP my dear Daska…. forgive me for not tending to you as I should have. I cry for you so much now and will never forget you.

  36. Heather Housley says

    I had been on this site before and wrote about my loving Rico. I’m not sleeping as well since it’s happened. It may seem early but I’ve gotten another cat. We got a white darling girl named Asia but we had to take her back because she didn’t get along with my sisters cat or our dog, Chloe. I felt horrible taking her into my home then having to take her back but I didn’t see how we could have made it work. I could get another cat from ARF but there were none there tht caught my eye until a few weeks later we went in and there was this HUGE oranged long haired cat. He is around TWENTY POUNDS. His name is Charlie and he was brought in that day by his previous owner. He is six years old and I believe they had him since he was a kitten. He came from a couple, they had to give him up because they had just had a baby and he got very jealous and aggressive I believe. He tolerates our other pets. I finally came to the conclusion that it helps somewhat to have a cat around but neither him, nor Asia do anything that Rico did. Except I walked into my room the other day and Charlie was playing in his water bowl which Rico did. God, I miss Rico so freaking much it’s unreal.

    Baby, I love you and miss you. My life is not the same without you. I have to hope that I’ll see you again one day and believe me, I’m ready for that.
    Love you, Mommy!

  37. Sueg says

    My heart goes out to you, i know what it feels like i got my kitten 2 days after Tom died didn’t replace him but she has a lot of the character that he did, i stiil call him when i come home out of habit. I miss you my baby boy, and i aleays will. Love your Mum.xx

  38. Michelle says

    My beloved Sadie died on Monday. I had her for 7 years. She showed no signs or symptoms of being ill. I just woke up one morning to find her dead in my spare room. I have no clue why she died, she just left me. I feel so horrible because I had a crazy work schedule the 2 days before Monday and I did not get to see her much before that. I did not see her AT ALL on Sunday due to my work schedule and Monday came around and I had this feeling that I needed to get up now! I got up, did a few things and then went into the spare room and there she was, laying on my floor. She was still warm, I had just missed her. There was no vomit, no blood, no fluids anywhere. I lost my baby and have no clue why. If she would have shown signs of being sick I would have brought her to the vets. I will admit I never took her unless she needed to go, I did not realize you needed to take them to the vet once a year. From now on I am going to. I never imagined losing her would be this painful. She was supposed to be with me for my first baby, buying a house, etc. I miss her so much.

  39. Ben says

    My beautiful Ferdy died today. He was three a fit and healthy cat and I just dont understand. The vet conducted a post mortam but couldnt come up with a cause of death. What is the most likey scenario?
    He was active, friendly, and his stomach was full at the time of death. My poor baby layed down obviously feeling not well and died with his eyes open.
    Its come from absolutely nowhere and knocked me for six I just dont understand he was my mate and companion

  40. Ben says

    He was just three years old with no syptoms had bene to the vet once in his life for not drinking enough water but he had the food he wanted, in and out when he wanted, water and everything and I come home and his dead :(:(:(:(:(:(

  41. Ben says

    RIP to my cat Ferdy there is no person or animal who has ever been there when I needed a smile, when I felt down, when the silence around me was deafening. I will remember your loving ways and the window seals you jumped on to alert me you wanted to come in

  42. Kara says

    My sweet Girl died today while I was at work. She was 11 and so spoiled. My husband found her on the porch and thought she was asleep. I am so saddened. My house is so quiet. I can’t stop crying. I wish I could have known so I could have said goodbye. She slept on my side all night. I miss her deeply.

  43. Jenn says

    My little June cat died today. She just got sick last night all of a sudden. I stayed with her all night and she just got worse. By morning you could tell she was in pain. I didn’t want her to hurt anymore so we had her put to sleep. We think she had kidney failure. She never let on anything was wrong. She just started peeing everywhere yesterday. We just thought she was mad at us because she has always gone on the bed or floor if she was mad. I wasn’t ready to say goodbye yet. It was too soon. I love you June cat and I hope to see you again someday. You’ll always be my Mrs. Fluffy bottom as well as my best girl. I will never forget you.

  44. Laurie says

    My cat died last night out of no where. I found him curled up under my bed with one eye slightly open. He had shown no signs of illness. He was not acting unusually. He was only five years old. There was no blood or vomit or anything around him. I have no idea what happened and it only makes the loss worse. I’ll will miss him terribly.

  45. jenna says

    My 16 year old cat Bleu died last week while taking his uusual nap on the front walkway he was alive 1/2 hour before. Was his usual self that day. no sign of illness. he had a little kitty timers thats it.I am so sad but grateful that he went so peacefully. He would have panic attacts when he went to the vet, I had rescue remedy on hand and a vet ph. # that comes to the house. I didnt need to do any of that. I thought he would live to be 20 because he was so active .Vets can not always pick up heart murmurs and not every thing shows up in blood work. That little guy was a beautiful litle soul he really touched my heart.

  46. Andrew says

    My young cat, Theoden, passed away today in the yard. I’m at a total loss because he was a young, vibrant cat and there were no signs of him being sick. He was lying in one of his regular positions in the backyard near a favorite spot eyes open. There did not appear to be any external wounds or trauma damage. His location and appearance suggest not an accident, but maybe a heart or other condition I was unaware of that others here have mentioned.

    I found Theo at a local rescue foundation this January and I am guessing that he was around two years old. I’ve been researching and reading to try and make sense of a sudden passing and am hoping whatever the cause that for Theoden it was painless. He loved to play outside in the grass and cared very much for his “sister” cat Chompers.

    Condolences to everybody else who might read this and is in a similar position with a beloved cat.

    Theoden – You are loved and missed — June 23, 2009

  47. Barbara says

    Thanks for all the sad storys about your dead pets. We all feel the same hurtful pain. My 3 year old cat died yesterday. She was a inside/outside type.I called the vet sence there was no sign of injury and he said most likely she died from a snake bite.I can’t believe she’s gone.

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